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are normal/heroic flex raid lockouts shared?
applegoddess wrote in wow_ladies
I was just wondering if anyone could offer any clarification on the flex lockout for ICC/RS.

I read the blue post on how it works if I'm already saved to a heroic boss, but what happens if I've done the entire raid on normal and want to do a heroic mode? In other words, can I go back and do normal *and* heroic bosses (i.e. each boss twice) or am I done for the week if I've done all the bosses once regardless of normal, heroic, 10, or 25 man? I'm guessing they all share the same lockout (plus whatever additional restrictions there are for heroic modes), but since my lockout reads as "Icecrown Citadel Normal" and "Ruby Sanctum Normal", I was just curious. I haven't gotten a chance to do heroic modes since the patch, so I have no idea what a heroic lockout would look like.

And I'm kind of bummed! I wanted to try some heroic Halion and some heroic ICC bosses but I think everyone's scared of the way the lockout works now to try those with a pug group. :(

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The way I understand it is that you are saved per boss for normal raids, so you can join another raid if they are farther along than you are. Heroics still have a single lockout for the entire dungeon, but that is seperate from the normal lockout. I'm not sure if you can continue a normal raid once you are saved to a heroic, though.

I believe the new system lets you switch between normal and heroic modes within the same raid group freely. The only problem is that you get locked to a specific heroic raid (but not a shared lock with the entire raid group so it doesn't matter how far someone else gets while you weren't there), so you can continue on with later bosses in normal mode with another raid, but you cannot do any heroic modes with that other raid.

My question was what happens if I want to join a fresh heroic mode raid despite being saved to 12/12 normal :D The lockouts are listed as normal for me, so it was just a thought. I'm guessing no though :p

You can't do each boss twice. It's either normal or heroic. If you've done something like 6/12 ICC normal, then I believe you can do the remaining bosses on heroic as long as the other people in your raid have not done any previous bosses on heroic. (I think that's how it works. The only people who can join a raid that has downed heroic modes are unsaved people?)

Personally, considering how horribly pugs fail at normal Halion, I wouldn't even dream of trying it on heroic. XD

Yep, that makes sense, that's how I read the blue post too. The blue post addresses how people can do normal and heroic, but it doesn't really mention how they interact together (for lack of a better way to put it). I've done 12/12 ICC and 4/4 RS both on normal with mixed 10 and 25 raids, and I'm itching to do some heroic modes (nobody wants to do those anymore...especially with pugging...). I assumed that my lockout would prevent me from joining a fresh heroic ICC raid, but this is what my lockouts look like:

so I figured that there might be a chance that heroic has its own separate lockout if the lockout is only for normal. No idea. Random glimmer of hope, extinguished :p

I downed Halion on 25 man finally after weeks of trying in a pug group! It was amazing and my jaw kept dropping. My guild can barely manage 10 people that know how to avoid beams, let alone 25 people that know how to avoid beams *and* heal/DPS enough to down Halion before enrage. I'd love to try to do 10 or 25 heroic, but well, we're all saved to the normal kill :(

The only problem I can honestly see with a heroic Halion attempt is that the void zones are a lot worse and nobody in the raid could really see them post patch the way you used to be able to before the latest patch. I was standing in a void zone dropped in the wrong place for the longest time and assuming that that was just plain old raid damage. :S

Did you try the fix where you disable "Emphasize my Spell Effects" option to help with void zone problems? I couldn't see anything prior to that - thankfully all it did was get me flash frozen on Hodir - but unchecking that solved my problems!

I can see trying heroic Halion on 10-man, but man, I would not do it on 25-man. The tank damage is so much more extreme there, especially if you go the route of having the MT take the dragon and the big fire add. I'm also hearing stories about how the small adds tank are getting hit a lot harder post-patch. And that's not mentioning the obnoxious bug where the moment you port out of phase 3, you get hit by a meteor strike. =\

The hilarious upside is that cutters are a million times easier on heroic than they are on normal.

It's so not hilarious how many people can't even avoid the cutters regardless of mode. I've tried to heal my ass off in shadow and sometimes ended up on the wrong side of the dragon because I *had* to cast a long heal to heal the tank, but I never got caught by one. DPS have even less of an excuse to run into beams. But every single time, someone has to run into the beams. Now that my brez is a 30 minute cooldown that can only be used once a fight, I just lol. Except sometimes having one less healer or DPS around means the group wipes. :(

I've tried that and tried fiddling around with other settings, and nothing's made a difference for them so far :( It's not a huge deal cause my guild and most pugs are staying on the safe side and doing only normal raids where it doesn't really matter what you stand in half the time, but it is frustrating to know I'm standing in something i shouldn't be that I can't even see.

No, you can't do the same boss (in ICC or Ruby Sanctum currently) twice in one week. So you can only do 10 or 25, and only normal or hard, once.

If I scroll over my raid lockouts, I'll see which bosses have been defeated, since it's on a per-boss basis, unless you do heroics, which will then extend a raid id to the whole group, and make it harder to bring others in.

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