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PS to Brawlers Guild invites
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
Thanks to the links given to me on my earlier post (-: I got onto my alliance toon, and put the names of the NPCs on that wowhead link into my NPC Scan.  Then I flew to the Horde base and was able to locate the spawn spots for the 3 NPCs.

However, others have done the same so it is going to be quite a job actually managing to get a clear shot at one and then be lucky enough to have an invite drop.

To repeat the information on that post, the NPCS that drop Brawlers invites are:

For Alliance players
Kar Warmaker - 68321 (appears just outside the eastern gates)
Muerta - 68322 (appears just near the graveyard)
Ubunti the Shade - 68320 (she appears inside the ground floor of the tower near the shore)

For Horde players
Dalan Nightbreaker - 68318
Disha Fearwarden - 68319
Mavis Harms - 68317

If you use the NPC Scan add on, you can add these NPCS to your scans (the numbers are their specific ID numbers so that you can include those into NPC Scan) so that if they appear the Add on lets you know while you are close to them.  The Horde ones appear just outside the new Horde base while the Alliance ones are presumably similar and appear close to the Alliance base.

However, note, they dont drop the invite on every kill and I dont know at this time what their respawn rate is, although I suspect from a comment made while I was at the location that it is at least 30 mins.

Hope this all helps

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Awesome, thanks for this post!! :) I'll add them right away when I log on.

I just want to confirm that this is true, from experience.
When my partner and I were doing the Krasarang dailies yesterday we stumbled upon Ubunti, and we killed him. He dropped an invite :)

Curious.... Do you need to be in the same guild to pass along invites? Or just the same server?

Cuz I am on WrA horde side and would love one. Likewise, if I am able to nab one myself, I am happy to spread the love...er, blood & gore!! =)

I can confirm that they take about 30-60 min to respawn. We killed over a dozen before the invite dropped. YMMV

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