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Cata PvP gear in 5.1.?
lizzy blue sky
lizzy333 wrote in wow_ladies
Hello and happy 5.1 patch day!

I have a question that I couldn't find an answer to elswhere so asking you=)

I was not being very active at the end of Cata (read - not at all active) and barely active in the first weeks of MoP so when I was looking for nice transmog gear for my warlock that I just finished levelling and saw the season 10 PvP gear (I think it was 10, it's all green and pretty), I was very anxious to get it. Too bad it was the last days before the season ended and I had no HP or JP at all to buy that stuff. But I thought they would leave it for the new season. But of course they just disappeared from the game. I was very disappointed and quite pissed off, tbh. Oh well.

But then a guildie said they were returning the gear in 5.1, and that's my question - have they? If they have, where can I find it? The vendors in Stormwind haven't returned at least.

Thank you!

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They were going to be added back into the game in 5.1, but blue post confirmed that they've been delayed for technical reasons. Possibly until 5.2.

Oh, thanks! I do not read the blue posts very thoroughly so totally missed that!

This and the moving of the warlock questline makes me a very sad warlock=((

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