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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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noabsolutes wrote in wow_ladies
Hi wow_ladies! By now many of you know that Blizzard Did A Dumb yesterday and announced upcoming changes the the forums, which actually all sound great except for the minor detail that your real name is going to be attached to all posts in the forums.


The post about this yesterday by the wonderful fledglingoflove has reached over 1200 comments, making it nearly 3x as big as our second most-commented post ever. Clearly we all have something to say about this, and the mods think it wise to keep this info close to the top of the page as possible since wow_ladies moves pretty fast. Please contain your comments on RealID to either this post or the one yesterday by fledglingoflove. Duplicate posts will be deleted in order to provide a more fluid browsing experience for everyone.

NOTE: These changes are NOT retroactive and will occur once the Cataclysm forums are live. This feature will go live earlier for players of Starcraft II.




Will Blues have their info posted? Our sources say YES-

via reservoir- @wolvzor on Twitter: "After a talk with Blizzard phone reps, turns out BLUES will NOT have real names posted in the forums due to "Security Concerns." #Blizzard & a WoW.com post on the rumor-


EU CM Wryxian (via fledglingoflove) :
So you're selectively ignoring what we're saying and jumping to conclusions? Well, in that case, let me restate because I thought it was already clear from the previous times we answered this question and from the original message ("With this change, you’ll see blue posters (i.e. Blizzard employees) posting by their real first and last names on our forums as well."). We will be posting in the new style forums, and because choosing to post in the new forums means that you display your real name, we too will display our real name. [Source]

US CM Nethaera (via sophiaserpentia):
Just to set the record straight here, our original statement stands and all Blizzard Employees will be using their real names in posts as we announced. This has not changed and as always, should this change, we will be sure to post about it.

Keep in mind, on our end, we have had our names credited within the manual and games for some time. This has not changed and has been available information. Also keep in mind that this does not excuse any forms of bullying or fearmongering that is being perpetrated by select individuals who oppose this change. [Source]

I think we can consider this matter closed, but I'm going to keep this info up for now as I have a feeling this rumor will persist.

How to contact Blizz:

Snail mail address:

Blizzard Entertainment
P.O. Box 18979
Irvine, CA 92612

Information from their ESRB policy:

If you have any questions or wish to file a complaint, please feel free to e-mail us at privacy@blizzard.com, call us at (949) 955-1382, or send a letter addressed to Blizzard Entertainment Privacy Policy, Attention: Privacy Policy Administrator, at 16215 Alton Pkwy. Irvine CA 92618-3616.

Blizzard, through its parent company, is a licensee of the ESRB's Privacy Online Program. If you believe that we have not responded to your inquiry or your inquiry has not been satisfactory addressed, please contact ESRB directly at http://www.esrb.org/privacy/contact.jsp or:

ESRB Privacy Online
Attn: Director, Privacy Online
317 Madison Avenue, 22 Floor
New York, NY 10017

For those of you on Twitter, wow_ladies members are using #WoWFail, #Blizzardfail, and #realid

(keep tossing these to me please, and be patient - I'm consistently about 100 notifs behind in my inbox)

ETA #1:
The most arrogant blue post ever written, holy shit, thank you reservoir

ETA #2 "If you really do read all posts in this thread and others, like we are doing, then you will see some examples of what I was meaning by "scare-mongering". There are posts from some people who are either confused by the changes or generally uncertain, and they are getting understandably scared and then posting in a way that scares other people in the process." Thank you phoenix_singing, for digging this 'clarification' of 'scare-mongering' up for us

What can you do? what9000 has written a compelling argument for canceling your account (if only briefly). Did you cancel your account over this? Join the conversation here! Want a badge for your troubles? Thank popehippo for creating THIS

For those of you in a petition-signing mood, noelove has brought this to our attention.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

Also someone should make a, "I canceled my WoW account over realID, when will you?"

On it.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I'm half tempted to spend the $15 to renew my sub and then cancel it again.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

You are correct, and I just did so too.

As a suggestion: When choosing your reason choose "Poor Support" and then "Disagree with Terms of Use/License Agreement"

That was the closest to "Not liking Real ID" I could find.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I canceled my account, put real names on forums as reason. And then I sent complaint to ESRB.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I think this makes me a shit, but I'm waiting until after my raid tonight. LOL.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I cancelled all three of my accounts.

*sips her Scotch whisky*

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

My fiance and I both cancelled our accounts. We met on WoW, I don't have many terrible things to say about WoW, but I do not like where this RealID thing is going at all.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I just canceled.

It hurts, because I love the game and I love the world and I especially love the wonderful people I met in the game that keep me coming back. I don't want to cancel but it feels like the only way to make sure they know that I, as a consumer, am angry with them.

In other, perhaps happier news, there was a 20 minute wait/hold time when I called them to cancel. I didn't want to wait 20 minutes of course, so I just went back to the account manager and cut down my angry tirade about Real ID.

Edited at 2010-07-07 11:27 pm (UTC)

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

If I hadn't already canceled, I would have done so now after reading this.

And then while in game, I'd arrange or look for an in-game march, complete with chants of "realID, NOT FOR ME!" or something.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I'm trying to cancel my account, but I'm stuck in the infinite loop. I picked "Poor Support" and "Disagree with Terms of Use" and then put my message about RealID in the box. I clicked "Yes, Cancel It" and it stuck me back on the same page without canceling my account. I attempted this about five times.

This is the message I was trying to put in the box. Do you think the box has a character limit, and that's why it's refusing to cancel me?

I am canceling my account due to your new mandatory real life name policy if we should want to use the forums. The forums are NOT optional for the following reasons:
1. Bug reports can only be done through the forums
2. Suggestions can only be submitted through the forums
3. Customer support and technical support, while available via other means, are referred to the forums when those other means are unable to solve our issues
4. Guild recruitment is best done via the forums

I am not comfortable with putting my real life name on the WoW forums because:
1. I am female
2. Potential employers may discriminate against me for playing WoW
3. Potential stalkers would be able to find my phone number and address through knowing my name
4. While I am heterosexual and white, fellow WoW players who are neither one or the other might be ridiculed because they are not.

In addition, I am very disappointed that despite the ENORMOUS outcry against this change, that you have remained steadfast and refuse to backpedal.

My account is canceled until you change your mind, Blizzard.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I'll be cancelling as soon as I get home and get to my authenticator.

It won't make a big difference for me this weekend, as I wasn't planning on playing until Monday anyways (yay for RL friends!) but I really, really hope this makes a difference.

I wonder if they can still use that 11.5 million player statistic?

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I'm so irritated lol! Been on hiatus for several months and was getting ready to enter the game again...my payment rolled through at midnight last night, and this morning I find out about this total BS.

Oh well. I canceled my account a few hours ago and my husband has followed suit. He's also canceled his Starcraft pre-order, which is really sad because he was looking forward to it almost as much as he looked forward to our wedding lol! Our Cata pre-orders are canceled too, sad again because we were looking forward to it...

I do hope that they listen to the out-cry and alter the policy in a way which allows users to participate in the forums without revoking their privacy and safety. If they do then we will happily re-subscribe to WoW and re-order the pre-orders.

If not...well I guess we'll reinstate our Aion or LOTRO accounts. And the new Star Wars mmo and Tera Online look promising too. It's just sad...I could honestly picture myself still playing WoW (or WoW 5 by then??) as a little old lady with pink hair. XD But I will not support a company that pulls this sort of crap with the safety and privacy of its users.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

I canceled mine last night, listing this change as the reason.

Re: READ ME. Then DRINK me.

My account doesn't expire until November 12, but I did cancel; I hope it makes a difference.

(Deleted comment)
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