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What do you tip for rare recipes?
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masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
So, basically, I'm on a low population server. A lot of the new patterns are only in the hands of a few people so far and they go for a small fortune on the AH, if they are on the AH at all. I've recently entered the core raiding group for my guild and one of the requirements (naturally) is that you be fully gemmed and enchanted.

Now, my question is, if I choose to farm my own mats for some of the rarer enchants (and cuts, to a lesser extent) what is an appropriate tip for someone doing it for me? Do you increase the tip personally because it's a recipe only a limited amount of people have?

Thanks for any advice on this.

Edit: Because it's too early for typing.

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I probably would - because it is a limited supply service.

I can't offer suggestions on how much you should tip, because I am one of those people that doesn't have a clue so I just shove gold in the window and pray they don't think I'm a cheapskate. (usually I get a shocked 'Oh. Thanks!' but I'm just waiting for that ONE TIME. >.>)

Depends on the item. If it is something with a spirit of harmony in it they are going to charge you probably 1k per spirit. I usually tip between 50-300g depending on the item being crafted.

Depends. I bring my own mats, but if it needs some material that's BOP (like the tailor cloths), I'll tip 500g per piece and then 1k on top of that for the final, and then throw them some extra mats like extra cloth I have so they can make more silk later. So something that needs six Imperial Silk would be 4k tip.

I haven't needed to seek out other people for profession recipes/enchants so far this expansion, but in Cata I tipped in the 300-500g range, not including BoP mats the crafter had to provide/sell.

I tend to tip very well for rare pieces but I am also on a server where tips are expected and payment isn't requested, so it can be really murky waters. From being a crafter myself, I know that I do remember the polite people, especially if they are nice tippers as well and if I see them needing something I can provide later, I'll not only respond, but go out of my way to help them [I'll go to them, versus them coming to me and I've even provided more common mats if they were short and I had them - a la enchanting]. I don't remember mediocre tippers one way or the other. And I'll actively avoid crafting for rude people and those who don't tip.

You shouldn't give them what a rare item costs on the AH of course, but I just try to tip well and need their help very little.

And like others have said, it's going to depend on if it includes soulbound mats and if they have a set price up front.

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