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Need some inspiration!
ruthhall wrote in wow_ladies
I'm a paper crafter and I've been thinking about making some wow themed cards for birthdays and such (half my family plays wow too, so it's totally appropriate).

I was inspired yesterday by a punny comment in vent...
"wow, you've gained a lot of levels today!" "yeah, it's been a levely day"

What I'd like from this community is more of these sorts of punny or funny comments that can be used as card sentiments. Since I don't have any stamp sets with these phrases, short is better, cause I'll be doing type setting *shudder*

"You had me at Zug Zug"
"Have a Levely Day"
"You're so Epic!"

What have you got for me!?

First card:
Second card:
Third card:
Working on more ideas! Keep them coming and THANK YOU!

I just asked my puntastic husband for any ideas. He says he'll think on it.

(no really, his puns make me cringe and facepalm frequently. this will be him using it for the power of good, not evil.)

"My PUG thinks you're cute!" Paired with either a very cute puppy dog or a screenshot of the puppy you get as an achievement for running with 100 people from different servers in the Random Dungeon Finder on heroic.

I like this one! have to find a doggie stamp now!

I'm coming up empty on punning; but being a fellow paper crafter who is glaring at work, wanting desperately to be home surrounded by ink and the pile of paper I left yesterday...

Not sure how you are typesetting, but I've found that you can use a word processing program to type out the sentiment-- giving you all your fonts, colors, etc. Just center it, and print out on velum and you can paste inside the cards.

I tend to do 4-5 pages of sentiments at a time, then cut them out and save in an envelope for when I finish the card. ::grin::

Hope this helps!

I'm such a moron, I totally forgot about printing cause my printer is crap with cardstock. But I can still do it at the office store!

Here's my crafting blog if you're interested, just started it about a week or two ago.

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You Gots Acheeves!

or something like that. I fail at punny.

I do too, that's why I'm asking here lol

Ding! (and a bucket of popcorn, if it came with a bag of microwaveable popcorn, even better!)

Or even better... "Grats on your ding!" and "Happy Birthday" on the inside lol

I'm terrible at puns but the first I thought of is kind of a lolcat-wow hybrid: I crafted u an Epic... but I vendored it! -- Would work for birthdays/gifts maybe.

Or something like "Name-of-person has achieved [30th Birthday!]" and then on the inside, "GRATS!"

LOL Purple cardstock "Epic Loot" :D

On my last birthday I got a, "Happy Ding-Day!" mail from a friend =D

The new classic - "Holy Cow! It's your birthday!" with a tauren pally

Maybe something with just a yellow exclamation point... or a yellow question mark. :)

ooo a yellow ! on the outside and a yellow ? on the inside that'd be cute

I read in a WoW online comic once: "Ret Bull gives you wings!"

"Ding! You gained a new level!"

Overheard at my high school graduation. I lawl'd.

You should do birthday cards with the level achievement thingie for whatever age :D

Hmm... not sure what would be card-worthy, but I/my friends seem to be always making up stupid puns... if only I could remember them. ^^;

One friend made up a parody of "bad to the bone" about his Death Knight...

My favorite joke - "What did the tree say to the tank she had a crush on?" a: "I've got the HoTs for you!"

You could always have a card that's blank on the front other than text that says "right-click to open", then some kind of silly epic loot message inside.

Edited at 2010-05-13 04:12 am (UTC)

I'm going to have to do this one as I'm a tree and have been from the beginning (well, when we got tree form I mean). I even have some "tree" stamp sets that aren't treants so I'm not infringing on copyrights! Woot!

My guild mates LOVED your gear suggestion... I do too. I have some "gear" chipboard that I can use. I can use gold embossing powder on the chipboard (or find a gear punch and punch it out in yellow paper). Once I get my hands on the mats that'll be another easy card to make. Thank you!

There has to be a corny romance card with some sentiment about being a "soulbound item".

Or even the corny one liners about someone's pants being a rare drop, etc. ;)

Maybe the 'Soulbound' one could also mention 'Bind on Pickup'?


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