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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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dancing troll village
orgasmah wrote in wow_ladies

I got into the secrete dancing troll village! Wooo! It was lots of fun and its so easy to get there on a mage. Tried 3 times though cuz i got stuck. it was all worth it though! enjoy the pix! Sry was to lazy to post em all in here. the link it to my guilds forum. the shots are there. :)

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Neat! Where exactly is that?

North end of Darkshore. If you fly from Moonglade to Auberdine, you'll see it. Or if you're horde and you fly from Moonglade to TB. Not sure if the regular flight path for horde hits it, but the druid one does.

ooh how cool. do u know what the village is there for?

Dancing trolls?! Ooo...how does one get there?

Interesting. You can still get over there? I used to have to use cliff-walking to do it but since they disabled that, I figured there was no way in.

Totally OT, but what is that icon from? It looks like Tron in anime. o.o;

Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2... when he was zapped into Tron world. ^_^

Whee! My BF did that a while ago. I'm still plotting on getting a few 'locks there and having some kind of RP wedding or other party there some day...


Download session invalid :(

Anyways, that is *cool*! I've wanted to get there since the first time I flew from Moonglade! I've always thought it was impossible, though!

But now I'll try! ^^

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