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Coming back to WoW...WA or Proudmoore
deegenerate wrote in wow_ladies
I quite my old band so a huge chunk of free time has opened up which means I can play WoW again. Completely starting from scratch. I just rolled a panda priest on WA. My question is Horde or Allie? I'm not into rp, but I like the flavor it adds to the world when I see it around. Horde seems to have more events on WA from what I see here. Is that correct? Any guild recommendations? I like taking leveling slow, achievements, and just playing for fun. Eventual raiding, but not in a stressful way.

My other server choice was Proudmoore. I like the open community there, but it is a much faster paced environment.

How are the Alliance/ Horde story lines these days? Is one storyline going in a more interesting direction?

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Right now the story is very charged on both sides. Anduin has been wandering around pandaria, back and forth out of alliance and horde control.

I personally find the horde story more interesting, as we're hitting rock bottom with Garrosh, but I'm biased. (And the new model for vol'jin is awesome!)

The opening quests for the alliance IN pandaria (the beginning of jade forest) really highlighted that there isn't a good and pure side here. No innocents. The stories are intertwined. This is Alliance vs. Horde entirely, without a major evil to unite them really. They're at each other's throats and taking this war to pandaria.

As for guilds, wander around a bit. See what there is out there. I know the horde does have a lot of events on WrA.... My guild is an RP guild but there's a lot of guilds that don't require RP like Reckoning and Swords for Everyone. They definitely put advertisements up here from time to time. There are a few nice alliance guilds but I don't know much about them really so maybe someone else can mention them?

Proudmoore is ...interesting. I have a friend that raids there. She likes it fine.

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