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Christmas Sale!
vulgar_toshiya wrote in wow_ladies
It's that time again!

Every year I offer one of my types of commissions at a discount price. A piece of art makes a great present for the awesome people in your life. This year, I am offering my monochromatic portraits at $10(usually $12)! Payments made through Paypal, due before work begins.

The races I am best at drawing are elves, humans, and trolls. However, I am willing to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Not sure if you want a WoW character drawn? Want an original character instead? That's absolutely fine!

Ten slots at a time, come and get 'em!


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( " O " ) thank you for your sharing

I'd love to have a portrait of my Night Elf huntress, I'm gathering commissions so I can put together a wall of nerdiness next to my computer ^_^ Just let me know what info you need and all that :)

Email me screenshots of your lovely huntress at neko(dot)eiji @ gmail(dot)com. I will email you the paypal address from there. And if you have a specific color in mind for her, let me know there as well. <3

I apologize, the holidays have eaten my brain! I will get screenshots asap and get them to you :) I'm thinking greenish like her hair for color.

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