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Epic Baby
xaandria wrote in wow_ladies
I had several people say I should put this design in my spreadshirt shop. So here it is.

Linky linky

The colors didn't come out exactly how I wanted them, because they use CMYK instead of RGB to print and it's hard to get that vivid purple and green with CMYK. I also don't know exactly how their print quality is, since everything I've ordered from them before has been their Flex Print and I've never experienced their digital transfer overlay. I've been very happy with their products in the past, though. After hours of fiddling with CMYK colors and theorizing about vectors (one color too many, otherwise I would have vectorized it) I finally said to myself, "Myself, babies are only going to be able to wear these for a month or two and it's a cute gag for the parents. It does not have to be a lasting, high-quality print job. Half the time it'll be covered in spit-up anyway." And thus, the products you see above.

Mods, feel free to delete if this isn't appropriate. I just got so many comments when I posted about the idea that I thought I'd share.

And an aside: has anyone else been getting any UI errors that are showing people as naked or having no health? Let me tell you, as a healer it gave me quite a shock to come back from a bio brb to see our tank with no health and nekkid as a jaybird. I can see my unit frames hiccuping and losing the health information, but I can't see any of my addons interfering with display information for the armor of other players.

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Yeah, that's hilarious.

Aw, that's hilarious. :)

Also, the ink will be much darker after the design is printed. Hence why CMYK black isn't as black as RGB. So if you have a black background for something you want printed, you make it this washed out CMYK black because after it's printed it will look right. /design student At least, that's how I remember them explaining it to us after a class of 40 freaked out over not having "real black" in Illustrator. Haha.

That's wicked cute! Thanks for posting!

i dont think the naked glitch involves UIs, because I get the glitch with default UI.

I have guildmates that just had a kid. I linked this to them and they started rolling.
As for the naked glitch, my BF runs with next to no mods and has gotten it a few times. While I run with a bajillion mods and get it maybe once in a blue moon.
Though I have not had the health glitch on me I don't think. But then I don't run with default unit frames. I switch between Ouf Lunar and Caellian

I... might have to get one of these. My youngest is turning one on the 15th, so he'll probably outgrow one of these really quick, but they're just so cute!

LOL. "The vendor doesn't want that item"!

LOL! Okay, that earned an outloud chuckle.

I've never gotten the naked glitch, oddly, but someone in my gorup always seems to have it.

i wants it. must have it.

I just about fell over from the "No sale price" bit.. Awesome!!!

I've seen the naked bug, and I've also heard from others in my groups that they've gotten it, too. It's extra funny because I'm Horde and usually in a group with a lot of undead (including my own undead male DK) and nobody really wants to see that. I do make a habit of /dancing at anyone who says they have it, though. XD

Jaybirds wear underwear in your part of the world? Photo or it didn't happen :)

However the "naked bug" is one of those which is pretty widely seen, but it did throw my brain in a loop the first time I saw it.

I would totally buy that onsie for the upcoming appearance of my very own epic baby if it were in black lol

Been hearing a lot of the "Uh, why does it say you're dead?" in Ulduar and seeing naked glitches in Dalran.

Those are awesome.

Effing adorable. I would so put my baby in that if I had one. :)

I want one of those for my 2yo :)

Haha this is made of win!!!

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