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Windows 7 won't take WoW screenshots?
Bucky lobster
faithful_summer wrote in wow_ladies
I recently installed Windows 7 on my computer and every time I've tried to take a screencap in WoW (except one time), it didn't work. If I pasted the capture in paint, it just showed my desktop or whatever programs I was running in the background. Nothing from WoW. It takes the capture like WoW is minimized or something. The one time it did work, I actually didn't paste into paint... Picasa just somehow found it and saved it in my photos folder, but I can't seem to get it to repeat it. This is making me really sad when I want to screencap achievements. :( Any suggestions for how to get around this?

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They go directly into your WoW Screencap folder. You'll have to go into files under C:/Users/Public/Games/WoW/Screenshots to find them. It's dumb, I know... took me awhile to figure out that they did that. My old computer was Win XP and all I had to do was literally hit "Paste" and BAM! screenshot. Windows 7 makes it more complicated.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!!!!! I would have probably never figured this out! I'm so happy! All the screenshots I thought I'd lost are there! XD

It's ALWAYS just gone into a screenshots folder, from vanilla (when i was running XP) on. I've never once copied and pasted.

Weird that you feel this is more complicated O.o

I guess some of us just never knew said folder existed, so we were using the "paste into paint" method until it stopped working and we had to figure it out.

I was totally one of those people who didn't know said folder existed until I had a similar issue about a year and a half ago. :D

What, you never open software folders just to see what's in there? o_O

Weird, isn't it? I spend ages fossicking around in program folders just to see what's there. It's frightening how many old temp files you can find ...

RE: Picasa

If Picasa is open, it'll capture any PRTSCN functions. Try having it minimized when you try to take another screenshot and it should capture it in a special screenshot/screencapture folder.

(found this out the hard way at work when trying to cap DVDs... eek)

Someone already told me where the screencaps go (yay, they were all there!), but just to respond to this... I thought that might be the case because of what happened that other time, so I had Picasa open yesterday when I knew I was about to get an achi I wanted, but oddly enough, it did not capture it in the folder. So I have no idea what the deal was with that. But since I now know the secret directory where windows hides the screencaps, I think I'll be ok...

Yes, I have the screenshot folder (users/public/wow/screenshots or something like that) and copy a link to it onto my desktop. Then when I'm in wow, I just have to hit "print screen" and it saves the screenshot into that folder. Does that help?

This is totally news to me. I run Windows 7, and I always hit "Print Screen" then paste it into MS Paint. I've never had a problem with it. Even though it works, though, I don't like having to minimize WoW to paste it and save it, so.. I'll have to check this "Screenshots" folder of which you speak...

It's nice! They're already cropped to just the WoW window. I'm kind of glad I had that problem pasting into paint b/c otherwise I'd probably never have discovered this.

Does Picassa take better quality screenshots than the default ones?

I keep meaning to try Fraps (I have it for occasional Sims use), but I forget to start it up and just get interested in playing. ^_^

You can manually change screenshot settings in the WTF file.

Thanks! found a blue post on how to do it. :)

When I don't want to take whole-screen screenshots, just a little area, I use Window 7's nifty "Snipping Tool". Hit the start/home button, type in "Snip" in the little search bar, and clicky. Tada!

Oh man, I LOVES me some Snipping Tool!!

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