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Transmogrification Tuesday!
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netzgeek wrote in wow_ladies
It's Transmogrification Tuesday here at wow_ladies and I'd like to see what outfits everyone has been putting together!

Post pictures/links of your outfits below. Please list the names of the items used and where they were procured to aid the other wow_ladies' members on their own searches!

Transmog Posting HTML:

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Shoulders: Wavemender's Mantle Reliquary of Souls, Black Temple
Hands: Rock-Giant's Pinky Cover of the Random Modifier from Grocklar (Rare), Grizzly Hills
Chest: Merciless Breastplate Quest, Swamp of Sorrows
Waist: Tol'vir Hereditary Girdle from Cyrus the Black in Uldum

I'm working on getting Bulwark of the Royal Guard for the shield.

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Very nice, that suits her well!

*drool* beautiful shammy set!

Presenting Bat Shaman!

Head: Dark Shaman's Cover from a quest in Nagrand
Shoulders: Tidefury Shoulderguards from Warbringer O'mrogg, the second boss in Shattered Halls
Wrist: Didn't bother
Hands: Enduring Gauntlets from random mobs. Best place to find them seems to be in the level 35-40 areas and dungeons.
Chest: Enduring Breastplate from random mobs. Best place to find it seems to be in the level 35-40 areas and dungeons.
Waist: Enduring Belt from random mobs. Best place to find it seems to be in the level 35-40 areas and dungeons.
Legs: Enduring Breeches from random mobs. Best place to find them seems to be in the level 35-40 areas and dungeons.
Feet: Sky-Hunter Swift Boots from Darkweaver Syth in Sethekk Halls. They look way better with the outfit in-game than on the armory. Still might try the tidefury boots. Draenei boots are so hard to find when you hate the square ankle look. ;_;
Back: Dark leather cloak from a very low-level leatherworking pattern
Weapons: Midnight mace from random mobs. Best place to find it seems to be level 35-45 areas and dungeons.

I got lucky and found every piece of the Enduring set and the mace on the AH for less than 500g combined.

I love the whole look but that head piece rocks!

That is really cool, and one of the most unique looks I've seen in a while! I had two of those maces in my stash of transmog gear before and thought they would sell well on the AH because they look cool, but they didn't (could be because my old server was dead). Very nice to see them used and matched so well!

Head: Crown of Flame from Firelands!Ragnaros
Shoulders: Battleforge Shoulderguards from random drop BOE green
Hands: Masterwork Gauntlets from random drop BOE green
Chest: Energized Chestplate from Dire Maul East/Alzzin the Wildshaper
Waist: Ornate Girdle from random drop BOE green
Legs: Masterwork Legplates from random drop BOE green
Feet: Tsunami Boots from Leatherworking
Main Hand: Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord from Firelands!Ragnaros
Off-hand: Ward of the Red Widow from Firelands/Beth’tilac (also the AH, since it’s BOE).

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Your screenshot doesn't show :(

My second main, my Orc Unholy Death Knight, Garisa in the Culling of Stratholme recently. Armoury

Shoulders: Spaulders of Dementia from Sethekk Halls Heroic: Talon King Ikiss
Wrist: Saltstone Armsplints from Lvl 40 mobs
Hands: Saltstone Gauntlets from Lvl 40 mobs
Chest: Saltstone Surcoat from Lvl 40 mobs
Waist: Acherus Knight's Girdle Death Knight starting belt (invisible and DK only)
Legs: Saltstone Legplates from Lvl 40 mobs
Feet: Saltstone Sabatons from Lvl 40 mobs
Main Hand: Arkadian Claymore from Halaa, Nagrand (Has an identical alliance version also)

Unfortunately, the shoulders cut into my character every time she moves, so do you have any suggestions about any shoulders that might match.
Also, are there any other 2 handed swords that might match a bit more?

Royal Gown, Sorcerer Hat, Royal Cape, Royal Sash, Regal Boots, and Azure Shoulders. All those found either in the AH or off Rare Spawn mobs in EPL. The shoulders are crafted (damn you, Naga scales!) I'm farming the rare spawns. :) Also using Staff of Hale Magefire but I might change that again as my enchant is making it look dumb. I wanted it to be simple. :(

I just started to get into pvp on my shaman. He raids as ele but I pvp enhance, so I don't feel like his awesome tier 6 really suited running after people with wolves. Does anyone know of a set that screams enhance and/or goes along with this axe:

How about any good transmog fist weapons? He's a troll so I can go with maces, axes, or fist weapons with no problem.

Shaman tier 5 and these two fist weapons match very well.
Tier 5 drops from serpent shrine cavern and Tempest Keep: the Eye. The fist weapons are both trash drops in the Mount Hyjal raid. Beware though, they are main-hand and off-hand. Theres a screenshot of the entire look on the shaman tier 5 screenshots.

That's if you're willing to compromise on the choice of weapon.

Here's my lowbie priest transmog:

Shoulders: Enumerated Shoulderpads from those random dungeon bags
Hands: Hands of Consequences from Chief Ukorz Sandscalp in Zul'Farrak (but any small dark model will do)
Chest: Runecloth Robe from tailoring
Waist: Gossamer Belt from the AH
Main Hand: Zum'rah's Vexing Cane from Witch Doctor Zum'rah in Zul'Farrak

and not pictured, but awesome:

Ranged: Torch of Austen, which is a world drop I found on the AH, because I believe all adventuring characters should carry a light.

This is my gold-and-silver paladin theme. It uses the paladin tier 6, which I love more than anything, and some additional things that match. I am deeply deeply angry about the weapon, because it is "one hand". I have some awesome gold and silver "main hand" items, but I cannot transmorg them. My only real choice is the mace that drops off of Kael'thas in the Eye.

Head: Lightbringer Faceguard, token drops from Archimonde in Mount Hyjal
Shoulders: Lightbringer Shoulderguard, token drops from Mother Shahraz in the Black Temple
Wrist: Lightbringer Wristguards, token drops from Sahthrovarr the Corrupter in Sunwell Plateau
Hands: Lightbringer Handguards, token drops from Azgalar in Mount Hyjal
Chest: Lightbringer Chestguard, token drops from Illidan Stormrage in the Black Temple
Waist: Lightbringer Waistguard, token drops from Brutallus in Sunwell Plateau
Legs: Lightbringer Legguards, token drops from the Illidari Council in the Black Temple
Feet: Lightbringer Stompers, token drops from Felmyst in Sunwell Plateau
Back: Kharmaa's Shroud of Hope from Sha'tar Quartermaster, Shattrath City
Off-hand: Sunward Crest from Shattered Sun Quartermaster, Isle of Quel'danas

Also, got the Argent Crusader's Tabard from Crusader's Quartermaster, Argent Tournament grounds


I finally got a transmog set together for my main! I usually disable hats, but I really like this one and built and outfit around it. :)

Hat: Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm
Shoulders: Spaulders of Frozen Knives
Chest: Whale-skin Breastplate
Pants: Mind-Expanding Leggings
Gloves: Ghrino Gloves
Belt: Taunka Belt
Boots: Boots of the Neverending Path
Staff: Sturdy Quarterstaff

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Love it. I'm a sucker for antlers.

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