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Am I the only one?
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rayce wrote in wow_ladies
I just want to see how others feel right now.

I have been playing WoW since BC and L.O.V.E this game. I never needed "a break" as others have and play almost daily. I am the GM of a great guild that I started just before Cata came out, raid often and love my guild friends/family.

But since this new expansion came out I've been fed up. I hated dailies before and I hate them even more now. Blizz said "Hey.. we are taking the shoulder enchants off of faction so you don't Have to do faction grinding." and then they put all the gear I need to raid on faction so I have to do dailies and take away the tabards. Wth was the point of that? I already have a full time job and simply don't have the free time to spend 4-6 hours a day doing dailies! Someone tried to point out to me that my boyfriend has a higher gear score than me and doesn't run dungeons. He also worked from home when the expansion came out and spent most of his days doing dailies Every Single Day while testing items offline for his job.

I've talked to rl friends who are fed up with the dailies and are starting to shut down their WoW accounts. I've already watched multiple people who were addicted to the game turn their back on it. I just can't bring myself to do that but I have very little interest in playing the game lately. I keep hoping that our guild starting to raid next month will fix my lack of interest.

I'm just wondering if others are feeling as let down by this expansion as I am? What do you do to keep the game fun when all you can find to do is dailies and pokeman fights with kung fu panda? What is there in this expansion beyond the dailies that I'm missing?

Edited to clarify because I simply can't respond to all posts:
I am aware I can raid without doing dailies but I can't get the upgrades I want without doing dailies. There is a difference. The primary issue is that Blizz talked about this expansion not requiring people to do faction to get things and then they require you do dailies to get faction to buy things. It is not what I expected or what they said they were doing and I am disappointed with that.

You don't need to do dailies to raid.

What are the other options?

To be honest, I'm sick of hearing people say this without following up on HOW I can raid without doing dailies for upgrades. Heroic gear is not raid ready.

(Edited to add that this reply comes off catty but isn't meant to be. I really want to know my other options)

Edited at 2012-11-28 12:49 am (UTC)

You 're not the only one.. I'm starting to feel the burn myself, too much dailies is too much, it's hard enough on one but let alone several.. I' ve been seriously considering canceling my accounts or taking a break for awhile. Sure we have new stuff coming in but when it comes right down to it ,once we do the new quests, we get bombarded with even more dailies. Teh things that I once enjoyed just doesn't feel a fun anymore.

I stopped doing quests as soon as I realized I was only doing them to open up more dailies. Plus the quests are not all that exciting to me.

I'm wondering if I'm just experiencing burn out in general.

Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. I feel like unless I'm doing dailies there's nothing to do. :/ You don't have to do dailies to raid but grinding dailies for all the factions (because of course I want the achievements/mounts and stuff) is just ridiculous. I think when you at least get honored or revered there should be a tabard to finish off the rest if you wish.

And, it sucks that so many profession patterns are tied to the dailies now, too, like enchanting. :/

Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. I feel like unless I'm doing dailies there's nothing to do. :/

That right there is what is making me not like this expansion. :(

I got very burnt out on the dailies myself after a few days. If it helps, prioritizing one faction at a time helped me--one set of dailies per day only takes 30 minutes or so and is way easier to manage than trying to do all of them. You'll get burnt out pretty quick that way, and you can still get a lot done doing one faction at a time. I've also been doing them with a partner recently and things go MUCH faster.

Still, I feel you on this--I love gearing alts but I'm having trouble getting the motivation to do so when the dailies are such a core part of the expansion. I'm hoping it'll be better now that 5.1 has dropped (and with it, rep bonuses for alts + the ability to upgrade existing gear with JP/VP instead of grinding rep to buy new gear).

Also with 5.1, concentrating on the most important faction for each toon,means when another toon wants it they'll get the buffed increase in rep gain.

the hatter

I don't know, I only bought one item from the faction vendors and I'm only doing Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan for the professions. I do them now and then. I wanted to do Klaxxi for a belt and then thought of how much I hate Dread Wastes and decided to go with the belt from heroics until I get something from RF. I still have a blue belt but that's better than doing something you hate.
I admit I was rather lucky with LFR and Sha loot and not everyone is but keep doing it and you will get what you need!

I'm not even remotely burnt out, I enjoy the dailies, they only take up about an hour of my time once I got the hang of them (I do tillers+GL+SP) and I do them while listening to an audiobook or chatting to a friend on Skype sometimes so that the time is not wasted. And I almost never do them daily, only if I feel like it and only so that I get at least 90 lesser charms per week to get these extra rolls in LFR and on Sha. That's 45-ish dailies a week, that's nothing. Doing them with a friend is also an option - they'll go faster and you'll chat meanwhile=)

I'm really happy with MoP, way more so than with Cata, but even cata was fun for me, because it's a game I love that I play with my friends. And the way to keep the game fun is to play with friends and do what you enjoy. I for example love pet battles and can spend hours on them when I have time and they're an amazing and fun addition to the game. Just do what's your thing and remember it's a game and you're supposed to have fun. If your thing is raiding then do LFR, it's still raiding! And wait for the loot and try out pugs etc!

I don't do dailies. And I don't care for them.. lol

I felt like this... until Pandaria. I didn't love Cataclysm, but I didn't hate it. I've never felt the need to "take a break" until all of my friends have either transferred servers or stopped playing.

I don't mind dailies, but doing dailies perpetually alone just makes me mad and sad.

You're not the only one. I hate the new daily system. If you want to see how much you are so not alone, take a look at the first page of the official WoW General Discussion forum.

I spent the first month of the expac doing some of the dailies and by the time I unlocked shado-pan and august celestials, I was burnt out on them and bored to tears and I wasn't even doing them religiously like some of the more hardcore people I know. So I stopped doing them, except for Tillers. They are not really optional-- there are other things they affect that even go beyond raiding-- namely professions and alts. I really believe Blizzard will add the much in demand rep tabards or another solution like account-wide reputation, or a rep tabard that can be purchased at exalted.

I know a few people who have quit because of it. I think one of the biggest reasons is alts. Personally, I have only leveled my main to 90. I have several 85 alts I am not going to bother leveling them past that until there is a change implemented (faster rep gains on alts doesn't change anything imo). "Most alt-unfriendly expansion" for sure.

Last week I capped valor from dungeons and raids and had nothing to spend on it, I ended up dumping some on a side-grade. I don't really understand why they lowered the VP cap-- seems like it's just so players feel more pressure to keep doing dailies so they have a way to spend it. Seems silly to me that even if I do boycott dailies because they're so "optional" and choose to play the game like I want to e.g. though competitive raiding, dungeons and LFR that I still end up with a "reward" (valor) I can do nothing with unless I grind dailies. Optional, uh huh.

Here's a good post I found on the forums that I felt hit the nail on the head quite nicely:

"Dailies are another prime example of course of this same trend. A decision by Blizzard motivated purely by the belief that creating chores for players to do every day makes it more likely they will stick around in their subscription. It's not about fun there, it's just about tying a reward to a grind that slowly - extremely slowly - gets done on a day to day basis. They're hoping that the joy of the reward will make players stick around longer than they otherwise would. Of course the game has always had grinds, but the level of reward and the tying of grinds to solo content has never been at this level, and it kind of stumbled over that line from, "hidden grind through enjoyable gameplay" to "boring grind where players are all too aware they are in a grind and can't wait to get the reward so they can never do that boring content ever again.""

A few weeks into Cata I had few 85s, right now, 2 months into MoP, I still only have 1 level 90...Alts are one of my biggest complaints about this xpac, I love MoP and I'm enjoying it immensely but as an altaholic I'm finding it rather alt unfriendly, especially in regards to rep. I have no desire to repeat rep grinds and the double rep gains once you hit revered solution is just a joke. To me it really feels like they did that because they swore black and blue they'd never do account wide reputations but then they realised they had to do something so they came up with the half arsed solution that isn't going to make many people happy but that they can point at and say 'look we listened so shut up about it already'.

I also have an issue with the fact that due to experience gains from dungeons being so low that leveling, even with rested, via LFD isn't a viable option and I hate questing so due to these two things combined I'm not really playing my alts unless I actually really just want to play them rather than level them if that makes sense. They really do need to make MoP a little more alt friendly, for me it's not enough to cause me to walk away from the game but I can understand how it would be for some people.

It has kinda ruined the game for me PVE wise. When people say I can do it slowly and don't do all at once I cringe, because I can't stand even doing a few. Even the thought of getting a cloud serpent wasn't enough, or any other fancy mounts or gear. I loved the system I had in 4.3 where i could run with friends, possibly get some 378 drops, if not i would get valor each time anyways(and rep with a tabard) so I could get gear(not gated behind reps, all at same vendor) that would progress my character and I loved gradually seeing my character get tier gear(especially paladin, so pretty :3 ) I could do one each day, or earn all 1000 in one day, my choice. I feel my choices have been taken away from me, and I will not do any dailes no no no. I guess I'll just hope for some lfr/sha drops, which i haven't been lucky with yet.

I find myself leveling alts, that way i get a feeling of progression of a character that I do not get at endgame. Not sure what I'll do though when I've leveled them all up. I can't just continually level alts and let them sit. I don't even know what to do. I don't know what I'llbe doing later patches if this doesn't change, maybe log in every now and then for events, and that's a bit crazy to say for me that has been leveling all these characters.

Why am I running around as a cat when I want to progress my healing character idgi. I do find myself pvping a lot more though since it has the old system still, except more annoying now with all the botting.

I do one set at a time. I finally got exalted with GL, so I'm not doing those anymore. I'm exalted with Tillers so I only do the one daily for the token and farm up my songbell seeds for free motes/spirits. Right now I'm working on Klaxxi. Sometimes I'll do Anglers, and I'll probably mix in the new faction too, but my focus is Klaxxi till exalted. Then I'll move on to something else. As of today, you can get 100% rep increase on any reps you have at Revered. It also works for your alts. You just have to purchase the commendation from the quartermaster.

For raiding, I went straight in with heroic blues. I didn't even craft stuff until a week or two later. I've gotten a few pieces from LFR, but most of those have been downgrades (tier legs that I had drop from Sha, boots that I'd already gotten from Feng normal...twice, etc). I'm wearing the PvP epic (Malevolent) hands because the bonus is nice and they're better than my LFR gloves.

My biggest problem with the current daily system is alts. I had a ton of alts in Cata and WotLK, this xpac not so much. I don't want to grind reps on them. I think it's stupid that we have to grind Cloud Serpents on every character just to learn the ability to ride them. Everyone can ride the Netherdrakes and the Skyguard mounts, the serpents should be the same. I don't do dailies on alts. I sometimes barely do them on my main. The only reason I continue to do them is mounts and achievements. I really do hope that they change it so that it's easier for alts to get rep (either account wide, or tabard at revered/exalted).

You're certainly not the only one who hates dailies. I actually don't mind them. At this point, I can purchase gear from all of them and therefore only do dailies at my leisure for mounts, achieves, and fun. I've actually loved this expansion. The storyline is good, the graphics nice, the mechanics interesting, and the developing gated content coming through the patches (pvp time, folks!) keeps it interesting for me.

Frankly, I'm bored as hell with WoW. I despise dailies, though I have to agree with others and say that they aren't needed to raid; it sounds like it's your guild that is the problem there. What's funny is that I didn't even mind the Firelands dailies. They felt more rewarding. With the dungeons basically being pointless because you can't use VP without dailies, I don't even feel like doing them. Maybe when there's enough geared people in them to make them smoother, but for now, I don't want to risk getting a pack of idiots in Shadow Pan. I already leveled 10 characters to 85 in Cata and with the leveling in Pandaria being so agonizingly slow I can hardly bear the idea of getting anything up past 87.

To boot, I don't even want to level lowbie toons because of CRZ and knowing I'll have to slog through Pandaland again to get to max.

Mostly I'm burnt out on raiding already. Everything but the Four Kings fight feels like a stupid gear check, we're stuck, week after week on that fucking Elegon dragon. Sure you can move to Heart of Fear... and beat up the first boss. What's that? Next boss is a gear check?! AWESOME! It's so nice to value gear numbers over any level of skill so much. This expansion already feels horribly stagnent.

I also hate it when I mention I hate dailies, only to hear: "Well just do one or two factions! It only takes an hour or two!" There is something wrong with this. I don't want to pay to do one to two hours of something I hate. When I get home from work or school I don't want to hop onto a game and do an hour or two of something I rather poke my eyes out than do. It's mindless busy work at best that's killed the need for dungeons and is supposed to be the "endgame" for people that aren't raiders. If scenarios weren't so pointless and clunky, maybe they would help, but, by and large, I've only found them frustrating and unrewarding.

I've been playing GW2 more and more now-a-days. I'm really starting to favor its more skill based combat. :/ I'm tired of gear checks, even if dailies aren't needed, it stills feels like players are funneled into them because that's really the only way you can make sure you're getting the gear you need to get past the fifth boss in the first fucking tier raid.

*deep breath.* Sorry for the rant there.

Due to the fact that you gain valor at 1k per week, there's no point in racing through exalted with these factions. The pieces cost enough that it'll take you awhile just to acquire them all which gives you ample time to get them all to exalted eventually. If you're feeling burnt out, stop doing them. I haven't done dailies in weeks and I raid in a few blue pieces, the very few LFR pieces I have and a couple of valor & conquest pieces. There is also crafted gear you can obtain to help yourself out. There are plenty of ways to be raid ready without doing dailies.

I was already burned up from grinding to 90 so I decided that I was just going to concentrate on one faction at a time. Did the Order of the Serpent first for the purty mount, now focusing on Klaxxi, and yes, for the gear. I'm sick of all these dailies too and it sickens me just how many points I NEED just to be able to buy stuff from the faction vendor even once I reach exalted :(

It's the multitude of posts like these that keep me from upgrading to MOP. It seems like the initial fun of the expansion has worn off, and now all my friends who still play are kind of stuck doing dailies that make them want to scream.

No, thank you.

Exactly, love. I already know I will be playing it through to see the zones' stories, but that's it. No more raiding, no more dungeons, no more rep grind; I'm done with all that.

I also already knew this would be the last expansion I bought. Sorry, Blizz. Eight is enough.


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