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First Time Raid as a Disc Priest - Advice?
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morningapproach wrote in wow_ladies
I am raiding for the first time tonight on my disc priest. I raided in Cata and Wrath on my warlock, and this is my first time healing and I am TERRIFIED of underperforming. I am just about thoroughly gemmed and enchanted (waiting on an enchant from guildies later on today before raid at 9pmEST) 

I have never healed in a raid before. As a disc priest, should I be expecting to raid heal or tank heal? From my estimation, I would be fine doing either (I have a lot of AOE heals and I also have great shields), but I don't know if I am "supposed" to do one particular style of healing, or if they will be expecting me to do one specific style. 

Also, I am trying to figure out the most efficient ways to have all my healing spells bound.... I have a Razer Naga, and my friend mentioned something about being able to macro healbot to the mouse numpad, but I haven't figured out how to do so. Any suggestions?

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Personally, I do mouseover macros on my healers. The less addons the better imho. I tend to bind them around my forward and backward walking keys (I turn with my mouse) so that all that is together for a quicker response. The keys I use are Q, E, A, D, Z, and X (though my holy priest tends to need R, C, V, and F too.) You use hover your mouse over whoever needs the heal and hit whatever key.

My mouse overs are generally like:

/cast [target=mouseover] Binding Heal

You can laying any buffs you want bound to particular keys that you tend to use a lot. I have NS bound to my greater healing wave and/or my healing rain. If the buff is on CD, you can still use whatever other spell you put into that particular macro. So like:

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=mouseover] Greater Healing Wave

You should expect to do both tank and raid healing, regardless of specific healing assignments (especially on 10m). The best advice I can give you is to read strategies/watch videos for the fights you know you'll be attempting. That will help you know ahead of time what single target/AoE damage abilities will be hitting the group, and when to use your major cooldowns. There might even be discipline tips for encounters on the healing/priest forums, or at

My boyfriend switches between Holy and Disc depending on what's stronger for each encounter, but I know as Disc he has Spirit Shell macros for Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing so he can keep the spell on cooldown as much as possible.

As a disc priest, you can easily heal both the tank and raid. Just talk about it with your raid team. Generally, though, even if you are assigned to "raid", you will still want to keep the tank(s) shielded at all times and keep pom bouncing off of them. Make sure your raid leader sets up the party with tanks/melee in one group and healers/ranged in the other. Your PoH spell is partywide only (even though all other healers group heals are raid wide ... but that's a QQ for another time :p )

I have used the Naga, but prefer a 5 button mouse. I also use Grid + Clique. I have no problems macroing things together in clique, then assigning that macro to Naga button. There is no right or wrong way to assign your spells. What I do is assign my most used spells to my easiest to reach buttons, my medium used spells to my somewhat easy to reach buttons, and my rarely used spells to my hard to reach buttons. I also keybind all my spells, in case something happens to my mouse/addon2.

My main bindings are:

Right mouse button - PW: Shield
Right mouse button + shift - heal
Right mouse button + alt - renew

Left mouse button - targeting
Left mouse button + shift - dispel magic
Left mouse button + alt - my level 90 talent of choice (I swap around based on the encounter)

Button 4 - POM
4 + shift - POH
4 + alt - binding heal

Button 5 - Penance
5 + shift - Greater heal
5 + alt - flash heal

When I used my Naga, I pretty much stuck to my Right, Left mouse buttons + buttons 1-6 (with shift modifiers). I would group similiar spells in pairs. For example, PoM was 3 and PoH was shift 3, Binding heal was 4, flash heal was shift 4, Penance was 5, greater heal was 6.

Macro'ed into some of the abilites are inner focus and power infusion.

My CD's are bound around where my hand rests on my keyboard. I move with both my mouse and my keyboard. I find it works better for me than moving with just my mouse. So I left those buttons alone. I use z, x, c, v, b, f, g, h, t and then shift + q, w, a, s, d, g, h, z, alt 1-5, f1 - f4. Not all of these bindings are used for healing. Some are for utility, convenience and soloing/dailies. Like Alt1 = buff fort, shift Z = mount, shift q = sw:pain, shift D = dominate mind.

Edit: For spells like holy fire, smite and shadow word: pain, I made macro's that would attack my target's target. I found it easier for me to keep the tank/whoever targeted and still be able to cast a spell on the boss then to click on the boss, then cast my spell.

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