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The Diminishing Hunter
summonercat wrote in wow_ladies
The Hunter... A Dying Breed? (article)

I never really noticed this until a friend pointed this out to me. A lot of the hunters I have been seeing around have always been alts played for kicks (e.g. the rare pets), used for professions, or the extremely rare die-hard.
Where did you guys go?

My main's a hunter, and I have my fair share of Hunter alts as well. My bff's main is a hunter, too.

So... I have no idea! I know I love hunters to itty bitty bits (and I very much plan on rolling a Dwarf Hunter soon, since I like guns and they get a spiffy gun bonus), but I guess because of the whole 'huntard' thing a lot of serious players avoid them. I don't know why ... I do a ton of DPS and I can solo effectively. I also have my very own mini-tank. Hrrm.

I'm a Hunter for life! None of my alts have ever appealed to me as much as my Hunter. And I haven't noticed a decline in the Hunter class, but that may be because my guild has three main raiding Hunters and a fourth from another guild that regularly attends our raids. Go figure.

Granted I haven't been online in about a month (shocking), but I haven't noticed any decline on Moon Guard. When I was pugging a lot on the new 80 mage, LFG was composed of hunters and dks.

My very first class was a hunter, but once I tried druid and shaman, I never went back. My hunter is level 47 and 4.5 years old. She's taken a back seat to seven other characters and will likely be the last class I level to 80, despite the head start. I find hunters to be quite difficult to play well.

Same. The farthest I got a hunter was level 10 (like most of the other classes I've tried to play). The ammo and the pet food and the leveling of the pet in general... All that was very annoying to me so I never saw the appeal.

I did appreciate well-played hunters, though, especially back in BC when crowd control was needed way more often than it is now.

On my server, very recently someone complained that there are "hunters everywhere" (it put me in an awkward place, seeing how they actually said it, not whispered it... in an inn, in front of a hunter). It's possible, I don't pay attention to any particular class population, so I can't actually say one way or another. I play all classes, so I replied aloud, "I have a hunter, they're great fun, and as complex as you want them to be." And they back peddled and said they had one, too. :|

I will say that when I do play hunter, I tend to get somewhat defensive. I've had a lot of people imply that I must be stupid for playing a hunter, or state that I just have a kill button and I press it over and over, or actually laugh at me and say that hunters are for dumbasses. It takes some of the fun out of a group, for me, and while it does not make me want to stop playing my hunter, it may make others stop playing their hunters. How many n00bs walk in the front door and immediately hear, "Oh, hunters are for idiots, anyone can play one"?

GUH. I'm sure I just made an inflammatory post. *twitch*

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And on a totally random note, every time I see the little yellow emote face on this comm, I think "Oh no, pet's not happy."

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
The fact that I'm a pure class being out damaged in a 25 man raid setting by hybrids is extremely frustrating. ¬_¬

But oh, I'm top on the meters on Iron Council. Yippee. *facepalm*

I haven't found there to be much of a decline in the number of hunters I've encountered, however. Though my whine from above would probably be a valid point to where we're going. =/

And think about my frustration being the only class (rogue) who cannot do anything other than dps. Every other class has either a possibility to either heal or tank or off-tank in instances, we cannot even buff anything :s And yes this includes warlocks and mages to tank certain raid bosses with appropriate gear, abilities and spec, and hunters can off-tank or even tank with their pets (I remember watching a video of a hunter "cat" not bear even "cat" main tanking onyxia).

Anyways, I like to play with my alt hunter, I created her for 2 reasons :
1) It is a class I enjoy playing very much
2) For profession reasons made her enchanter/jc

(Deleted comment)
That comment made me laugh :D

Your boyfriend might not understand how to play the class.. that's the only thing I can come up with to explain his comment ;)

Hunters are fun, of course! I started out with a hunter, she's still my main almost two years later, and no other class, to me, can compare. Then again... hunter is the only class I do understand how to play, so... maybe I'm missing something. Then again, maybe not.

Oh I LOOOOOVEEE my hunter. She's not my main, my druid is, but I loooove playing her. If someone needs DPS, I gladly will bring my hunter along.. she's just so damn fun :x

It's still very strange to me though that at one point BM was so great, and now it's crap :< I spent the gold on dual spec for her and went Survival, and omg :O My DPS went up SO MUCH. And IMO Survival is fun as hell :> Yay hunters \o

..Err.. Yay good hunters* ;>

Eh, I'd say that warlocks are in far more danger of dying out than hunters. At least on my server it seems like they are anyway. Although admittedly I don't see quite as many hunters in raids now as I used to back in BC...

This, although from my view hunters aren't in a great spot either at the moment.

But I've been out of real raiding for a couple months now and am on a pretty crappy server, so who knows.

Warlocks are by far are the least represented DPS class I see though. Warriors aren't super numerous either. Hunters are feast or famine, but there aren't many good mains left around my server from what I've seen.

I'm guilty, my first toon was a hunter, and she was my main for a long time...and then I lvl'd my prot warrior and lost interest. I use her mostly for farming :|.

I know that in my guild in particular we went from having about 3-4 main hunters to having one. One of the hunters switched to a priest, another switched to a tank, and the other main one in guild kinda just faded out of sight and we haven't heard from 'em in ages. I know people feel that hunters got the nerf bat really hard just as Wrath hit stores.

As for me, my hunter is still my main and probably always will be, she's the character I put the most work into (both in & out of game) and I can't imagine not playing her. Though right now I am having crazy fun leveling a shaman--I decided that I had nothing better to do this month than see if I could level a toon from 1-80 ^^;

I have a hunter as my main, and I love her. But you know, you're right. I don't see as many hunters on my server as I used to. Hrm.

I love my hunter to bits and pieces. She was my first real character (as in: first character I ever leveled past 10), and I love her backstory and learning to play her well (I am far from perfect, but I'm determined not to be a complete "huntard").

However, all the nerfs to the Beastmastery spec have made me wonder if I'll ever use her for raiding (I love being beastmaster, and am reluctant to respec). It's seeming fairly likely that one of my alts will eventually take over as my main.

My hunter is my main, and the more I look at her the more I want to play her again. I ended up rolling a druid and loving it even more, but that means I sort of get the bad end of both sticks. That is, I either get people going "LOLHUNTAR" or "LOLFOTMFERAL".

I miss my hunter, though. She was my first level everything, there just isn't a lot of room for her in a raiding environment. My main concern is getting my druid everything I want for her in Ulduar achievement-wise, then I might transfer my hunter to be with her. Right now she just sits on my old forum, collecting dust :(

I went...paladin. Holy paladin.


I have played a hunter for over a year and love it immensely but I feel useless as a dps. Not because hunter's can't top raid charts even in the best of gear it is more a frustration that I can't figure out what in my rotation is going wrong when I get out dps'd by people with worse gear. Even raid buffed I can't get 3k and it drives me nuts. Maybe because of that I have found healing more fun. Either way, I went holy more for my friends because we were all leveling alts.

That article makes my head hurt.

That guy went and asked just five guilds and then looked at his own anecdotal evidence, and declared that hunters are in decline everywhere? I'd be more convinced if he asked AT LEAST 500 guilds.

That and there are so many factors into the ebb and flow of recruitment on various servers and a guild's needs that can effect what one would hope is genuine data: server population, the amount of guild creation/failure activity, the guild in question's structure and purpose, ect. I could look at each one of his samples and see a vastly different kind of guild. There's also the simple fact that the very nature of recruiting DPS these days isn't so much based on "okay we need x this class and x that class", but can be flexible depending on what kind of buffs you need for a raid, and whether or not you need ranged or melee.

My advise to you is to not take that article -- or any article claiming that there's a trend but has virtually no data -- seriously. I see plenty of hunters, and while I do have a hunter alt myself I encounter many successful and intelligent hunter players across many guilds.


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