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Delicious Plague (Trollbane-H) is recruiting both core DPS and backup raiders!
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fm_gatekeeper wrote in wow_ladies
Raid Times: Thursday/Monday 8:30-11:30 pm EST

Delicious Plague is primarily a social/casual guild. Our current raid team was thrown together about halfway through 4.3, and this expansion we're more dedicated to progression--getting all current content down while it's current is our goal. To that end we've formed a core team, which recently brought down the Stone Guard. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we've lost some of our DPS, and while we've found temporary replacements, we're looking for some more permanent members to join our ranks. We're also interested in recruiting some backup raiders for all three roles (healers, tanks, and DPS).

What we want:
- 1-2 core DPS, ranged or melee.
- a few additional healers, tanks, and DPS who don't want to raid full-time but can fill in when a core team member can't make a given raid date.
- any class is welcome! however, we're shortest on cloth- and leather-wearers by far (we have one holy priest and NO leather-wearers), and we'd prefer not to take on any more hunters or paladins if at all possible, at least not for the core raid team.
- male or female raiders are both welcome--our guild (and raid team) is about 3/4 female but we take all kinds.

What you get:
- a fairly casual and fun group of people to run current content with--we know when to buckle down and be serious, sure, but we like making each other laugh between downing bosses (and sometimes during). expect many naked, dancing trolls, and a certain hunter stacking on the raid leader during Yor'sahj's green slimes.
- a guild that does a little bit of everything--we run a lot of old raids (just finished an achievement run in DS this past weekend and BWD/ICC a couple of weeks ago, with plans for revisiting the rest of T11 this Wednesday and ICC again sometime in the near future), quite a few of us have a worrying addiction to pet battles, and we dabble in RP and PvP occasionally as well.
- people who are willing to run stuff with you to help gear you up if necessary, and guild enchanters/jewelcrafters/etc. who will help you make the most of your gear.
- when I said we take all kinds I mean we take all kinds--we don't tolerate hate speech of any kind. speaking as the raid leader, I'm transgender and bisexual myself, and any problems are always swiftly dealt with. we want everyone to feel comfortable.

We don't have a guild site, since we've found that most of our members tend not to use it, but we do have a raid blog you can feel free to browse at your leisure. The code of conduct and loot rules are available there if you'd like to check them out.

Even if you're not interested in us for raiding purposes, feel free to join us as a social member! Whisper Quetzalcoatl, Duibhín / Zenkú, Taernoth, Calibrator or Rekalai in-game for an invite. The first is myself, the second is the GM, and the latter three are all officers. Or you can /who Delicious Plague and whisper someone asking for an officer (just be sure to tell them Marvel sent you).

If you're not sure if you'd like to join us as a raider yet, rolling a low-level alt to check us out/ask questions is absolutely encouraged! We can also cross-realm with you for heroics/older raids if you'd like to see how we roll at level cap.

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Not interested in raiding at the moment but absolutely in the casual/social context. I've got a lvl 85 fury warrior troll who took the free zep from Stormrage to Trollbane. I've got her just chillin' because she's guildless, all by her lonesome without sister alts and trying out random guilds of strangers isn't happening.

Ah, yeah, I hate feeling like my only option is to join random guilds full of strangers. We'd love to have you; I'm making dinner right now but I should be on again later this evening if you'd like to whisper me for an invite. There should be quite a few officers on right now, too, thanks to patch day.

Thanks. My toon's name is Rhimon. I'm Rhicat1783 on battleid.

I seem to keep missing you but I'm keeping an eye out!

I'll be around this weekend, I promise! (Stupid dailies sucking up all my WoW time :grumble grumble)

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