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Real ID and our voices

Members of wow_ladies, if the comments and posts from the last two days are any indication the vast majority of us are very united against the new Real ID policy that Blizzard wishes to enact upon its forums. I want to let you know that there are many Blizzard employees who are also opposed to the change. These people are looking for ammunition to use in their fight. And that's where we can help.

Please comment in this post and tell me your story. Let me know why you are opposed to the Real ID changes. Please include as much detail as you can, as much as you feel comfortable revealing. Your toon name/realm would be awesome. I particularly wish to hear from those of you who have already canceled your accounts and from those of you who will no longer be purchasing Blizzard products as a result of the Real ID announcements. One of the things I would like to be able to do is compile some statistics along the line of "X people responded to me. Y number have already canceled their accounts. Z number will not buy any Blizzard products as long as this policy remains in place," etc.

Many of you have already made posts on the official forums or other comments here. If you wish to copy/paste them or leave a link to those comments for me, feel free. If you don't wish to comment here you may PM me on livejournal, or leave a comment on this post: http://ilaniel.livejournal.com/145193.html on my personal journal. Comments there are screened.

The last thing I want to let you know is this: there is no better way to get your voice heard. When I compile these responses the e-mail will go straight to people who are not PR handlers or customer service representatives. No forum posts to sift through, no trolls. These people have direct access to Blizzard company executives, and believe me, they will talk. The more fuel we can give their fire, the better.

If you wish to give this info to your guild or propagate it on twitter or your blogs, go ahead. If I get an enormous response I may not be able to get back to everyone and/or it may take me several days to organize everything. Thank you in advance. We WoW and Blzzard fans have built an incredible community, and maintaining and protecting that community is what this is about.

All comments in this post are screened, with permission from the wow_ladies moderation team. If you wish to have your comment unscreened, please say so in the comment and we will unscreen it.

(I will make a poll to go with this later. Sadly right now I don't have the time!)

ETA 1: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLIES. When I posted this I was in a small motel room getting ready to make a six-hour drive back home following a few days of work-related travel. Now I am home and looking at seven EIGHT (as of 6:00 am PST July 9th) full pages of eloquent, thoughtful comments from our community regarding this issue, as well as several dozen comments in my personal journal and private messages.

A few have asked why I did not make this post community-locked. The reason is because I wanted others to be able to spread this post around and get as many people as possible to see it. Non-members can't comment in here of course, but they can comment on my journal, and a few have. I am sorry that I didn't make that clear in the original post. I truly appreciate all of the comments and messages I have received from every one of you. I am going to begin the task of compiling the data and writing it up for the e-mail (more like document at this point, heh) that I will send.

One more note: If I have accidentally unscreened a comment that someone did not want unscreened, please let me know ASAP. By the same token, if your comment is screened and you don't want it to be (i.e. if I missed one) please also let me know. In addition, if anyone asked for their comment to be unscreened not realizing that this post is public, again, let me know and I will re-screen it. Thank you again!

This post is not closed, so feel free to keep commenting. Every voice is important. As corny as it may sound, we, the players, are Azeroth. Let's not let Blizzard or Activision forget that.

ETA 2: It has come to my attention that some of you may not realize that when you leave a screened comment here, it is visible by both myself AND the wow_ladies moderation team. Again, I am sorry for this and I truly apologize if anyone commented here under the impression that only I could see it. If you wish for only myself and the Blizzard contacts to which I will send this to see your words, please comment in my personal journal. I would reassure anyone though, that the four moderators (noabsolutes, kryptongirl, atrophyannie, and nerglish) are 100% trustworthy in this regard and will not, under any circumstances, reveal anything posted here without the express consent of the person who posted it.
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