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Herbing Golden Lotus....
WoW: Silicone
simonb wrote in wow_ladies
Pre 5.1, Golden Lotus were relatively rare out in the world - I found the easiest way to collect them was with to buy them three at a time with spirit of harmony or to grow engima seeds for the chance of them to proc.

Since 5.1, I've not found any golden lotus out in the world... instead I've been getting golden lotus from time to time when I herb normal herbs - gotten five already like that today.

Anyone else noticed this rather nice change ? I think it more than makes up for only having two golden lotus from a spirit of harmony now.

Edit: I've now found a golden lotus in the world. And got 2x Golden Lotus when I herbed!

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I love and hate the gathering node changes. On one hand, the raw mats WERE too cheap (sometimes - silly Fool's Cap!), but I feel like they've over-nerfed nodes in general. I just hope they continue to tweak it.

I think they've increased the chance to grow Golden Lotus from Enigma Seeds, as well. The last three days, I've averaged around half my enigma plants being Golden Lotus, and there are some similar comments on Wowhead.

I was pretty annoyed when I heard they'd reduced the trade-in to 2 per Spirit of Harmony, especially as I had about 15 Spirits saved up on my herbalist/alchemist that are suddenly worth a third less. Then I tried growing Enigma Seeds, and got a bunch of Golden Lotus. I think it's a lot better this way - now I can grow more GL than before, and also grow some other herbs at the same time :D

Still not sure what to do with all my Spirits, though! Probably still best to buy GL, but I'll need to check the quantities and prices of the other trade goods.

I've gotten two Golden Lotus from the wild, but I've definitely noticed a huge increase in growing them from Enigma Seeds. Before last week, I got about 1 per 8 planted. Now, it's about half.

Wow! I saw the vendor nerf, but I didn't know they added Golden Lotus to other herbing nodes. I did notice general herbs pretty much crashing on my server, so I hadn't been bothering. I will have to check this out now!

I haven't done any hardcore herb farming yet - been focused on leveling - but I've only found one and I've been out and about in pandaria quite a bit. they are really rare and I imagine they're annoying to farm. honestly, if I need some for flasks, I usually use my jc's spirits to purchase them (she can't really use spirits otherwise.)

They are relatively rare in the world, but since 5.1 I've seen that engima seeds you plant on your farm (need revered w/ the Tillers to purchase) have an almost 50% drop rate for Golden Lotus now!

Edit: my JCer has been using her spirits to discover more JC recipes, 3 for a discovery with no cooldown. Once she knows all however I'll be slightly lost w/ what to do with them - turn them into mats probably.

Edited at 2012-12-05 06:25 pm (UTC)

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