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FPS/Crashing Issues
Lana commission
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
pretty much every since Mists dropped I've been having these huge FPS issues that sometimes result in crashes.

It happens, invariably, when I hearth into Shrine of Two Moons and most of the time when use the translocation orb between Undercity and Silvermoon, though with the latter it miraculously resolved by the time I hit the center of the fountain in Court of the Sun. Walking or flying into those locations from the surrounding areas is fine, usually.

And I'm talking huge problems - it drops from 50 down .8 or so FPS while I try to move/change my camera angle. (I wish I was exaggerating.) I do not have this problem anywhere else, at all, ever.

My guildie told me to turn down SSAO, which I did - hell, I've even set my entire settings to low when I can play on ultra everywhere else, and it's still giving me fits and crashing.

My google-fu isn't solving anything, and I know of at least two friends who have the same issues.

Do you ladies know of a solution?

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In my case I had to remove recount entirely. My fps issues were related to combat though, and that was an easy enough fix.

There's a ton of issues like this though. Someone on Wyrmrest found this next to the horde flightmaster in one of the towns in the jade forest, and said they weren't running addons and it happened right there where you're describing in silvermoon also.

What operating system are you running? Are your video card drivers up to date? Try running the 32 bit client and see if that helps.

Those are just a few things I'd try in your situation, I hope that helps!

Just to be sure none of the basics are the problem - have you tried cranking the graphics up, then disabling your addons temporarily and testing again? Are you getting any kind of errors? (Do you have an addon that will catch and store or display lua errors? BugGrabber and BugSack are excellent if not; you can leave those two on since WoW's default error display is awful.)

Does it happen only on specific characters, or specific classes? What about translocating from Silvermoon back to Undercity - any similar problem? Does it matter where you look - does your framerate improve if you zoom in and stare at the ground, rather than around you? Have you tried setting your hearth to the other innkeeper in the Shrine? (There's one upstairs and one downstairs.)

Have you tried deleting the Cache folder inside your WoW directory? Have you tried the 32-bit client, or switching from windowed to fullscreen or vice versa? (To get the 32-bit client, open the WoW launcher, then before hitting Play, select the Options menu - Game Preferences, and check the 32-bit client box.)

That's the simple stuff - I did a very quick Google, and it appears that the fountain in Silvermoon is the major problem. Avoiding looking at it from the palace side should help; that may be as simple as looking at the ground and using the minimap to get you past it. I'm also seeing a lot of FPS issue reports with Macs, especially Macbook Pros, so...

What kind of computer do you have? Do you know what graphics card? How old is the machine? Have you updated anything recently, besides installing Mists? I'd definitely check to make sure your OS has no important updates (though sometimes those can cause it; if you did update around the time this started, consider using System Restore or something similar to roll back and see if the update was the cause!), as well as checking video drivers and everything else. This is all less likely than an addon or Blizzard-side issue, but it's worth checking to be sure.

If you have a Mac, I'd also check this post out: The blue posting there is actively looking for more reports.

I take some of this back - I just portaled to Silvermoon, and when I went to go outside, was stuck for a good two minutes at 0 fps while WoW choked. When it finally came back, it was still choppy as hell, and I had been disconnected and reconnected to without knowing it. Once I got past the fountain (by looking at the floor), my framerate went from a very stuttery 15-ish to 80-100-ish, which is more normal for older content and instances on this computer. I had the same problem passing back the other way to zap to Undercity, too, though less severe; I stared at the floor and managed without a disconnect or freeze, but it was still really, really choppy.

I would try the other hearth point at the Shrine, and still test without addons, maybe delete your Cache folder to be extra certain, but at this point I'm pretty convinced Silvermoon's all Blizzard's fault, and there's not much you can do other than stare at the floor and use the minimap to get the hell out of the fountain area.

My friend has the same problem with the home city in Vale; as a whole, his system is much better than mine except that I know he only has 3GB of RAM which I suspect is a large part of his problem (last time I was there, I ran some system load checks and it was pretty maxed out on RAM).

Have you updated all of your drivers lately?

I have the same problem in SMC - FPS is great until you translocate in, goes to hell, and then gets better past the fountain. I have heard that this is a phasing issue, which I think may be it. While stuck on the ramp into the spire, I noticed what looked like NPCs fighting in the courtyard between the fountain and alley that leads to the warlock trainers. When I got to the fountain, however, that dephased and my FPS returned to normal. This is the only place I've seen this, and at least one of my guild mates had the same issue when she mage ported in. Hers resolved as well after getting out if the spire and past the fountain.

My only recommendation is to just avoid the area until the Powers That Be fix it.

I"m sorry to hear you are having this issue. I'm just dropping a line here, hoping someone will come up with a solution to fix it for you.

I'm glad to hear it isn't just me. I have the exact same problem, except that I've never dropped below 1 fps. The translocation to Silvermoon pretty much stopped me dead for 5 minutes, at which time my group summoned me to ZA, where everything went back to normal. I did hear that there were some technical problems about the water animation in fountains that caused this, but I don't think there's any moving water in the Shrine of the Two Moons.

Just read an article on WoW-Insider about the SMC instance, it's not you, it's WoW:

One of the comments points towards phased NPC's in that area that's causing the issue. Who knows. But yeah, you're not alone.

I'd say rename your interface and WTF folders, move them to your desktop, let WoW repopulate those folders without the addons, and test it. It's probably at least partially an addon thing.

If that doesn't work, just plop your addon/WTF folders back in place. :)

As near as anyone can tell, the trouble in Silvermoon is a phasing/coding glitch, possibly related to a future quest. The area past the fountain spawns many dozens of NPCs fighting, who are only SORT of there, and when your system tries to render them, it gets all confused and overloaded and sends your framerate all to hell.

The solution that seems to work best? Turn your camera AWAY from that whole area until you are off the ramp. Once you get down into the middle of the courtyard proper, you snap back into the proper phase. So the whole way from the translocation orb, down the ramp, into the courtyard, keep your camera facing away from the fountain, either by swiveling the camera to face you or by just walking backwards. Then once your framerate jumps back to normal, resume life as usual.

That said, probably best to take a flight path to Silvermoon until this is patched, avoid that whole area.

'Fraid I don't know anything about the Shrine of Two Moons problem.

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