sonzeh (sonzeh) wrote in wow_ladies,

Financial woes

The time has come for me to save up my money for that precious mount. And actually, I've been saving for the last ten or so levels. Sadly, yesterday my brother dinged 40 on his priest, and since he was short on cash I stepped in to pay for what he lacked (and ended up paying for most of it!), so now I have no money. 0 copper. Yep. xD

My troll girl is level 38 at the moment, with (at a guess) a fishing skill of 120+, a herbalism skill of 220+ and a mining skill of 180+. I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of good ways to get cash? I'm not sure whether the best thing to do would be to farm Scarlet Monastery or to go a-gathering. And if gathering is the best option, where should I go?

Thanks for your help!
Tags: professions: fishing
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