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Battle pet names?
[wow] Vervain
elialshadowpine wrote in wow_ladies
So, I am exploring the wide wide world of battle pets and leveling up my littles to see which ones I like and are effective and so forth. But, there is a little bit of a problem I'm having. I am awful at coming up with names for my pets. I have a few that I've named, but I have over 150 battle pets here and I'm rather at a loss.

And I thought I would ask the community: How do you guys name your pets? Do you have a scheme? Or do your pets just pick their own names? Very curious here. Thanks! :)

I do themes like my dragons all have names from dragons from some of my fav books. My moonkin hatchling is named OoM just the lulz of people who get that. My voodoo doll has a voodoo god name & so on. I chooses names that fit what the pet is & honestly research what fits their design.

I generally just name them funny characters or jokes and such. My phoenix pets are 'Phoenix' and 'Wright', and my Celestial Dragon is 'Mushu'. I even have one named aver my late pet, so just go with the flow XD They don't NEED names haha.

I have a celestial dragon named Mushu, too! :) Another of my dragons is named Zen.

I'm trying to name all of my pets, but it's a casual/slow process. I just name them when something good comes to mind.
My DMF zeppelin is named Led, but so far no one "gets" it. :(

(Deleted comment)
I have 477 pets and I've only named a couple. some after my own pets, some after guildies, otherwise I'd rather they keep their original names :D easier for me to look through them that way

All of my death knight's IC pets (all of them creepy themed) have Scourge names. He has a vampiric batling named Baseleph, a widow spider named Faerlina, an ooze named Gluth, a Lost of Lordaeron named Zeliek, and others that I've probably forgotten. As I get more pets, I name them with Scourge names. Eventually, I hope to have a decent variety of Scourge-themed pets for him to use for battles.

The thief played by operation

this is hands down my favorite spam

I'm a roleplaying Hunter and I have a bit of a theme.

Her only IC pets is a black worg named Dark and a black warpstalker named Gezzarak. The worg pup of mine is hence named Shadow and I play it as a pup of the big one. My spiny lizard is named Baby Gezza and is the baby of the stalker, captured to ensure the big ones submission.

Oh and in a weak moment I named my Pet Bombling: Bomby...

I'm at a loss too unfortunately. I can kind of come up with names for two of my main team but I cannot think of a thing to call my harpy youngling and I really want to nickname her.

I am a nut for puns. Naturally, my killer battle chicken has been called Cluck Morris. This seems to have become a pattern for me... (=:

i LOVE the name for battle chicken...... that is brilliant!

Only my IC pets got names, and then I just picked names that sounded Trollish. Everyone else just gets the default names. :D

In a different MMO, all my pets were names after cereals. My favorite was Cornflakes, the Poring. I also had Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Trix, etc. I'm tempted to go with that theme again if I actually start pet battling.

I've named my darkmoon monkey pet Librarian and darkmoon turtle Maturin, creepy crate Luggage :) I pick characters from books I like, except my pink pachyderm which is named Furniture

I named my proto hatchling Verdigris, because when he hatched Enveri thought he was going to be a coppery green (he is red, and refused to answer to anything else).

My corehound pup is named Dribbles, for his drool.

Otherwise, I don't name them. My hunter may name a few if he gains IC pets- his bonded companions have Gaelic names appropriate to their natures. Sorcha is his fox, Dubhar is his black tiger, Corcra is his purple beetle, etc. (Sorcha is the diminutive of Claire, but I have also heard it referred to as 'Sweet', Dubhar is 'Shadow', and Corcra is 'Purple'.)

I don't really have a theme - my wild hatchlings are ruth, deborah and esther but then my celestial dragon is Dylan. My whelplings have dragonflight'esque names (Bibigos, Porustrasza). My bandicoons are Gizmo and Socks, naturally. Everyone in our guild named turkeys after each other so we can put down campfires and cook them. I named my devouring maggot heisenberg because I hate walter white so much.

it depends on how I'm feeling when I catch or start battling with a pet.

I've not named everything yet, but I have a few. Basically I'll use a pet (nothing's higher than 8, and only a few that I"ve battled with) until something sticks.

My Ethereal Soul-Trader is named Shaffar.
My silver tabby cat is named Mcgonagall (she's been informally called that since I got her in vanilla and took her into MC).
My new cinder kitten is Fivealarm.

And I think that's like all I've bothered naming. Not too worried about naming them at this point.


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