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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Financial woes
sonzeh wrote in wow_ladies
The time has come for me to save up my money for that precious mount. And actually, I've been saving for the last ten or so levels. Sadly, yesterday my brother dinged 40 on his priest, and since he was short on cash I stepped in to pay for what he lacked (and ended up paying for most of it!), so now I have no money. 0 copper. Yep. xD

My troll girl is level 38 at the moment, with (at a guess) a fishing skill of 120+, a herbalism skill of 220+ and a mining skill of 180+. I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of good ways to get cash? I'm not sure whether the best thing to do would be to farm Scarlet Monastery or to go a-gathering. And if gathering is the best option, where should I go?

Thanks for your help!

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I got all my money from skinning and running SM and RFK with my lvl 60 bf. The drops there can sell for a lot on the AH. Also, herbalism I hear makes lots of money, so use it to your advantage! That's really all I can advise, but I went from like 20g to 130g in about 3 or 4 levels maybe, so I believe in you! :D

At 38, I'd go Badlands. I can mine a couple of stacks of iron plus some mithril just by doing two circuits of the Badlands, plus killing those elementals yields lots of junk stones that vendor for quite a bit. Just stay out of the way of the ogres!

Or find a freindly engineer to donate a stack of Aquadynamic fish attractors to your cause, and get out to the shore in Feralas. Stonescale eels always sell nicely.

i'm a lvl 29 shaman and i've got 70g from, haha... farming little lvl 15 barrens creatures for the recipe for savory deviate delight, and also fishing deviate fish. and while i'm in those oasises copper and tin spawn a lot. those things sell for a lot at least on my server!

Lots and lots and lots of herbs. You can go to Desolace and sneak around Mannoroc Coven and pick up Gromsblood, which sells for around 15-20g on my server. But then again, we have a really really inflated economy. xD;;

Kingsblood sells for over 2g a stack on my server (SilverHand).

Totally off-topic, but...OMG where the heck did you get the art for that icon?! So cute! XD

Just bought my lvl 40 mount yesterday, while I had help from friends, who provided 20g, the rest came from fishing and herbalism so you're in luck! :) It'll take a lot of time but farm grave moss. A stack of 20 goes anywhere between 15 & 20G on my server (Medihv, which I rarely spell right). Also savory deviate delight - fish in the barrens for the recipe and the deviate fish - if you can get 2 copies of the recipe learn it and sell the extra, excellent source o' income there. Also, Oily Blackmouth and Firefin snapper seem to sell nicely for me. Fish all areas with floating wreckage, some nice things have come out of those barrels and such for me. Good luck with the grind!

You've got the right skills for it! Herbalism, fishing and mining will all rake you in cash. I gathered a load of Kingsblood and Grave Moss from places like STV - there is a useful chart of where stuff grows. Herbs sell very well on my server. If you have the patience, as others said, deviates and stonescale eels are good to fish for too. And when you get bored of running around picking flowers, the cloth and drops from SM (take a disenchanter and keep the shards) are an awesome source of revenue too. :)

It depends on the server, but certain herbs can sell for a lot of money ^^ one of my favorite farming places while leveling my warrior was Swamp of Sorrows. I would make a run through there, get a stack or two of Blindweed while there, and it sold for quite a decent amount ^^ but I have noticed that it isn't necessarily worth much on other servers (my main server, Mannoroth, has it selling for only 3g, whereas Bronzebeard, my warrior's server, sells it for 7-8).

Iron and Mithril also sells really well usually ^^ Another thing that was mentioned was the earth elementals, which I'll bother to say again :D Their trash drops sell quite nicely, and Elemental Earth can catch a pretty penny per stack on most servers.

If you feel like leveling fishing so you can fish along the Tanaris coast (however, can be scary enemies around :x), Stonescale Eels (rare fish, can be found in those fishing swarms you see from time to time) can also get you a lot of money. I think you need to be around level 200 skill to fish there, but I'm not sure :(

Farm, farm, farm. Anything and everything you can, from where ever you can. Sell everything. If you don't already use it, get Auctioneer mod, because it can help a lot with AH pricing.

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