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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Laira - Ta da!
theoldmelody wrote in wow_ladies
 Hi everyone!

Just looking for an opinion really quick.  A friend and I will be watching the fireworks in game, and I was going to wear my midsummer clothes to it, but he doesn't have a set and probably won't be getting it.  Do you guys have any summer-y outfit suggestions we could maybe get off the AH for him or go track down somewhere?  He'll be on a night elf if that makes any difference.  Thanks, any help is appreciated!

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Is he 80? If so, he could probably farm up a nice variety of clothing that are very summerish.

Kirina's Closet has some good options for outfits up right now. Maybe he could check those out? A lot of them are very feminine, but could probably be tweaked slightly for a male character.

Here are a few of my favourites that aren't mentioned:
Flamestrider Robes
Simple Robes
Red Mageweave Vest
Cindercloth Vest
Cindercloth Robe

pair those up with any type of brown pants (Twill Pants work really well for this) and some Knitted Sandals and he'll be good to go. :D

Just seconding Kirina's Closet - I love that site! :)

Oh this is perfect, thanks for all the suggestions! :D

The Orange Martial Shirt is good too. Nice and fiery, I actually wear it under my midsummer clothes and it matches really well.

When talking just of shirts, the Dark Silk Shirt has a gorgeous flowy red-orange embroidery on a brown base, the sleeves are nice and flowy - it's a nice "casual dressy" shirt for just about any occasion. :)

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