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A-cheese-ment worries...
Quote end world
kuro_kaitou wrote in wow_ladies
I'm going to throw something very hard at a brick wall here soon. (May or may not be literate description of my feelings.)

So, I'm on the verge of saving up money to buy MoP + 1 month fee + 3 server transfers (don't feel like playing on pvp realm anymore).
I went to my account to have a looksie of my characters. They're there all pretty, sparkly and bad ass even with the 7 months of hiatus now. They don't show up on the guild roster, but you can view them from your own account.
Out of nostalgia I started going through my achievements on my #1 main (yes, I have three). And proceed to flip a desk... or at least my keyboard when I got to the World Events. 

Can someone please tell me that I don't lose my "the Hallowed" title if go about to Pandaria?
I know I've done it on Wrath already (screenshots), have no memory of Cataclysm, because I was having a mental crisis with the Legendary Staff, being Officer, a Raid Leader and loot master for a 10man raid with 13 players (all at the same time). There's the two new 10 points of achievements for the expansion areas. I'm just going to hit a brick wall of zero motivation if I'll be missing it. 
I'm probably thinking too much into all this, but I just makes me cringe to see the [Hallowed Be Thy Name] and the [What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been] achievements not lit up. Even though I have the Violet proto and super flying speed thingy from back then (no idea if it's still the fastest).

Can anyone make me feel at ease about this?
Otherwise I'll just omni-flip and cease even the slightest ideas of returning to the game (which would be around year 2014 at this rate - 100€ is not something to toss around).
I really wish that they'd stop updating/upgrading the achievements, if I'm just worrying way too much because of something as random as this.

*leaves muffin basket*

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(Deleted comment)
I did it specifically on my paladin, because he's the only one I ever bothered with them and mount collecting.

(Deleted comment)
Or it's the exalted title...

(Deleted comment)
Did they? That's good news. I never really noticed, but I know one of my friends got really upset over that one!

Yea, they gave that one back near the beginning of Cata after they realized how dumb that was, lol.

I just went to panic mode when checking them, since the account is fine and all.

Only bad things I've ever in-game probably done is tell people in my guild to shut up in a rather vulgar and descriptive way of how I'd handle their man parts if they didn't speak one at a time on g-chat. (They understood nicely that I couldn't see the loot rolls with that.)
And that was in Finnish with a dialect.

Which reminds me of a present list for Blizzard GM's - Finnish/English dictionary
I've seen way too many offensive names of genitalia and such slurs in Finnish that they don't catch and they just let it slip even after 10+ people report it and translate it to them.

(Deleted comment)
I know, but that's about the only bad thing I've ever done in any games that I play online. =/

(Deleted comment)
I had to make a point and take a stand as one of the three ladies in the guild. And the only one who was in the officer council. =P

But Finnish vulgarity is so evocative! Perkele!

I'm on the US servers, and I'm pretty sure I could get away with about the most offensive possible stuff from Finnish (which, given Finnish, is going some). I restrained myself, however, and just named my warlock "Helvettia."

See - I would just assume your warlock was named after a font.

The funny thing is? I was just going to use the root word, "Helvetti," but the name was already taken. Which is another reason I decided that something truly vulgar was probably not advised :).

Nah, swear words is fine. They're comedy, but when it goes to all the 'sex and namecalling' things (this is just one example, I won't go to trigger words), it just makes me want to go track the poor sod down (who is probably someone of the age 7-13) and hang them up a wall for awhile and lecture them how they're being idiotic and won't understand it until they're 27+ on age even if then.

Finnish on it's own is hilarious and if a foreigner manages to fool me in speech and writing, I'd buy them a house with their own living expenses for 30 years. Hint: it's the speaking part that gets caught

"Minä tapaan sinut huomenna"
"Minä tapan sinut huomenna"

One letter difference - a whole other meaning with meeting and killing/murdering someone. This is just one of the school examples that I've seen.

Edited at 2012-11-07 08:18 pm (UTC)

I'm at the office right now and thus don't have access to the bookmarks on my own machine, but my wife (who is away studying in Finland right now -- we live in the USA -- and is at the moment pulling her hair out over the partitive) once linked me to a very long comic about mistakes like the above in Finnish, done very hilariously. So, yes, I'm aware of some of the language's quirks :D.

The reason it may not be highlighted is that the event (killing the headless horseman specifically) is now a level 90 thing. And you can get the achievement again by doing it.

If you already have the achievement it is not going away. You'll still have the title and the violet proto.

As someone else alluded to, achievements are now account wide, so if char #1 has done steps 1, 2 and 3 for an achievement and char #2 has 4, 5 and 6, combined they can complete the achievement... but you do have to log in to all of your characters for it to register.

No, the horseman killing was there. It was the candy buckets that weren't, that's why I went upp the walls. =(

Edit: Just went to re-check for certainty that I said that right ones. Yeah, The candy buckets in Catac and Pandaria aren't highlighted.
But what gets me the most right now is the Pilgrim's Bounty that I've done completely (everything is lit up on the event itself) isn't on the list, but that's probably just the cooking or something. Which is odd that it isn't updated on the metas. =(

Edited at 2012-11-07 08:26 pm (UTC)

That's even easier! There were new buckets in Pandaria that likely count for the achievement.

You still won't lose it though. :)

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