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Seeking Addon
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enveri wrote in wow_ladies
I am looking for a new mount addon that will do the following:

1) Randomize my mount selection
2) Allow me to select ground mounts only with a modifier
3) Let me select my mounts on a per-character basis.

Some of my characters do not ride the same mounts as others.  I currently use Squire2, and I've used GoGoMounts as well. GoGo was great as it gave me 1 and 3, but not 2.  Squire does 1 and 2 but not 3.

There are a lot of addons out there, does anyone have one that does these three things that they like?

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There's a macro I used to use that would do the same thing as the addons you're asking about. I'm not going to be able to pull it up as I won't be home till tomorrow. If you don't find what you're looking for by then I can share.

Awesome, thanks! I wanted to avoid macros, as my bars are pretty damned full, but... if that's what'll give me what I want, I'll take it. :3

Travel safe!

Thanks :)

I see that you already got people to give you ideas for addons, but the macro I use is /castrandom. It's pretty simple too. The macro would be /castrandom mountname, mountname, mountname, etc. So you can set one up for land mounts, one for flying. You can set one up for each char, only putting the names of the mounts you want them to ride.

On my way to bed but I beliiiiieve Livestock does 1 and 2 but I don't remember for sure if 3 (I thiiiink it does but it's been awhile since I have actively used it).

Yes, Livestock lets you choose which mounts you want per character. :)

downloaded Livestock, will give it a shot!

Guppet does this. It also randomizes non-combat pets. It lets you select which mounts you want active for types (ground/flight/combo) on a per-character basis, has a select all/none option, and a modifier for ground/flight/water.

You can do #2 with GoGo! You just have to set a keybind for it, GoGo has three keybind options in the Key Bindings menu, "Mount/Dismount" "Mount/Dismount (no flying)" and "Mount/Dismount Passenger Mounts"

Ahh! I didn't realize this! I may have to redownload it. :)

I`m pretty sure YayMounts does all of that.

this is what I was coming to say. I love it. It completes me... okay maybe not completes me but it is wonderful. And it used to be able to be set on mouse over that it would tell you if a pet/mount was dropped by a mob, but I'm not sure if that part is working or not in MoP since I haven't really been paying attention.

Awesome, thank you! I will definitely check that out too!

Coconuts does all that as well as letting you customize the random chances.

I used to use Coconuts!

I am trying out Livestock, but if I end up disliking it, I may give Coconuts another shot.

Thank you!

I came here to say this =)

Pokedex does this, along with your companion pets, too!

MountQ does all of those, plus was written by my hubby :-)

He also has a pet mod (MinipetQ) that does the same thing with pets, and has zone tracking for combat pets (ie, shows you what combat pets you should be able to tame in each zone)

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