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Computer buying advice
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celticlullaby wrote in wow_ladies
My laptop completely died the other day, so I'm looking for help picking out a new computer to play wow on. I know that desktops are generally better/cheaper for gaming, but besides that, I'm kind of clueless what I'm doing. The husband is the one who usually handles the technical side of things for the household, but he doesn't game and doesn't really have any idea what would make a computer good for WoW.

A guildie recommended this computer, and the reviews look good, but I figured I'd ask you lovely ladies for some input before I pull the trigger. What do y'all think? Any recommendations that would be in the same price range, or less? This was a kind of unexpected expense, so I don't want to drop too much money! But at the same time, I want something that will led me raid 10s and 25s and get back to my wow habit. :D

Any advice is much appreciated!! <3

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The graphics card is nothing to write home about. On this wonderful site, (been using this site for years, it's been wonderful in showing how graphics cards line up to each other), it ranks at 89. A card I got 2 yrs ago (Nvidia GTS250), ranks higher at 79. I can play WoW at Ultra settings and typically have dual monitors running (one with WoW, other with NetFlix), however I don't do raids or the like.

For the processor, this site,3136-3.html compares it to the Intel Core i3, which I don't think is good enough for a gaming machine that will last you the next 5 yrs. And even at that, a quick glance makes it appear to be worse than the Intel Core i3. If you go Intel, look for a Core i5 in the bare min.

So in short, the system will play WoW.. But not for very long, and may not be very good if you do raid or want to play brand new games.

Look at Lenovo systems for desktops. They have some decent 'gaming' setups at about the $600-700 range that I've been eyeing to replace the 5-6 year old system I'm currently running.

Yeah. Just a $100 more for a newer video card can make all the difference. The CPU runs better in Windows 8 than Windows 7 I do admit, but it doesn't matter as Wow is not CPU intensive more than GPU/graphics intensive. The FX is best for running mulitple applications at once vs an icore3. An ATI 7770 or a 7850 add $60 - 100 more but would more than double to tripple the performance. Raids are more intensive since many players using multiple graphical effects can slow down a crappy graphics card FAST.

My old laptop on minimum settings can do 25 fps but gets down to 3 fps in a 10 man easily.

I remember reading something awhile back that WoW was actually more CPU reliant than most computer games, due to the game using the CPU to deal with other player characters, where they're at, and how many there are.

In my experience, I've noticed it whenever I walk into a populated area and my frame rate drops and Netflix starts skipping. I have an Intel Core Duo 2.3ghz, 3gig ram, and the Nvidia GTS250.

WoW is really CPU intensive, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, lol. Start running some system monitors during play and you'll see what I mean.

Yeah wow is the exact oppisate of what you said, it's very CPU intensive and doesn't hurt the graphics card much. It's a pretty mild game graphics wise as long as you keep the spell effects and such low.

I have the FX-4100 myself, actually - it's a damn nice little processor for the price and I've seen them as low as $89 now during sales. With a Corsair H60 liquid cooler on it, I've got it OC'd to 5.2Ghz with it never breaking 58C. I've currently got it on a Sabertooth 990FX mobo with 8GB low profile Corsair Vengeance RAM and a GTX460... runs WoW on Ultra everything, ~50FPS out in Pandaria, around 25FPS in raids. Not perfect, but definitely playable.

tl;dr, FX-4100 is a good little processor for the price point, but you're right in that it probably won't last five years or more, especially since newer processors coming out are 6 and 8 cores now. I'd estimate it'll last me another two years as long as I keep it overclocked and as long as I upgrade my GPU (planning on a GTX670 before Christmas).

That video card is not the greatest. Yes it is dedicated but it is a 66*** serious. Current ATI cards are 7****. The second *6 shows it is the slowest dedicated video cards they make. This PC is more designed for watching movies than rendering video games.

If you want something cheap go with a system with a ATI nvida 7770. It is middle grade and only costs $65 more. Nvidia GTX 660 is a good card too but I quit using Nvidia years ago so I can not comment personally. Try to look for Asus. An extra $100 can double the graphical effects, smoothness, and performance and you can use ULTRA settings. Avoid Windows 8 if you can!

I know it is more expensive but this one is a MUCH better system. The ultimate one is the $1000 but I have a feeling you are on a budget. Just that $200 will make a BIG difference.

Don't get me wrong, I love Newegg to tiny nerd pieces, but sometimes their kits leave a lot to be desired. Have you considered building your own?

TigerDirect has barebone kits that are pretty much an entire computer, but a DIY. They send you the parts, you build it. And they have a ton on sale right now with a lot better hardware than the one you picked out (namely, GPU!).

If you'd rather go the prebuilt route, I recommend going to CyberPower directly:

I love TigerDirect. I got my computer for like $500 and built it myself, but it probably would have run me like $750 if I'd bought it pre-built.

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Not very, since it's a lot more simple nowadays and first timer friendly. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials and guides out there, and the BuildaPC section of reddit is pretty amazing for learning.

Pretty easy. I don't have much computer knowledge at all really and managed to put mine together with the help of a few videos that supplied. They have a series of three videos for picking the parts, putting the computer together, and setting it up. I found that, by and large, the bits won't fit where they don't belong so it's hard to mess up.

I just had a PC fall over on me earlier this month (well, sort of--it was pretty much in its final death throes before I pulled the plug), and ended up getting a custom-built machine from ibuypower,com. They have this drop-down menu guide that shows you how well the options you've chosen will run different popular games, including WoW. They also run a lot of specials, such as "choose this part, and we'll upgrade it to this better, more expensive one for free," and keep you pretty well informed as to the progress of the building of your machine once you've placed your order.

This is only the first time I've gotten anything from them, mind you (I think I first heard about them here, actually), but this first experience has been a good one, so that earns them a recommendation, in my opinion.

I may be too late, but I highly recommend this laptop. I'm guessing it's more than you want to spend, but I just bought it last weekend, and it plays WoW beautifully. It's actually got better graphics than my boyfriend's fairly fancy P.C.

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