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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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for love eternal - inquiring mind wants to know
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snowlight wrote in wow_ladies
Hey ladies,

I was doing the Cata version of For Love Eternal (Cerellean Whiteclaw and Anaya Dawnrunner, if the names ring a bell for you) when this question occured to me:

Has Blizz ever featured any canonical (i.e., not fan speculation) same-sex relationship either in game or in lore?

I don't recall any myself, but I'm hardly the Loremaster, and haven't even played 80-85 at this point.

And on a related note—what are your favorite romantic relationships in WoW (canonical or speculative)? Mine is probably Illidan's one-sided love for Tyrande. Aside from that, I think something went on between Pretty Boy Duncan and Catelyn the Blade down in STV. And because I'm a sucker for tragedy, I also like the idea of Liam Greymane and Lorna Crowley as a couple...

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None confirmed as far as I know. There's a cheeky female character that's rather flirty with her female companion (her commanding officer, maybe?), but her name ESCAPES me. I wanna say it was somewhere in Outlands...?

As for canon couple, hmm. There's a Gnome/Human couple in Sholazar that, once it was brought to my attention, I began to find adorable.

And of course Jadaar and Asric. They are outstanding, hahah<3

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There's a similar one out in Hillsbrad (H-side) where a male undead sends you after someone, saying it was "true love" the moment he saw her. Turns out it's a male blood elf. (The quest is Little Girl Lost, by the way.)

Aw, I'm glad this quest is still in the game! It was always one of my favorites.

I have to admit that while I don't usually care for M/M ships, Koltira/Thassarian is one of my favorites; they have an intricate and tied history to each other, and the end of the Battle of Andorhal just seals it for me. I'm eagerly, eagerly awaiting to see how that gets worked out.

Koltira/Thassarian is one of my favorite

Mine too! I wonder what is Thassarian doing in Cata...really worried about Koltira though. :(

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There are a few heavily implied relationships, imo, as well as the ones others listed. Asric and Jadaar, for example. It's never been confirmed that they're interested in each other, but the tone of their joking/teasing/picking on is...really, really flirtatious.

There was also a human and night elf pair of questgivers in the original Hillsbrad that were heavily implied to be lesbians IIRC.

Quae and Kinelory? They're still there... and yeah, they still give that vibe.

Asric and Jadaar, like so many others. I love a good Thrall/Jaina if it's written well. Gidwin, Fiona and Tarenar are a new threesome that I find adorable in any combination. That orc watchman and the scary/flirty goblin lady down in Razor Hill ("Gail sent you? Did... did she say anything about me?" Oh, lordy, it's high school all over again).

Oh, and Drull and Teddy and Tog'thar and Lorraine. XD

Nils Beerot: "It has now been six weeks since your release. Are you ready to have the shackles removed?"

Drull: "You know, when I was first captured I hated Teddy. He dug into my skin and prevented me from moving around freely. But let me tell you something, Doc; after six years with the guy I can honestly say that I have feelings for him."

Tog'thar: "I'm with Drull, doc. Laverne and I are happy together. Why try and separate us?"

Nils Beerot: "My official diagnosis is that you are both idiots! IDIOTS I SAY!"

I can't think of any off hand, but there's a blood elf and dwarf in the new Eastern Plaguelands who are the most adorable BFF's/bromance ever. I could probably totally ship them given half a chance. :)

OMG I LOVED THEM. :D That quest line had me giggling so much with their little domestics. :))

I'm all for illidan. I love him to death and he is by far my favorite Warcraft character. I love that he would do anything for her. 'course that means I'm not malfurion's biggest fan :p

This. I would say something really elaborate but really Illidan has been my favorite since the first time I played WC3 and the only reason I really got into wow afterward. The need to know how his storyline finished, let me just say I was not prepared or the least bit amused by what they'd done to him in BC. D:

You want tragic?

My two favorite pairings: Jaina/Arthas and Garona/Llane. :P

Illidan always struck me as a creeper..

Edited at 2010-12-11 03:34 pm (UTC)

Don't know if they have any dialogue, but I loved going into Gadgetzan and seeing that Sprinkle married Marin Noggenfogger. :)

I knoooow! That made me squee so much.

There's these two male dwarves at Menethil who are sitting together in front of the Inn. I liked to imagine them as a couple.

Love Arthas/Jaina in a big way (see icon) and Illidan's unrequited love for Tyrande.

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