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Holy Vs. Disc
belf priest
maijay wrote in wow_ladies
I know this has been asked before, but my raid team went into MSV10M Reg for the first time last night, and well, it wasn't pretty.

I really love disc. Everything about it. The bubbles, the shields, atonement healing, etc. But my raid-leader has asked me to consider going holy for raids.

I'm usually number one on the charts (because I'm the tank healer) and usually I can keep the people I'm healing up (I'm also the last to die in most circumstances). I throw in aoe heals when we start to take massive damage, and when the guardians pulse, but we're still falling pretty fast. There are several times where I think "God, I wish I could FILL those health bars". So, I'm not opposed to going holy for raids, but:

Will my gear become obsolete? I just got my gear all figured out and I'm pretty pleased with myself. Would I need to overhaul stuff if I switched to holy? (my armory is here.)

Are there any tips or tricks you ladies (or men) have for healing Stone Guard?

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A lot of the damage from Stone Guard tend to be because people are failing at mechanics - they're stepping on mines, standing in purple goo, or stacking with their chains fast enough. On that note, its important to break chains/blow up mines when it's safe to do so, so the room doesn't get overwhelmed with bad things for the tanks or melee to stand in. There can be issues if there are sloppy tank swaps as well, which will happen from time to time because no one's perfect.

Your gear should be fine. If you can spare the Shadow spec for a night, you can try switching between the two to see if there's a noticeable difference. If you want to compare gear/spec set-ups, you can check my boyfriend's priest since he does pretty well for our raid group. He hates to DPS so he has both specs dedicated to healing. He doesn't switch his gear very much between both specs either.

Just something I noticed on your Armory though, you might want to to throw one of the tailoring enchants on your cloak instead of the Crit one.

As regen said, the likely cause is the raid taking too much damage. I healed MV on my priest last week for the first time and Stone Guard was easy. I think my equipped ilvl was 462 at the time. Of course, my hunter has been clearing vaults for quite a while and the entire group was alts of people with lots of experience.

Are you getting one of the dogs exploding when they're not petrifying the raid? If so, that's a problem with the tanking. Your tanks have to be spot on and make sure each explosion is timed with its petrification.
Is your raid standing in things when they're not supposed to? Jasper chains and cobalt mines should only be broken then those dogs are petrifying. There's no excuse to break them any other time, it's just unnecessary damage. The ranged/heals need to run to melee ASAP if they're chained. Melee can't be expected to move.

I second putting the tailoring enchant on your cloak. Also, if you can afford the DMF card it's freakin' awesome and up a huge amount of the time.

Tip wise, if I know there's going to be a bad explosion (aka tank fail), I'll put up Spirit Shell which will mitigate that damage. If people are grouped up well, I'll put down a bubble, but depending on the combo of the week, that's easier said than done. If someone at ranged gets chained with a melee, you have Body & Soul to get them there faster.

From what our main runs priest has said, holy is more of a mana suck right now. But he's normally disc/shadow, so he's not used to holy; we were having him try it for Garalon. Pretty much every other fight so far has favored disc. You might want to try Cascade instead of Halo. Halo is great when you can stand 25 yards away from everyone. On a fight like Stone Guardians, you're going to be clumped up so it isn't as effective. I also take Power Infusion instead of Twist of Fate because ideally there won't be a lot of time with people below 20% health. Since the damage is consistent on that fight (no soft enrage), there's no reason to pump up the extra healing only at the end. If you do want to use that talent, I would glyph Holy Fire so it's instant and you can take full advantage of it during the last part of the fight.

wow, yeah these are basically all the mistakes we're making. I'll go ahead and put a link to this post in our forums so everyone can come and read all this stuff. I know one of my biggest problems is running to the melee person I'm chained to. But I can't stop healing. I guess maybe if I cast PoH, and Spirit Shell that should give the tank enough protection for me to run to my melee "buddy".

Will speccing into cascade help at the times we take massive amounts of damage? I noticed halo helped pull everyone up. I also liked your tip about giving them that slight speed boost with Body and Soul. Thanks for all the tips, I really appreciated them! I'll let you know how it goes next weekend.

Cascade is nice because it's fire and go. I'm not sure how many people it hts, but it does a pretty good job on high movement/damage fights. The most notable one I can think of is during the pushback phase on Lei Shi. There's not much we can do while moving, but Cascade is instant. It's kind of a super-PoM, I guess.

You should only need a PW:S on the tank to get up to your chain buddy if you're headed to melee. You can't really keep to strict assignments while healing anymore. The triage model really does come into play.

Your gear is more than ready to heal MV as disc. There should be no reason to go holy, imo. Without seeing logs, I am guessing, but based on experience with Stone Guards, your raid wasn't executing the mechanics correctly. If not done correctly, a lot of damage goes out (that could be avoided).

A couple of minor comments your gear/spec.

** Reforging - Disc really shouldn't be reforging into haste. Currently, the only spell we have that haste gives us an extra tick of is renew, and renew isn't one of disc's best spells. The only thing haste does is shorten your cast time a bit. You will be better served reforging into mastery (or crit, depending on playstyle).

** Glyphs - I would suggest dropping the penance glyph and getting the holy fire one instead. The instant HF is amazing for helping get your stack of evangelism up.

** Spec - I find Mindbender to be a stronger talent than From Darkness Comes Light for this fight. I like to be able to send out my shadow puppy every minute to get some of my mana back. On that fight, I find I don't get enough procs from Fron Darkness to make it worthwhile. Power Infusion is great for this fight. Use it after a big overload, pop PI and then spam POH. I would also suggest you swap Halo and grab Cascade instead. I know on paper, Halo looks great. But the positioning needed to get the most out of it, plus the mana cost and longer CD make it, imo, the weaker choice. Cascade is a really great spell. I use it on CD anytime there is raid damage going out.

When I heal Stoneguard, I watch the timers. When an overload is going to happen, I look and see if its going to be a large one, or a smaller one. If its a large overload (meaning an explosion from the dog that isn't the one petrifying), about 10 seconds before it hits I hit spirit shell and blanket POH the raid. I start with group 2 (ranged and healers - I make them group close together), then group 1 (tanks and melee), then group 2 and group 1 again. I have spirit shell showing on my healing addon, so i can tell when I've hit everyone. The spirit shell absorbes a ton of the damage, so there is less to heal up afterwards. When its a small overload, I pop Power Infusion and spam POH. I save my atonement stacks and pop wings on every overload. If I time it correctly (and RNG works with me), I can use my barrier twice. I use it on the first large overload and again on the first large overload after it comes off of CD.

Thank you for all the tips! I just love reading about getting the most out of my priest. I've been thinking that since the raid is still taking damage because of mechanics that maybe reforging into mastery and crit evenly would help a lot. That way the bubbles and shields are strong, but my heals have more oomph at the same time. Once this becomes routine I'll go ahead and go for crit.

Great advice!

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