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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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noabsolutes wrote in wow_ladies
Hi wow_ladies!!




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hugs & tissues inc

I agree with the other commenters here. Also, it's worth noting that you as a GL aren't solely responsible for keeping other people working together. Sometimes due to circumstance, or personalities, or timing, or whatever it's just not in the cards, and I can tell you that as an IRL manager, a mod of an 8000 member community, and an ex-guildleader.


WEll, I pay by time cards and I was planning on taking a break for a while anyway. I will definitely NOT be renewing until this crap is fixed or completely thrown out the window. Fail, Blizzactivision, FAIL.

For some reason I fell REALLY bad for Blizzard because I feel like if they hadn't hooked up with Activision they would be taking their company in a completely different direction as far as social-networking is concerned. I wish they could untie themselves so that we can get our awesome gaming company back.

They tecnically can; any contract can be broken. However, there will be incredibly harmful consequences (like millions of $$ in payoff), and Blizzard may not be willing to take that hit.

"But if they go any further than this, I'll quit..."


Forums for other games are talking about this too. Here's one that stuck out to me from the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums.

The most amazing thing about Real ID is that for most WoW players, this still isn't crossing "the line." Although the thread on the WoW is over 20,000 posts long, the majority of which express distinct disgust at the new system, most of these players are telling Blizzard "look, I don't like this, but the next time you do something stupid, I'm gone."


I think it's sad that for a lot of these people, the line in the sand is just redrawn, and redrawn. People in WoW threaten to quit over everything, and while this is the biggest blow up by far in the game's history, it seems like Blizzard knew what they were doing -- most subscribers are just threatening to quit, rather than actually following through.

That's just shameful. This is a company, drunk on power, that is doing something wildly unpopular, and they know they can get away with it because their player base is largely composed of the extremely weak-minded. I really hope TOR avoids the same kind of community that has developed at WoW, even if it means the game is slightly less successful as a result.

What's happening over at WoW is just a sad commentary on our culture as a whole. It's amazing to see tens of thousands of people lift their spiked, iron-gloved hands into the air and scream "NEXT TIME, GADGET -- NEXT TIME!" when you know absolutely nothing will ever come of it.


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Whoooaaaa please don't post this again. The mods have been working overtime to make sure no one's personal details, including those of Blizzard employees, are linked to or put up in this community. I get that they're trying to make a point, but this crosses a line, and it's not okay.

Can someone answer this for me.


If I turn the parental controls on, it will opt me out of RealID correct? Does that also mean I cannot post on the forums NOW?

If you turn on parental controls, you will be able to post on the forums now, but not after the switch-over.

From the WoW facebook group.

hmm...not working for some reason. trying again!

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Huh. I'll think on this one, perhaps call the bank tomorrow. I've still been playing, both so I could keep in touch with people a little longer and because I paid for the time and want to use it ... but if all that's correct it'd be another good protest.

Neth has just posted in the Megathread (it's starting to sound like a monster in its own right):

"We are doing what we do as a matter of course, collect feedback, share feedback, discuss feedback, and then make any appropriate decisions based on this feedback on whether or not things need additional changes. We will keep everyone informed as we are able. Additional threads on this, while well-intentioned, only add to the forum volume and make it more difficult to collect feedback as well as make it difficult for other gameplay discussions to occur."

So basically, nothing is said. Must admit, I am starting to really doubt that they'll react in any way - we are too close to SC2 launch; too much has been invested already.

Ok so it wasn't the Megathread. General Discussion is a very busy and confusing place right now.

Lesson learned from all this?
Don't subscribe to hot topics like this one (and the previous two) in WoW_Ladies.

My email service provider (domain host) thought it was a denial of service attack... oops!


I have no idea why gmail has not blacklisted livejournal yet, seriously. I've gotten over 3000 emails since this damn thing started

I've heard that the real ID info can be grabbed by your Add ons, but this can be stopped somehow. This seems like really important info. Can some one tell me how this can be fixed, and can we get a post explaining how its done with a tag so people can find it easily?

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This week is just such a...such a terrible week. The realID b.s. came out and hit me in the forehead and I grew outraged and then sulky because this means I won't be playing Cata and I won't get to be a cool worgen like I've been looking forward to since my brother first breathed rumors of it back in BC. And then, yesterday, I get in a car accident. Some kid hit me, just hit me. And now my insurance company says that he's saying it was MY fault and there's no witnesses to back it up either way. I'm getting calls on my cell phone every hour from one person or another regarding this. My poor car is dented inwards, his SUV is sitting pretty. And I'm home now. But I can't log into WoW and take out some people in battlegrounds to soothe my stress. Because resubscribing means so much more now than what it once meant--now it means extra fuel for their fire. And I don't want that. But I truly wish I could just get into one Warsong Gulch. Just one. This all just pisses me off more for it.

yep, had that one! It's at the top of the blogs section

Also, us interns here at Disney had a meeting with one of the members from Disney Interactive Media Group this week. DIMG has a division that runs many MMORPGs off of the Disney site (such as Club Penguin), mainly targeting children and their families.

When one intern asked about Activision's announcement and claim that real name identification was where all internet forums were headed, the response was thus (paraphrased):

"Children (and their parents) do not play these games for social networking purposes; they play them for the fantasy aspect. The addition of real names into the fanstasy world takes away the whole idea of the game. And as we target young players, releasing their real names is a safety issue that we already deal with on a daily basis. We have entire networks set up and support constantly logged into the games so that the children can be protected. We know people are out there with bad intentions; we have a responsibility to keep our users safe."

If Disney doesn't think it's a good idea in regards to the safety of children.... it's not. End story.

As a warning, if I feel that this comment may be abused (posted elsewhere out of context), I may delete it. Still on the fence a bit.

I gotta admit that I'm sort of jealous that you work for Disney... and that kinda overshadowed the rest of the post :D

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I decided to throw my own two cents on this into the blogosphere. No need to link this in the master post or anything, just feel like getting it out there. http://www.birdangel.net/realid-real-bad-idea