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There appears to be a war.
Iris #1
selliebean wrote in wow_ladies
My guild is having a mailbox war, it seems.

The other day I logged in to find 20 Mining Picks in my mail, all in their own little package. Today, it was fishing poles. There was some discussion in vent last night about sending gift wrapped pickaxes to people.

I need revenge, but I don't want to just send the same old things. So I have come to ask you ladies for inspiration.

What is something really odd, annoying and inexpensive that I can get in bulk and mail to my dear guildies?

I'm Guild Master. I must win this war.

Sometimes people sell erstwhile crafting ingredients like Core of Elements pretty cheaply on the AH, or if you have the time, patience, and inclination, your main or a toon created for the occasion could fish up all sorts of fishing detritus: sickly fish, weeds, tangled fishing line, driftwood, etc.

you can only wrap nonstacking items, alas

Oh god, this.

I kept getting those TOSSED at me, once upon a time. And I was just...stuck with them because there were too many to get rid of en masse.

Also, ogre panties (loincloths, whatever). There used to be a quest in...Feralas, I think, where you had to dig for cobalt, and sometimes would get ogre loincloths. I farmed up seven or eight of those suckers (because apparently they had a low-ish drop rate) and sent them to a friend. I don't know if that quest exists anymore, and I somehow doubt it does. D:

Stompy feet from the big rhino dudes in Northrend OR Crockalisk tears from the croc's in Pandaria

I don't know how annoying it is, but you could send individual chocolate cookies. Or Crystal Vials. Maybe Motes of [Element] or Crystallized [Element]?

The icecream from the little gnome on the boat in Thousand needles.

I have an irrational hatred of these The pretty icon and the ping when they drop into your bags makes them seem like they should be worth more than basically nothing. There are craploads on mobs Dire Maul, from memory.

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OH MY GOD I have a tailor who could do that so easily. THAT'S AWESOME, THANK YOU.

I played this with my horde guild in cata!
We used to send rain songs since it dropped all the time. I was leveling a pally in stone talon and I collected a ton of the blood engorged ticks from the mountain goats you kill for a quest. One guy only sent out spider related items like the dripping mandibles and legs.

Play with your professions and find the most useless thing to make. Or conversely, if you're Ally, go grind candles in the mines in the human start zone. Or even if you're Horde, that could go down funny actually. Scraps of leather and/or fur. If you're Horde, go farm eggs outside of Silvermoon.

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You can buy shovels in Cenarion Hold out in Sillithus. +10 herbalism too and cheap!

Vials of mojo. Or troll sweat. I don't know if they stack but it was always the thing that came into my box I was disgusted by.

Bat blood too. It doesn't even come in vials! Just flakes! Imagine flakes of blood just resting at the bottom of your backpack. Enough flakes to take up significant amounts of space!

I remember the old ZF where you keep looting troll sweat and back then(Im not sure about now) they only stack in 5s!!!!!!

Since you're a leather worker, I'd go with the white quality bracers/pants/belt/somethingorother that you first learn in the profession.

Or skinning knives.

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There are a fair number of grey books around, several types of steamy romance novel (one drops from Bling-o-tron so may be around in quantity on the AH), also two Nat Pagle fishing ones you can gather. Great reads.

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