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shenanigans27 wrote in wow_ladies
Server/Realm (US/EU): US Mok'nathal
Racial starting area: Orc
Your character: Zunk
How long will you be on: Couple of hours
Guild name: Double Rainbow

Greatly appreciated!  =)

1. Sakurae
2. Hugzunk - Thank you!!
3. Voldorc - <3
4. Siggysigsig - you're the best!

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Did you get enough sigs?

i'm in the starting area, hunting boars

Just ran off to get a sig from Silvermoon (can't seem to invite long distance?) so we'll be there shortly!

xD yeah, when I randomized I came up with a female orc that looked like voldemort :D

Haha, awesome! Thanks for helping!

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