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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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noabsolutes wrote in wow_ladies
Hi wow_ladies!!




for posterityCollapse )

Wow... It's nice to see an article written by an outsider that doesn't make us sound like a bunch of lunitics running around dressed as wizards and out of touch with reality. I'm also impressed that he updated with more accurate numbers after the megathread was pointed out to him in the comments.

my bad, I thought I had this up already! Thanks!

I really, really need to stop reading the comments on the news articles about how all the stupid WoW players are "afraid of reality" and don't want their precious little fantasy avatars taken away from them on the forums.


Quite frankly I'm getting tired of reading comments here that dismiss what are legitimate concerns. I laughed when I saw the "wow ladies in total agreement" tag was removed from the first post. There will never be an issue, not even one as important and as scary as this one that everyone will agree on.

Oh crapz I posted this in the other Mod post higher up, if worse comes to worse and no response is given, Thursday's panel is Blizzard related. :3 Could go talk to Chris Metzen in person.

(Its not in Hall H so its a doable room to actually get into >_>)

I'll be attending a different panel at that time (yay, Burn Notice!) but I did see that and I'm very, very curious to see what kind of a response they're going to get. If it weren't for the Burn Notice panel, I'd totally go just to watch them flounder for excuses.

I ...

- Am against RealID pre 7 July and Today
- Have written Blizzard / Activision
- Have written ERSB
- Have shared with friends / family
- Have voiced concerns in my Guild and Meta-Guild
- Have voiced concerns on WSJ
- Have NOT posted in forums
- Am a voice of solidarity and support
- Support voices of dissent on this topic
- Have posted in Ilaniel's thread
- Am appreciative of all that the WoW_Ladies community is doing / continues to do
- Am baking cookies for comfort for those who have canceled

(Deleted comment)
Don't. If you really have to search for reasons, you shouldn't. At least - this was my reasoning. x_x

I'm so aggravated. I'm already raging about this, but now a former guildie (who is always a bit hard-headed about things) is arguing with me about how this isn't a big deal. "How can you tell if someone is gay by their name, though?" Because...you interact with them...in game?

Sigh. Ironically we're Facebook friends and know each others real names.

(Deleted comment)
I've been reading these links and I'm still a bit confused - does this mean that RealID is no longer optional? Or is it just that we have to have signed up with RealID to post on the forums? Either way, it sounds like crap to me. GG blizzard. :/

Once these changes go live, in order to post on the forums you will have to use RealID and be identified by your full name.

I'm paid through August, I'm seeing one friend through a major depressive episode and keeping in touch with a couple others who I plan to see soon, so I can't cancel out just yet.

To be honest, in terms of time spent, I'm ready to quit. I don't play as much anymore (aside from binges when good friends need help). I don't look forward to it except as a chat program with distractions.

It's just... the memories kinda make me feel like I'd be losing a good thing. Sometimes sitting under A'dal in Shattrath City is the only thing that can give me peace of mind, because of how many bad days I logged on, "met" friends there, and felt just a little bit better.

Ooh, no, I have another antivirus.about.com up there but not at that url