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Stupid question regarding Warcraft Fandom....
mr cranky pants
shannonrita wrote in wow_ladies
Mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete. 

Long story short:  I write fanfic, generally of the slash variety.  Slash is generally male/male, so, yeah, you do the math.  I have a friend whose birthday is coming up and he'd like me to write him a slash story.

About Warcraft characters. Not necessarily characters that are already in the game, but, yeah. 

My question is two fold:  Number one, is there any place to get a good idea of the lore behind he game other than the books?  I admit, I haven't, um...been paying a lot of attention...  >.>  If not, can anyone rec a good starter book?  I have an insane compulsion to start at the beginning of everything, so if there's a 'first book', what's the name of it?

Secondly:  Is the Warcraft fandom like any other where it allows room for slash, or is the whole same gender relationship thing so taboo that I would risk being drawn and quartered?  A little over dramatic there, but you get my drift.

Any answers or direction would be greatly appreciated.  In the meantime, I'll be over here, beating my head against the desk.  heh.

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Heck, I write WoW slash, too :P
It's good stuff

I'm not 100% sure where one would go to learn about the lore particularly quickly, but...
I would start with reading the official lore section on the WoW website.
It might be a little hard to understand, though :P
If there's a particular thing you don't understand in it, WoWwiki is great for lore and such. The people who write that place know their stuff!
(Or you could ask me about anything you need to know. I'm a walking directory!)

(So I see everybody is discussing their favored pairing?
I'm tied between three at the moment.
But, since I'm a death knight... you know how it is :P They're my brothers in death, and I'm their annoying little sister )

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