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Seeking Wordsmiths
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
Wowladiea wordsmiths, I need your help!

I have decided to send out cookies to some of my wowfriends this year, mostly because I feel like baking. I have an oooold screenshot of my Forsaken priestess waving in font of a Winter's Veil tree that I want to turn tno a Christmas card to send with them, and because everybody loves puns, I'm trying to think of something witty to put on it.

Something about the spirit of the holidasys not being Forsaken...only wittier. But definitely punnish.

I'll look up the SS when I get home as a visual aid, but if anybody has any suggestions I'd love it. I'm, sadly, drawing a blank.

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How about something like....

"Holiday cookies! Better than brains!"
"Tastier than Santa!"

I know those are goofy, but maybe they can get the juices flowing.

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