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tacky_tramp wrote in wow_ladies
I can't recall if this has been discussed here or not:! "Know a loot ninja, spammer or troll? Then add them to wowjackass!" My realm is currently the top jackass server, which entertains the hell out of me.

What do you guys think of it? Obviously there's the potential for lying or blowing things out of proportion, but the site does allow responses and agree/disagree votes, which might help with that.

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Sounds interesting... Though I can see things getting very messy in the future with this site.

There's not a whole lot of entries yet, are there? ;-)

Yeah I see it getting very messy.. it's 6AM where I am and I haven't been to sleep yet and I'm just trying to think of all the many people I should put from my server on that site.. (Cenarion Circle, by the by)

Perfect! This is just what I need after the other night.

Thank you WoW_Ladies, a mention of wja

On their website. That's why most posts should be locked :-/

idk, just saw it when I first went over, so it was a pretty quick pickup.

They're obviously watching us already, I wouldn't get worried about it.

I'm just worried about trolls, lol.

They weren't watching us, we probably gave them referrals which caused them to click to us.

But ... why should it be locked? Does it matter if the site maintainer knows that we're discussing the site?

Since it wasn't a locked post, it probably is something automatic like trackback links in blogs.

The only two from my server that are listed are two people I've never heard of :/

LOL @ Mousewheel being on Aerie Peak's list. I was like, "Yeah, no shit."

lol I'm loving that Jaedenar (my server) is #2. Considering we've got about....30 people on my server, it's pretty funny. :)

It's an interesting concept which could lead to a lot of false accusations. I think maybe additions to the site should be moderated, and screenshots should be required as evidence of the ninjaing/trolling/spamming. Yea, screenshots can be altered, but it would be better than no evidence whatsoever.

Agreed. It could be such a useful tool, but those very same WoW Jackasses could sign up on that page and start defaming people that aren't ninjas/spammers/whatever.

They are moderated, apparently, and the site maintainer invites emails from people who think they've been wrongly listed.

Neat idea, but I could see a lot of people being added to that list when they don't deserve to be there. Lots of innocent names could be dragged through the mud with this.

Oh wow, just what we need. More drama in game. And it's easily exploitable, too!

Interesting idea! I'm gonna be watchin' this one.

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