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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Too Much WoW Wednesdays
human electryone
explodingseas wrote in wow_ladies
'You know you play too much WoW when...'

Finish below in the comments! :)

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When someone at work starts using SHF as an abbreviation for something, and every. single. time., you read it as "SHA" and do a double-take.

A programmer at a place I used to work at defined one of the permission levels on an in-house utility he was writing as "Master Looter" in the code. The funny thing was? It was a reasonably accurate description of that permission level's assigned privileges.

You are more stressed about completing the rep grind for the enchants you want on one toon and getting the motes you need on another toon to make the inscription staff, then you are about having time to wrap presents / finish shopping before heading to your sisters for a week for Christmas.

Oh and the drive home from work is wasting time you could be at home running said dailies.

Someone asks you what you did last night and you proceed to tell them about what is going on in your game.

IE. "What did you do last night?" "I assisted the mantid in taking down the Empress."

This is fairly common at my job, as a lot of us are avid WoW geeks.

"So, what did you do after work last night?"
"Killed Kael'thas, again. Still no phoenix."



When you seriously consider making your bread loaf in the shape of the Horde symbol. I would have done it if I was visiting my WoW buddies in Florida.

When you put your GPS in your truck just to the left of your rear-view mirror, just so that when you get lost, you look up and to the right.

When you get mad at someone at the office, you find your fingers drumming your main's rotation.

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Was at the dentist this afternoon getting a cracked tooth repaired. Started wondering about troll teeth. Do they have trouble with tooth decay? What if fangs grow crooked? Do the teenagers file their fangs to bug their parents? Kept my mine busy during the drilling hehe.

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Thank you for sharing

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