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Sweeney Todd
lunacy wrote in wow_ladies
So someone has posted in a forum (MMO Champion) that earthquake tremors have already started, possibly signalling the beginning of the EP's events. A few people have also said they've experienced the tremors, which is basically the screen shaking a few times with no explaination for it (no pet rhinos running past, etc).

Is there anything else happening? Has anyone experienced this yet?

I've noticed the wolf thing in Northshire Valley - do we think this is to do with Cataclysm or the beginning of the fight of Icecrown Citadel?

EDIT: apparently likes to read wow_ladies and picked up on my post. Lots of reports of tremors in the comments all over the place.

All the guards in The Undercity have been replaced by Kor'kron and, to a lesser degree, Dark Rangers. Most of their comments have to do with the Wrathgate, and supposedly once your Undead characters complete the Wrathgate the guards yell insults at you. If you haven't completed that event on your character (regardless of class or race) they seem to be very passive.

I believe that's because of the events of Wrathgate that lead Thrall to decide that Sylvanas is not equipped to guard her own city so he sent his own guards to do that to keep the events of wrathgate from repeating themselves. As far as I know, that's not directly tied to Cataclysm.

Yeah, I've noticed the tremors in both Ironforge and Exodar. I was wondering if that's what that was. Very neat. :)

Awesome... glad to hear someone from here has experienced them. :)

As far as the wolves... I've heard differing opinions. Some people think that the wolves are a pre-cataclysm sign, but others challenge that POV with 2 questions:

1. If the human starting area was getting signs of change, why wouldn't the other start areas get the same?

2. Supposedly there is the idea (either stated or implied by Blizzard) that the start areas won't get much in the way of changes when Cata comes.

So... yeay... I dunno... but I did see the wolves and they made me cry. ;.;

The thing is, why would they make the wolves diseased for no reason when the quest has been working fine and the wolves remained unchanged all this time?

I haven't seen this yet, but it's pretty awesome if true.

What is up with the wolves? :o I miss everything.

tremors? hmmm i guess i haven't been sitting in an old city long enough to notice.

Come to think of it, I think I experienced some random tremors yesterday. I didn't give it much thought, but if that was Deathwing flexing his muscles, then it just got that much cooler.

I'm not sure what the wolf thing is supposed to be about. They look scourged, and I don't know how that could be because a dragon is about to burst out from the ground, so I personally don't think it's a Cata thing.

With natural disasters coming along diseases can spread, that's how I thought it could be a possibility.

I haven't been aware of the earthquake tremors, but...

I experienced the wolf thing when I was leveling a very tiny recruit-a-friend alt. It was very puzzling. The questgiver remarks they've all been diseased. Now their pelts are called diseased pelts. Every single last one of them is diseased. This does not extend outside the Valley, and a part of the quest is you trying to make sure the disease doesn't spread outside the area.

Like, uh, creepy, yall. o_o

A few of my hunter guildies who have those wolves had their pelts change on the patch as well.

! I hadn't heard anything about tremors, where do they happen?

People are saying major cities. Though someone has said they've seen it in Stranglethorn. Here's something interesting;

"On the 3.3 PTR there were "mobs" called Shakers. Blizz uses those "mobs" as triggers for some effects, but they're usually invisible and not targetable, but due to a bug on the PTR there was one in SW. So I could definately believe there are earthquakes happenning here and there, still I have one to see myself until now."

I have felt this! I was wondering WTH it was and even sent a question up in trade chat without an answer. I was sitting in Dal leveling my profession when the whole screen shook several times. Very odd!

I wonder if the disease will spread with the wolves and if so WHO is involved with tainting the wolves?! Sounds like something the Apothecary Society would do...

I noticed tremors while in Org for Winter Veil. I KNOW there are no giants walking about there, so that made it especially noticeable for me. Darnassus area, I wouldn't think twice about it, except to remind myself I'm IN Darn, NOT in Hellfire, so no that's not a Reaver. ;)

Yeah I've been noticing tremors in various zones in Azeroth (not Outlands and Northrend). I swiveled around looking for giants but it wasn't giants. It's been reported on too.

I haven't noticed anything, and I spend a lot of time idling around major cities.

The trailer did say "as the terrible war against the Lich King continues," so it could be Deathwing /flexing underground and getting ready to escape and whatnot. Or it could just be a bug of some sort.

tl;dr - Eh, who knows? :D

/uselessreply off ^^;
/distribute Cornkitty!

Maybe Deathwing has just put on the dryer.



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