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Guilds. Mini rant
sad t-rex
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
So lately I've been having a hell of a time finding a guild on WRA. The guilds I have tried have turned out to be either dead/dying RP guilds, or 'rp' guilds that are actually raiding/pvp guilds that support RP.

Is it too much to ask for a friendly, social, small guild that actively RPs together, and doesn't mind off-colour humor? That's active in the evenings and overnights? Maybe runs some dungeons together, to help characters level? Nothing fancy, not demanding x number of play hours or suchlike? Oh, and, level twenty five. And free ponies

Okay, don't answer that. I know it's slightly unrealistic.

My point is, I've been running largely unguilded the last couple of weeks because of this. And holy Light am I getting guild invite spam up the wazoo*. It's gotten bad enough that I've finally put up a /dnd with "No I will not join your guild" because, seriously? I'm not going to join a random guild off a whisper of

"Dear %t. Would you like to join (Guild Name)(Guild Level)? [Optional] We have Heirloom pants! You would make a great recruit, so please accept! :)"

First of all. You don't know I'd make a great recruit! I could be a drama-inspiring guild princess. Maybe that's why I'm not guilded. Secondly? I don't know you. I probably don't even know your reputation, but I'm betting you're a raiding guild, and I don't raid. Strangely, this happens most often on my warlock. Is there some strange mystical warlock power that I'm not aware of that makes everybody want her? She's still 85!

So now I'm running around with /dnd up, trying to find walk-up RP, and everybody thinks I'm bloody busy instead. AND I STILL GET WHISPERS! RAH!

But seriously, what is this driving force that is inspiring these random guild invites from complete strangers? I don't recall it being this bad when I first came to the server and was looking for a home.

*Yes, I've turned on the thing that makes it so that you don't get random ginvites. I still get the whispers, though.

ETA: I'm such a dork. I'm Horde. I shoulda said.

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I know that feeling all too well, I would offer you a place in my guild but right now things are really slow, as in maybe 4-5 people log on regularly .When we do have people on, we are very chatty and very friendly. we adore off colour humour, and do quite a bit ourselves. Right now most of our members have RL aggro happening , and our rp is currently happening in the forums.. who are we, you ask ? We are the Grey Templar We are also on Alliance side on WRA, so look for Roseleendhu ,or Rhialynne .. or type in /who Grey Templar :)

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I would be interested in knowing more, as I am WRA Alliance, and the OP could have been reading my mind.

I have a couple of characters in a guild with some really awesome people, but their RP is not my cup of tea (I am just not a performer, they are great at it, I just... can't do crowds. :( ), and trying to find a home for my others has been... well. It's been irritating.

To further elaborate- I have been in a RP guild... that refused to do anything with 'lowbies' (level 85s). All their events were geared for level 90 characters. Yeaaah no.

Then I went unguilded for 3 weeks until I joined a guild I found off of I was joking around with my flatmate (who came with me) and one little innuendo and the person that invited me to the guild said 'I'm turning off guild chat' and the guild leader asked us to tone it down. Okay, it was an off color comment, I wouldn't say it in front of my mother, but it wasn't THAT bad. :(

Now I am looking again. :(

Well the Grey Templar originally started as a Heavy Rp guild, and it was pretty active when I first joined. However as time progressed most of the rp sort of disappeared as RL takes over . We are however trying to fix that, and get more rp running again, so if you are still interested ,look us up .

Sure thing, I'll look into it! (I think I've seen you around too. >.>)

My friend and I each have one - ONE - alliance toon. Mine's a shadow priest, his is a worgen druid.

We've discussed going over to them for RP and a Horde break, but my priest is on an inactive acct till I feel like dropping the moneys to transfer her to my main one. Which may be Friday.

I guess I shoulda specified that I'm Horde, yeah? >> *makes up for oversight by using oodles of Belf Icons*

Someone else recommended the use of BadBoy Anti-Spam and its guild blocker plugin to handle this type of problem.

Its annoying that people do whisper like that when you're not in a guild & have guild invites blocked.

Ohh, I sympathise. I'm on WrA also. I was leveling up my bank toon to level 5 to get monk-roll (because... mailbox... FASTER) and I got SO MANY SPAMS in less than 15m of being online. I ended up having to load up my second copy of WoW (which even with a pretty beefy computer is lovely when you forget you have maxed settings and around 50+ tabs open in Chrome) to invite myself to my bank guild so it would stop.

This was at 6am. -_- Plus my character name had "bank" in it for crying out loud.

I remember a couple months ago when I created a couple shammy and druid alts back to back. I kept getting spammed by this one shammy/druid rp guild. It was after that set of characters that I made sure I had an alt with invite privs on my second account because holy shit they would not stop. And it was multiple people spamming. JFC.

Just in case, you know about right? :)

Unfortunately, finding a guild through has been slow.

Been trying. :) I think there are a couple of Horde guilds actively looking for folks, but most of the focus has been raiding.

I do know about it, but, yeah. Like genet said. I haven't had much luck finding a home through there.

I'm about ready to haul all my toons into my bank guild, tbh. My friend and I are tossing around a guild idea (he's in the same boat as me), but it's by no means finalised.

I totally hear you about the bank alt. I'm just about ready to level my rogue to 26 for sprint.

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I had the opposite problem on WRA horde. I was reading guild websites, filling out applications, whispering people and I couldn't get into an RP guild to save my life. I will grant that I am a beginner RPer, but I got so frustrated after weeks on the server that I shelved the character (85 DS raid finder geared troll priest).

My biggest issue with it is that the guilds that I was going to go investigate died with Pandaria. There are a couple of well known RP guilds Alliance side that I could join, but one has something like 600 members (no thank you), and the other is healing focused, and I am not really playing healers. Everything else is an unknown quantity- and I imagine it's much the same hordeside.

And don't get me started on the in-game Guild Finder...! >.

Ew, 600 members? How 'bout, no. I want less than fifty, TBH. Nice family guild.

Kadaria: I don't know what these guilds are. None of them tell me anything about themselves. They could be RP, raiding, social. I don't know. And honestly? I'd rather decide to interview a guild by knowing their reputation and some of their members, than have it be a random HAI JOIN MY GUILD thing.

I don't play on WrA that much, but I know exactly how you feel. Every time I get one of those random whispers, I have this terrible, terrible thought come into my mind that maybe I should join, and show them why they shouldn't invite random people off the street by causing as much drama as humanly possible. ;p I never would, because I'm sure most guilds have at least a few decent people in there, but it's so tempting sometimes.

... I still get whispers sometimes even though I have not been guildless for two years. I distinctly remember getting a whisper while we were in the middle of a Ragnaros kill. I was like, really? I am in a guild, level 25 no less, and we are in a guild raid. What about this situation makes you think I'm looking for another guild? Sheesh.

I have that urge, too. Does that make us terrible people?

I am distantly interested in something similar. I spend most of my time on my main realm, Kirin Tor, where all 11 of my character slots are Horde-side, one of each class. Once a week (sometimes less) I'll log on to some Alliance alts on another realm (Velen) to play with some family members there. While I don't expect to be spending much time there in the near future, I've some interest in seeing the blue side of the story on an actual RP realm (Velen, and the realms it shares CRZs with, tends to be a bit immersion-breaking), so last week I rolled up an Alliance DK on WrA... and spent the entire time getting whispers about joining a guild.

Any guild I joined would have to be tolerant of me possibly only logging on to those alts maybe once a month while I'm still working on various stuff on Kirin Tor. (I've got raiding and PvP, and I've got mounts to acquire -- still only have one of the two new engineering rockets, and only made my first jewel kitty mount (sapphire) last night, let alone the various faction mounts etc.)

Oh God, I feel you on not being able to find an RP guild that actually RPs and isn't some high profile big-name deal.

Geeze, seeing all you guys in need and knowing myself in the same boat, I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile to set up a semi-tight-knit leveling guild, alt friendly, that focuses on "lesser" end game; AKA rping and dungeoning. I've been trying forever to find a good guild that isn't totally overwhelmed but has active members and I'm tired of not having one!

(I'm hordie on WrA btw so I can't help to terribly much heh)

I'm horde. I REALLY shoulda specified >>

As I said above, my friend and I are in the discussion stage of creating a guild for RP. What do you play?

Edited at 2012-11-13 08:50 pm (UTC)

Atm, a 90 Troll druid, although I'm leveling my 85 belf priest, 60 belf rogue, and soon to be belf warrior.

If you end up getting a guild going let me know! I've been reading a ton today during maintenance about running a casual guild and I'd love to be involved in getting something started and the more help the better right?

I sent you a PM to facilitate discussion

Just as a suggestion create a bank guild with word bank in the name and put all your toons in it this will stop the pestering and give you time to find what you want. I am sure you could get the signatures on wow ladies. When you find guild maybe leave a banker in charge of it for extra storage and a place to run to if things don't work out.

I feel you, OP. I'm having a hard time getting involved in any serious rp beyond walk ups. I'm looking for a new place for my draenei monk.

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