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Holy Priest Question
Persona 3, Aegis
pufferfish123 wrote in wow_ladies
I've been leveling up a holy priest alt (just hit 85 today XD) and I've got a question about her rotation. I've been using gylphed Power Word: Shield as part of my tank healing rotation, but looking at sites like Noxxic, they seem to not recommend using PW:S at all.

Would I be better off just using my mana on straightforward heals instead? Or is it still worth using PW:S in five mans?

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One of the most important things to remember about sites like Noxxic is that they're aimed at 25 man raiders at the edge of progression primarily, so it's going to have a big caveat about raid composition.

At lower levels, you may as well use PW:S for your tank. It doesn't hurt them. I'd say to drop it if you're finding yourself running out of mana a lot, but otherwise don't worry about it.

What I would do is find a handful of interesting glyphs, and grab some Tomes of Clear Mind (for when you hit 86) so you can switch things out if you're finding something isn't working. This is true of both talents and glyphs.

As a holy priest you don't really want to rely on PW:S. If you are having trouble keeping a tank alive and you want to add a little absorb to help mitigate damage then I guess its ok, but as a holy priest you have talents all your own for tank healing. If you are in Chakra Serenity you can use HW: Serenity for a nice single target heal. That coupled with renew and PoM should be plenty to keep your tank up without using PW:S.

PW:Shield isn't supposed to be regularly used as holy. It's too mana prohibitive. Disc has built into talents that lower mana cost and give mana return from PS:S, but holy doesn't. If you're using it frequently, even in a 5 man, you'll find yourself going OOM fast. Holy's PW:S also doesn't absorb a whole lot because it's not buffed by disc mastery/talents. It's pretty much not worth the mana it costs to cast it unless it's the only chance you have at saving someone's life. You're better suited using regular heals.

I don't use it at all on my holy priest, even in five mans, and I personally feel like you shouldn't glyph it. It's costs way, way, waaaay too much mana for general use and you don't get all of the fun disco benefits that really buff shield up while giving back a chunk of mana after it pops (I forget what it's called.)

That said, it is something of a CD so if I'm in real trouble or the tank is really bad and spamming heals isn't killing my mana, I'll throw it on the tank.

Luckily, you aren't really spamming in the new dungeons until you get the level 87 or 88 dungeons so it'll be okay up until then.

I very rarely use PW:S with my holy priest. It's more of an oh shit button, but I find it more of a waste than useful.

This is exactly what I was coming here to say, almost verbatim.

Thanks for the comments guys! I've taken PW:S off my cast bar :)

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