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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Avast, me hearties!
kaelstra wrote in wow_ladies
Pirates seem to be popular lately...Collapse )

*EDIT: If you are actually interested in this, check out the WoW Wiki Bloodsail Page for more information. It's really detailed, and gives you all the pros and cons of doing this. It helped me a lot.
(On a personal note, I suggest if you are farming them alone, to just sit in the entrance and pick off the two at the entrance and two in the tunnel, because it's safer than using the spot they recommend in the guide.)

I would love to get an outfit like that but I don't want to lose my rep with Booty Bay so I'm looking for similar items that look like that. I've already got the boots (buccaneer boots of ...), the parrot that drops in deadmines, dark leather pants and a chest piece that looks almost like Shotie's (buccaneer vest of ... - unfortunately not the same sleeves T-T).

So at the moment I'm grinding pirates for the hat and I hope that the swashbuckler sash from the quest "Deliver to MacKinley" looks like the one Shotie wears. Another question - do you know a chest piece that looks like Shotie's with the same sleeves? What's the name of it?

It's really a pity that druids can't equip swords. I've got some great ones in deadmines that would match really good with the pirate outfit. *sigh*

A chestpiece that looks just like that? No. Perhaps the (white/red/black) Swashbucklers shirt looks similar? Not sure about the sleeves.

The Corsair shirt that Van Cleef drops looks very piratey as well.

Aye about the sword thing too-my priest can't use them, so the best she can manage is a dagger.

The white Swashbuckler shirt almost looks like yours so I think I'll go with that. ^^ Thanks for the suggestion.

By the way do you own a hyacinth macaw? It looks like you do on the second screenshot. How long have you farmed the bloodsail buccaneers for the parrot and the hat? It seems like both have a ridiculous drop rate.

I bought both the hat and the parrot. The hat I got for 50g (normally goes for like 2-300g on our server, but the guy thought he was scamming me, ahar!) the bird I got like like 60g. I'm a nut, what can I say?

That is my new phrase.... god thats awesome