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Open Raid Night!
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morningapproach wrote in wow_ladies
My guild (Old Skool-H, Azuremyst) is having a super hard time getting our second raid team set up. We have 2-3 regular members who are willing to commit, but unfortunately we have been struggling to get a full team.  So I have taken the reins on getting this raid up and running, and am holding an Open Raiding Night on November 30 at 9pm EST (6pm PST/Server) open to friends and real-id friends.  

We are asking that you have decent gear (heroic level-blend), and be gemmed and enchanted, know the fights, and have a positive attitude.  If you are interested, just let me know and I will get you my real-id info to add me so that we can chat. 

The only roles we have filled so far are a healer (myself, disc priest), and a hunter for sure. Our GM has been saying he wants to raid, but he hasn't been showing up at all lately, so I have no idea what is going on there. If he decides he wants to come we will have a pally tank. Otherwise, we need all roles and specs :D 

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Just a note - you cannot raid T14 cross server yet (except LFR). Cross server is only open to old content.

ugh, thanks :( I didn't realize that. For some reason I remember being able to raid cross-server for Dragon Soul when it was current, so I assumed it was the same.

Pretty sure you couldn't raid DS cross server when it was current content. The rule has always been you can cross server raid on everything But current content.

However, you could do LFR cross server. Maybe that is what you are recalling.

They didn't allow cross server Dragon Soul until 5.0.4 (the pre-MoP patch) opened up. At that point it was no longer current, it was old news.

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