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Looking for a post
(Art - Victoria Frances) Girl with Cat
sinfullypure wrote in wow_ladies
Members of W_L! I'm hoping you all can help me. Quite a while back, someone had posted commissions for iPhone wallpapers along with some examples. Said person (I believe she, but I don't want to assume) had some AMAZING wallpapers of Alexstraza and Ysera.

I've looked back through the tags, but no luck so far.


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Looks like! I found an Alexstraza wallpaper going through her LJ, OP.

I have the Ysera one on my iPhone, so if you can't find that, send me a PM or something and I'll see if I can send it to you.

i am bookmarking this because I always forget her name and i look at my dang wallpaper she made about 10-12 times daily, haha

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