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Halls of Reflection Survival Guide - Updated 02/02/10
Called In Dead
the__ivorytower wrote in wow_ladies
Warning: This post will contain spoilers for the Halls of Reflection events. If you do not wish to be spoiled, I suggest that you do not read this post.

This is primarily a healing-advice post, and my paladin suggestions are currently all theoretical. I intend to get my paladin in to try it out, but I spent the last little while thinking I couldn't heal on her. It turns out I can, I'm just being silly. Again. *cough*

This is not an instance for the faint of heart, and is particularly devastating and frustrating on heroic mode.

Pre-Instance Recommendations: Get a PvP trinket (though this is not necessary if you're human, but is if you're Forsaken (Thanks to madamjolie for confirmation, sorry guys)). You can get away with not wearing the PvP trinket up until Falric activates if you've got good reflexes. Keep the PvP trinket on a quick bar where you can reach it. You will need it.

Halls of Reflection is a short, three-boss dungeon, and is divided into two gauntlets: the Falric-Marwyn gauntlet and the Lich King gauntlet.

The first gauntlet is activated by talking to Jaina or Sylvanas, depending on what side you're on. If you've never done her quest chain before, you get a lengthy introduction. If you have, there is an option to go directly to the boss fight.

My suggestion for this bossfight is to go to the left-hand nook and hide your group on one corner. The tank should stand out front, but near that corner too. I have noticed that even completely hidden in the corner, mobs tend to aggro to the person in the corner and not the tank first, but the second they run into their AoE, the tank has aggro. Druid tanks swipe, but Death Knights and Paladins lay down Death and Decay or Consecrate to cover most of the doorway. I have not yet done this with a warrior tank, but I assume Thunder Clap is involved.

I advise that the whole group (save the tank) hide in the corner during each wave, and it should be in the same corner. Feel free to move out of the corner when you fight the monsters, but move back between waves. Try to avoid standing in the opposite corner, because this causes a mob split, and someone's face to get eaten by angry ghosts. This is only a brief repose.

The trash mobs are as follows (dangerous abilities are in bold):

Ghostly Priest: This mob looks like a male high elf in white robes, and the following abilities
- Shadow Word: Pain - Shadow Damage, DoT, dispellable. Annoying but not devastating.
- Circle of Destruction - Shadow Damage, Instant, AoE + Knockback. Annoying to your melee.
- Cower in Fear - Fear effect. Dispellable (thanks to justdbear), and can be warded against with Tremor Totem and Fear Ward.
- Dark Mending - Large heal. Interruptable. You should interrupt this unless it will cause your tank to die.
This mob should be high on your priority kill list.

Phantom Mage: This mob looks like a female human in red and purple robes (original Magister's set), and has the following abilities
- Fireball - Fire damage with DoT effect. Can be mitigated by Tremor Totem, low priority interrupt.
- Flamestrike - Fire Damage, AoE, floor effect. Move out of this whenever you can. It may mean you run to a different corner. Fire is bad.
- Frostbolt - Frost damage, slowing effect. The slowing effect is dispellable but probably not worth your GCD.
- Chains of Ice - Roots a target in place. Dispellable, but probably not devastating unless the tank needs to save someone, or they're stuck in a Flamestrike.
- Hallucination - Summons a Phantom Hallucination at 50% health. This hallucination has the same health as the mage, does all of the same things they do and blows up when killed.
This mob is medium on the priority kill list.

Shadowy Mercenary: This mob looks like a male human in dark leather (I think original Shadowcraft), and has the following abilities
- Deadly Poison - Poison debuff. Can be cleansed/cured.
- Envenomed Dagger Throw - Three-stack poison debuff, slows. Can be cleansed/cured.
- Shadowstep - Shadowsteps behind a random target and deals damage. Information has shown that it will return to the tank afterwards, but...
- Kidney Shot - Three second stun. Does bad things to your healer/tank, and he will do it to the tank. (thanks tchernobyl!)
This mob is high on the priority kill list.

Spectral Footman: This mob looks like a male human in white armor and wears a plumed helm (the Stormwind Guard set) and has the following abilities
- Spectral Strike - 100% weapon damage, ignores armor.
- Shield Bash - 10/20% weapon damage, 4 second interrupt. This ability appears to be a cone effect, so it does not have to be targeted on you to work. If you can, stand far back from the Footman while healing or using spells to DPS. Not being able to heal your tank stinks.
- Tortured Enrage: +100% melee attack speed for 8 seconds. You should be able to remove this with Tranquilizing Shot or Anesthetizing Poison, though it may be something of a waste of DPS to do so.
This mob is low on the priority kill list.

Tortured Rifleman: This mob looks like a male dwarf wearing a blue hood (you have seen them if you're Alliance and quested in Dragonblight, or in Culling of Stratholme) and has the following abilities:
- Shoot - They shoot you in the face. They're primarily ranged, so it's hard to pull them back. Since you can use undead-compatible crowd control, they are good targets for Shackle Undead or similar, since they tend to stand back.
- Cursed Arrow - Increases magic damage taken by 50%. Curse. Can be cured, should be cured when there is still a Mage or Priest mob active.
- Ice Shot - Drops a freezing trap that stuns for two seconds and deals damage. This ability is annoying because you are stunned for just long enough to say you are, then you're out. There's no true point to cleansing it. It's just annoying.
- Frost Trap - As advertised on the box. It's frost trap. It slows you.
This mob is low on the priority kill list.

Not every one of these mobs shows up on every pull, and sometimes there is more than one of a mob type, and it can occur with any type of mob (unfortunate thanks to ventruechick for confirmation, who suffered through a three Priest wave. Ouch. The mob priority my groups have always found to be the most effective is:

Shadowy Mercenary, Ghostly Priest, Phantom Mage, Spectral Footman, Tortured Rifleman.

Note that each significant ability from each mob has been bolded. These are what I feel make them the most dangerous, and their level of annoyance is what gives them high priority. All of these mobs are undead, so they can be crowd controlled with undead-controlling abilities. These include:

Freezing Trap, Shackle Undead, Repentance, Turn Undead (which no longer has a cooldown).

All of their spells can be interrupted (except Shoot, which isn't a spell, just a bullet in the face), and the priority spells should always be interrupted or watched out for. The Shield Slam is particularly devastating to healers.

My suggestion is:

Tank stands at the edge of the entrance, beside where the group is standing, and collects up the mobs, then the group moves out, with the healers and ranged on the far back wall. Leave enough room to run away from Flamestrike, but don't stray too far from the tank in case they need to pull something off of you.

There are four waves like that, and then the first boss, Falric.

There is a brief period of time between the last wave and Falric that you are out of combat. Use this time to put on your PvP trinket. I have found this to be utterly indispensable for this bossfight. There are PvP trinkets available for reasonable prices if you cash in Stonekeeper Shards for Honour Points, or, if you enjoy WinterGrasp, they have a series of trinkets that have a passive, useful, non-resilience effect, and their active effect functions to remove an effect that causes you to lose control of your character. Don't worry about the cooldown, you'll only need to use it once.

Falric fights in melee, and is a total jerk. He's a Death Knight in scary, intimidating armor, and has the following abilities
- Quivering Strike - Damaging attack that deals 60/100% of weapon damage and lowers the target's chance to dodge by 20% for 5 seconds. This cannot be avoided, but it can be dispelled. It's giving you a taste of Chill of the Throne...
- Impending Despair - Places a debuff on a target that lasts six seconds, and if it is not dispelled, it then stuns the target for six seconds. Magic effect, dispellable. This should be dispelled if at all possibly, particularly on tanks and healers.
- Defiling Horror - Causes all targets in an AoE to flee in horror, and they take 2500/4000 damage a second for four seconds. Note: this is a horror effect, not a fear effect. Fear Ward and Tremor Totem do not work against it. What does work, however, are abilities that remove effects that cause you to lose control of your character, like the PvP trinkets, Every Man For Himself but not Will of the Forsaken.
- Hopelessness - Based on damage taken, reduces damage and healing dealt by all enemies on the target. At approximately three-quarters health, these things will be reduced by 20/25%, then 45/50% at half-health, and 70/75% health at one-quarter health.

This is the strategy I have felt helps the best:

Have the whole group stay as close to the boss as possible, and collapse back to him after the fear is over. Remove the magic effects if/when possible. When the boss does his first fear, let it go through and collapse back for quick healing. Around this time he will hit three-quarters health. At the second fear, use your trinkets/abilities immediately, and then all haste/damage cooldowns. Drill him down to one-quarter health, and he should only fear one more time. At this point I will advocate playing a dangerous game - only heal the tank. In theory, if you had the DPS to survive to this point, you can drill him before a fourth fear, and you have enough time to heal to full before the next waves start. This is tricky, but worth it.

Healer Advice
Shamans: Chain Heal. Really, it goes without saying, but chain heal is always love. Use Bloodlust after the second fear to get everyone quickly back to full health under the debuff, and keep heals on the tank after the third fear.

Druids: I found that my druid had a very easy time healing this. Keep Wild Growth and Rejuvenation up at all times since they will tick through his Horror. You can Tranquility after the second Horror, which helps top people up nicely.

Priests (Disc): I have not done this as Holy, but I did as Disc. I didn't have a PvP trinket either, but I did have bubbles. Lots of them. Keep Power Word: Shield up at all time, and use Inner Focus to get a crit off to try and give them even more shielding. Using Penance on the tank to get them double-bubbled is also always very helpful.

Priests (Holy): I suspect, if I had to guess, I'd say to use Guardian's Spirit on the tank or on yourself to help survive the second Horror, and Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing and Divine Hymn will all do good work keeping people alive. Power Word: Shield is still valuable, but not spammable.

Paladins: Having now done this, it's actually fairly simple: What I do is I have my focus set to the tank, and because of one of the mods I have (Quartz, I believe), I can see when Beacon of Light is on the tank. I cast Beacon of Light and Sacred Shield on the tank, and heal everyone else. It's important to use all of your heals. Holy Shock is excellent for quickly topping up a DPS. You can bubble through one of the fears, and the fear is fully resistable, and the damage is partially resistable, so Shadow Resist aura is invaluable.

DPS Advice
How does one teach their grandmother to suck eggs? If you're here and alive, you know what to do: a lot of damage. If you can use effects to heal yourself partially, that helps a lot, and having a PvP trinket on will almost certainly save your life. Mitigate whatever damage you can, I don't know if effects like Cloak of Shadows or Anti-Magic-Shield or Shell will be useful since the Horror is difficult to anticipate.

Tank Advice
Use any cooldowns you can to reduce the amount of damage you're taking while you're still at low health from the Horror. Again, I can't really be specific, but I've never DPSed or tanked this fight, only healed it.

Paladin: What I've learned from doing this (last night, oh god...) is that if you wait until you're in combat, step up a bit, drop consecrate, and then back into the corner, you can intercept a lot of the adds. Using Holy Wrath whenever possible is a wonderful idea. If you can keep Sacred Shield on yourself to mitigate more damage, it helps a lot.

Class Specific Advice
Shaman - Remember those utility totems you have? Are they in a convenient location on your bars? You'll need them.
- Tremor Totem - Despite its uselessness on Falric, it is absolutely indispensable against the Priests in the trash waves.
- Cleansing Totem - With everything going on, there's no real time to remove pesky rogue poisons. Have this down to remove them and remember it no longer ticks instantly when you drop it.
- Grounding Totem - Drop as often as possible, because it mitigates a number of spells that would otherwise hit the tank, the DPS, or anyone else.
- Wind Shear - This may not work for every shaman, but I have a healing set up that allows me to have targets other than my tank selected, so I normally have the Mage or the Priest selected, and wait to interrupt Dark Mending or Flamestrike, though Flamestrike's cast time is significantly faster than Dark Mending's cast time.

Priest - Do you remember needing to shackle in Karazhan? I sure do...
- Shackle Undead - By far, one of the most useful things to have for these fights against the ranged mobs that dislike being pulled in, particularly if you have a tank that cannot force mobs into melee with them. By 'tank', I mean Death Knights, or have a brave DPS DK that can pull things to the tank and not die for it.
- Fear Ward - Useful for the trash pulls, but not against Falric.

Death Knight - Hey you. Yeah, you. Remember that ability everyone hates? Death Grip?
- Death Grip - Even as DPS, you can still use this to pull mages and hunters right to the tank, or to yourself if you are the tank. This should be done cautiously, because many tanks just do not like it when you do that.
- Strangulate. First, it so is a word. Second, very good to use on Mages, and sometimes Priests, though they spend far less time casting than Mages do.

Paladins - Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time/I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out Yeah!/I'm floating around in ecstasy/So don't stop me now don't stop me/'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time
- Repentance - Should work on undead, useful to temporarily crowd control a troublesome mob.
- Holy Wrath - AoE undead-hitting stun. You're havin' a good time! (thanks aether)
(Song quote is from Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, and is the song they play in Shaun of the Dead in the bar, as well as what goes through my friend's mind when he's killing undead.)

Rogues - The shadowy sort, not the kind you put on your cheeks. Wait, that's rouge...
- Dismantle - Thanks to moon_reborn for this suggestion, you can use Dismantle on the Riflemen to pull them out of range and into melee, since Dismantle disarms range and melee. *hiss-spit*

Warriors (DPS) - Copy and pasted from ventruechick's reply, in regards to spell interruption:

Pummel is the obvious interrupt, but don't forget that you can use Charge, too. (Especially useful when there's a frost patch down in between you and that mage that's about to cast Hallucination.) Also, for Falric, warrior's Berserker Rage doesn't cancel Defiling Horror either.

Having a dps macro to smack shit over the head (and interrupt spellcasting) rocks on this gauntlet. I've got an easy 2-push button macro that switches out my 2-hand for a mace & shield, kabonks the spellcaster over the head, then switches back to my 2H weapon. All without having to switch specs or stances. :D

/cast [equipped:shields] Shield Bash
/equip [noequipped:shields] Lucky Old Sun; Justicebringer 1,2
/equip [noequipped:shields] Splintered Door of the Citadel 3

1 Replace LOS with your 1H weapon
2 Replace Justice with your 2H weapon
3 Replace SDotC with the name of your shield

This macro works better for interrupting spells with more than a 2-second casting time, since the first push of your Kabonk key merely equips the gear. Second push is when you actually smack them (and immediately re-equip your 2H).

[This section is a stub. You can expand it by suggesting things that your class can do to help out. As always, I advocate interrupting spells whenever possible, as well as mitigating damage]

After Falric is dead, there is a short respite. You should have enough time to drink to full and heal, and remove your PvP trinkets. I suggest that you move to Marwyn's alcove for simplicity's sake, and follow the same basic strategy for the next five waves. I have found wave 8/10 to be particularly frustrating to deal with, but that may vary. After the last wave is down, you fight Marwyn, the second of Arthas' lieutenants.

Marwyn is significantly easier than Falric in all ways, but he should still be respected. After all, you had to fight through his buddy and eight waves of trash to get this far.

Marwyn is another scary, intimidating-looking Death Knight and has the following abilities
- Obliterate - Instant attack that does 20000/30000 damage to the tank.
- Well of Corruption - Creates a void zone with souls coming out of it (it resembles the effect created by the Devourer of Souls, but much smaller), and increases Shadow Damage Taken, and inflicts a curse called Touch of Corruption, which also increases Shadow Damage taken, and the effect stacks. There is some kind of damage effect to this as well. Essentially, don't stand in the shadow-fire.
- Corrupted Flesh - The closest thing this boss has to a dangerous ability, he reduces the maximum health of players nearby by 25/50% for ten seconds, with a three second cooldown. This is only truly dangerous to the tank, and even then, only if he does Obliterate at the same time. When this effect fades, everyone goes back to their previous health, so it's not even as if you have to heal everyone afterwards. It just sucks.
- Shared Suffering - Deals shadow damage over time to a target. It's dispellable, but when removed, it deals damage over time to everyone else in the group. If there's some danger of the AoE damage, perhaps to the tank, it should not be dispelled. It is unlikely to wipe the group when dispelled, but it's something to keep in mind.

I had to rewrite the strategy for this section because I was wrong about Marwyn not being dangerous. He's dangerous in combination. What he does is when he puts on Shared Suffering, it does a great deal of damage if it isn't dispelled, but only to one target. If you have the stacking curse, it deals significantly more damage, and if you have the debuff that halves your HP, it will almost certainly kill you. What I've found works is dispelling the debuff when no other debuffs are on, and the little bit of AoE damage is easy enough to heal through. Keep in mind it is a shared damage effect, and the damage dealt is based on who it's spread out to. Losing party members means everyone takes a lot more damage.

Once Marwyn is dead, the event is over, and you can breathe again. If you've never done the event before, a quest pops up as soon as he dies, and tells you to find Jaina or Sylvanas, depending on what side you're on, and escape from the Lich King.

There is exactly one trash mob in this instance, and he's a skeleton general in the middle of the hall. If you look in the alcoves around the area he's standing in, you will see shadow copies of the members of your party. The general tells you that you are not worthy to fight the Lich King. He also hucks his shield at you. Seriously, what kind of a jerk does tha-- oh hi prot paladins. *bright smile*

At approximately half his health, the shadow clones of your party jump down. Finish killing the general, and then kill the clones. Be aware that they explode when they die.

Then you come across Jaina or Sylvanas at the Shadow Throne, the eerie replica of Lordaeron's throne room, turned to horrible evil.

Do not attack the Lich King.

Okay, you can, a little, but don't do it for long, he can actually deal some kind of damage back as he killed one of my tanks. I will admit that it was extremely funny.

Either way, Jaina or Sylvanas will bind him in place temporarily, and run to a doorway off to the side. This will only hold the Lich King temporarily (about as long as it takes you to select their dialogue option, actually), and then you have to flee from the Lich King.



This event should not start without talking to Jaina or Sylvanas first, and unlike every other part of an instance, ever, the tank should go last, and the DPS and healer should be ahead of the tank at all times, because the tank will be walking backwards. 'Ahead of the tank' is a relative thing. Always keep the meat shield between you and the things that want to eat your face, and brains. Once you speak to Jaina/Sylvanas, the Lich King gains a debuff called Remorseless Winter, but may as well be called Villain Walk. He walks very slowly towards you exuding a death aura.

Arthas' aura deals ~7500 damage a second. It has a ten yard radius, and this is important. He will chase you along a perilous outcropping on the side of Icecrown, throw up magical barriers, and periodically summon undead of three types:

Raging Ghouls: These mobs look like ghouls, and are non-elite. They have the following ability
- Leap - Ghouls leap as soon as they aggro. This often causes them to leap past the tank onto the healers and DPS, but they are easily brought back. Dropping AoE as soon as possible helps avoid this. They are also non-elite, and easily AoEable.

Risen Witch Doctors: These mobs are similar to the vargul Witch Doctors that you've seen in Utgarde Pinnacle. They have the following abilities
- Shadowbolt - Shadow damage, single target. Ow. Interruptable.
- Shadowbolt Volley - Shadow damage, AoE, Annoying. Interruptable.
- Curse of Doom - Deals Shadow Damage after 18 seconds. Dispellable. To the best of my knowledge, if you die from it, you do not turn into a Doomguard. Sorry.

Class/Race Advice
Mages - Counterspell is invaluable for pulling the Witch Doctors back. (thanks xandrabelle!)
Hunters - Silencing Shot also works. (thanks isteillia!)
Blood Elves - Arcane Torrent is an AoE silence, not just that thing you use to get free mana/energy/runic power. Use it! (thanks isteillia!)

Lumbering Abominations: These mobs look like any other Abomination type mob you've seen, and they puke on you. Jerks. They have the following abilities
- Cleave - Their attacks are a frontal cleave.
- Vomit Spray - They puke on you, and it leaves a disease. Dispellable. Gross.

There are four barriers that must be taken down, and five waves of trash (the last barrier has two).

It's difficult to describe the strategy without a map, but:

Once the Lich King is active and chasing you, the tank should watch him, and keep backing up until Arthas stops as well to summon more undead. They should leave about 30 yards between them and the Lich King, and drop AoE there to catch the first wave, which normally is about six ghouls, and a Witch Doctor.

Witch Doctors should be the primary target, though they are extremely weak physically, and in more tricky fights, a spellcaster will probably be able to kill one by themselves. The reason they are dangerous is because they primarily attack with ranged spells, and ranged AoE spells. They are also annoying to pull back. Ghouls are non-elite and AoEable, and Abominations, while they hit hard, are easy to kite backwards. The mobs should not be tanked on top of Jaina/Sylvanas because the waves need to die as quickly as possible, and that's a lot of unnecessary walking. Fight them as close to the Lich King as is safe, and don't forget that the Lich King's aura is small. If you stay close to the inner wall on the second wave, he will walk past you harmlessly. Well, as harmless as Arthas gets, at any rate. Avoid the outer edge at all times. You can, and will, fall off and die. While it can also be funny, mostly it's extremely frustrating.

The last two waves of trash are on the same barrier, and there is a lot of room to fight the Lich King. This is the point I suggest blowing any damage abilities available and trying to chew through them as best you can. As I said, kill the Witch Doctors first. Ranged interrupts are absolutely invaluable, and should be used whenever possible. Once the last barrier is down, just turn and run, following your guide. You find yourself on a balcony with no where to run, and no one to save you.

The Lich King will force-choke your guide after they say it's here you must make your stand. As entertaining as this may be to you, turn around, because you will see your faction appropriate ship.



They blast the cave down on Arthas' head, freeing your guide and saving your hard-won lives. Wait on the platform for Jaina/Sylvanas to finish talking, and you can hand in the Wrath of the Lich King quest. There is a chest on the ship behind you, which has helpfully put down a ramp for you, and that contains your loot. There is also a portal to 'Dalaran'. It doesn't actually port you to Dalaran, it sends you to wherever you were when you signed up for the instance.

You're done! You've survived! Rejoice in your loot!

This is not a guide for speed runs, so I can't really offer more insight into that. I've never received the speed run achievement myself, but I simply assume it requires a very high gear/DPS level.

What I will say is if you can't do it right away, don't be discouraged. This instance is the perfect storm of group makeup: you need to have a good, solid tank, a strong healer, and very good DPS. You cannot pull people through this instance. You cannot lose anyone. So, it is absolutely crucial to work together as a team. Making sure everyone understands what to do before the fights start is essential.

It's worth doing it on normal when it's more forgiving just to see what happens.

This is not an absolute guide. This is just what I've experienced, learned, and found to work. I will be more than happy to take suggestions and advice to help people get through this. It's perhaps one of the most exciting instances I've ever been part of, and it's epic every single time you complete it.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this guide useful.

Edited to Add:

There are two other ways I've found to do this, including one that largely guarantees you the speed run. I do not know if this is considered an exploit or not. I plan on remove it if it is.

Alternate Method 1: The High DPS Method

If your DPS is high, you can run right to Jaina/Sylvanas and tank them directly on her, taking out the ghouls when they get to you (since they leap), and then the Witch Doctors and finally the Abominations. This is particularly beneficial for ranged DPS because they don't have to move.

Alternate Method 2: Follow the Lich King

If you start the event, hide in the corner near one of the earlier braziers. Wait there until Arthas passes by, and then follow him. Stop when he does, making sure the tank is in front. The Abominations spawn behind him, and the ghouls automatically aggro to the group instead of to your guide. Kill each wave (probably the Aboms first just because they're there, but they tend to be AoE'd down) and follow behind Arthas, stopping when he stops, and just follow him to the cave. Avoid being hit by the falling rocks. This has, both of the times I've done it this way, gotten me the timed achievement for Halls of Reflection (We're Not Retreating, We're Advancing In A Different Direction). It's difficult to say if Blizzard will declare this an exploit, or if this is simply player 'thinking outside the box'. Sadly, it is far less epic than the normal way.

Update: Blizzard has changed it so that in 3.2.2, any player standing behind the Lich King will get a DoT called Pain and Suffering that will virtually-instantly kill the party. This method no longer works.


PS, a little music to play you out... Operation: Get The Hell Out Of Here

Warning: Link leads to YouTube, and the link in question is actually to my friend's video of completing the Benediction quest chain on his priest. It's the only copy of the song I could find without searching too much. It's perfectly fine and it's the whole song, but there's a 'toasty!' in there from one of his mods, which he wrote, called ToastyMod, which plays "Toasty!" every time you crit with an offensive ability, using the sound byte from Mortal Kombat. We're all nerds here...

Very informative and concisely written guide. Thank you for your effort! I'll be passing this link along to some guildies.


lmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaooooooo xDDDDD


Nothing like having a slow-moving death machine come after you...

My friend loved the GET IN THE VAN comment you left on my journal, and I had to summarize the event for her.


Basically this. It's so *intense*.

Fyi: As a mage, I found that counterspell is priceless in getting the Risen Witchdoctors to stop casting and run up to the tank, so they can be AoEed together with all the other mobs.

Also, a blood elf can use arcane torrent, or a hunter can use silencing shot.

I'm seriously considering respeccing to MM for fivemans just for this.


Hehehehehehe. I rofl'd. XD

Lulz aside, this is pretty awesome and I am linking to it on my guild website. <3

Do you have the Ashbrought icon? I had it saved and them my HDD died like the Lich King caught up to it.

(Deleted comment)
Did this happen to you on Alliance side? One of my friends pointed out that it seems to only happen when Sylvanas does her shadow dance thing because she loses aggro for half a second. It may be a Horde-only problem.

I've only run HoR twice so far, and only once did we complete the Arthas chase fight. Both times, the tanks called for DPS on the Aboms first before the witch doctors, but I really felt like it was HARD to heal through all the witch doctors on the last two barriers. In fact, the second time that I did it and we completed the event, I still lost two dps'ers on the last barrier due to all the AoE the group was taking. I am thinking I may insist next time I run it to burn the witch doctors first.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, how could I forget? Every time we encounter a group of undead, one of my friends yells, "Ah, ya done fucked up now!" on vent and hits Holy Wrath. Another one of my friends says, "Come closer... and... BURN!"


Do not attack the Lich King.
And despite telling people not to, you always have some new person who hasn't done it yet try it anyway. My second group in, I told them don't go near Lich King, guy did it anyway and insta died, then told me he thought I was joking :\

It's just like how people stand in fire/void zones/poison to 'see what happens'.

This. Guide. Has. saved. Mah. Butt.

Mind if I cross-post to our guild forums? You'll get credit, for sure.

Also, this is what immediately went through my head when we got to the Arthas encounter (I can't embed :( ):


I've DPS'd this only. But we put the Footman higher on the kill list than you did. He was pwning our tank pretty good. So our kill order was priest>footman>mage>merc>any. Pretty fun instance, IMO. And you have to leave the fail DPS at home unless you're going to try crowd control, which we didn't.

The kill order isn't absolute, and it's possible that the enraged assault is more dangerous, depending on the tank and the rest of the group. I really only consider them dangerous for their cone!silence.

You can dispel Cower in Fear.


I need this macroed!

Also, one thing I noticed this morning in a fail group. I thought that this was something that everybody already knew from the years of instancing but I was apparently wrong.
If you are a warlock and you are out of mana after a wave of ghostly mobs please, please, please do not life-tap down to nothing and then expect me to keep you alive with my HoTs while you catch all the aggro or get mad when you die after doing this. FFS drink! Or get some mage food so you can eat AND drink or make some freakin' Sauteed Goby, I don't care just stop life tapping down to 5 HP.

Indeed. My life tapping on my warlock (who hasn't done this) tends to strictly be cast-cast-tap-cast-tap so it's easier to keep up with.


Goes very well with:

"We're Not Retreating; We're Advancing in a Different Direction" achievement.

(Can I just say, best achievement name ever?! :D)

This is a lie. We ran like the devil was chasing us in our mother's Geo.

Fun fact, my boyfriend's mother once owned an Omni, which is basically a Geo. Sardine car~