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lol lion
necking wrote in wow_ladies
So, I asked my boyfriend on a date, WoW-style. The only problem being, I am sorely lacking ideas! Any ideas are appreciated - especially fun/silly things we can do together!

We're both 80 (Alliance), I'm a mage making transportation easy. We can't visit any Cartel cities (damn you, Insane title arrrgghhh), other than that I'm open to anything.

Ideas ladies? Thanks in advance <3

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Have a picnic on one of the Twi Colossals, followed by a good-old times romp through Blackrock Depths or UBRS?

Since I don't know which faction you are, I'd say one of the little boats floating in the ponds in Darnassus... Having a Romantic Picnic Basket from the Valentine's event would help make the mood as well. :D

If you're Horde, well... Hmm. There's a small pond in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar with flat rocks above the water where you could set up camp, it looks quite tranquil during night time. Oooor you could find a dark empty building in the Drag's secluded area if you'd rather have THAT kind of a date. xD

As for activities, I've no idea. If you both got your Crashin' Trashin' Racers you could have a race I suppose... Or you could play ball, just get a leatherworker to craft you some Heavy Leather Balls, lol. 8D

Oh thanks for mentioning that! I'll edit my post. We're Alliance. xD

Well, with a lovely picnic basket and/or at least some of the food from the dalaran wine and cheese shop and the cake vendor, you can have a picnic- I think some of the floating islands in Nagrand are very nice, or perhaps the mysterious statues on its edge. If you're a good class combination, I might follow that with some exhilarating battlegrounds. But those have a chance of being a real mood killer if people are nasty in /bg, so maybe just capturing Halaa or one of the other proto-wintergrasps would be fun, or swooping down on some random lowbie and helping them out. Maybe you could run Stratholme or one of the other instances that has a chance of dropping a rare mount or pet? Or duel people at the Argent Tournament? (I've always thought dueling other players at the tournament would be great on an rp server, dunno if you /are/ on an rp server though.)

:D Yay!!! Wow date!

I like the idea of the floating islands in Nagrand as well. It's pretty, calm and not that many people around. Maybe bring a picnic basket, a feast and a shareable cake from Dal for dessert? After that, the fair is in town this week, so you guys could always stop by and play there for a little while.

As for finishing the evening...hmmm, I am out of ideas. Maybe some a run through an old-world instance or something.

Have fun, hon!

I always forget you're part of this community! Haha, now you know our shenanigans! Oh noes!

Perhaps I can find someone to make DELICIOUS chocolate cake ;)

DM Faire is a good idea, we can attack the little car deals, woo

hehehe, I tend to forget sometimes that you're part of this community as well. 8D I see your shenanigans!!!!

I could...perhaps, make a delicious chocolate cake or 2 for you. I can also make some happy cupcakes if you are interested :D

Both of these sound like an amazing option to me if you'd be willing to!

I was going to suggest one of the floating islands there too. My favorite one is the one above the lake next to the throne of elements.

ROCK OUT TO THE L70ETC PRIVATE PERFORMANCE FUCK YER! (8 PM in that tavern in Black Rock Spire or Sometime in Shatt), then follow it up with a picnic in Stranglethorn Vale or the Park in Stormwind. :3

There's a tavern in BRS? Have I missed something really obvious? :(

The Grim Guzzler in BRD would be a prime date spot, especially if you've got a Mole Machine to take you straight there.

...and then you can fight your way out!

BRD, actually. The bar there now has a band that plays at 8PM.

Oh I didnt know the band played there! how cool.

Don't feel terrible about not knowing. I didn't find out about it until halfway through my second 80 /facepalm. =D

That's really awesome. I'm going to have to check it out.

Ohhh I love those floating islands in Nagrand!

For exotic picnic food, there's a vendor in Darnassus that sells different sorts of kimchi. Also something called Heaven Peach, if I remember correctly.

Goblin cities are smelly anyway! I just thought - since you're working on the insane - you could do a run for silly stuff in Dire Maul wearing ogre suits (unless you take him along on Insane runs and he's sick of it already), and then do cute things around Feralas (Twin Colossus, those falls by the horde city, freeing sprite darters, having a picnic on the coast). The ogres drop happy fun rocks you can toss around, and the architecture in the whole zone is gorgeous. And you can get free booze from the Drunk.

I also really like the Faire idea. They have lots of food/booze options too. Accessories would be nice too - maybe a flower or wine glass offhand from Dalaran.

We've actually just been killing mobs in Tanaris for Cartel rep, SO PAINFUL

Explain this Dire Maul rep preez? The boy kind of runs the whole Insane title, so I'm all like lolwut? about it xD

and :o ogre suits? how?

Edited at 2009-06-10 12:59 pm (UTC)

There's a quest available in DM north to free Knot, the goblin who later drops leatherworking/tailoring supplies. You get the key by randomly killing ogres, although there is a higher drop % from bosses. Freeing him awards 350 rep without damaging your Bloodsail Rep, as well as access to his cache (can drop epic patterns). You can also craft ogre suits with Ogre Tannin, which is an item located on the platform above and also drops from the cache. Before you free Knot, turn these in for 75 rep. They take some runecloth/leather which is found from the mobs/cache too.

For one run, I'd just worry about farming a key and freeing the goblin for max rep (although you can always complete the instance as tribute and get the King for a Day buff!). When I was working on rep, I'd save up the tannins and then turn in 20 at once. On their own, it's not a lot, but they add up.

So hey, maybe this would actually be a fun alternative! Scenery is a lot nicer I think.

Oh and I also forgot to mention - the ogres in DM also drop librams, which you will need for Shen'dralar rep, as well as pristine black diamonds and darkmoon cards. It worked out perfectly -by the time I was on my last revered Goblin runs, I was turning my last few librams.

Excellent, thank you so much for the info!

The north east coastline of Eversong Woods is pretty and generally not too populated. There's a cliff that overlooks the water and you can go down to the beach for swimming.

Out the back door of Ogrimmar, and take an immediate right for another pretty place. The river there goes up into Feralas and not a lot of people go that way.

There's a nice overlook in Westfall, out the backdoor of Deadmines and hang a left. There's a lighthouse over that way, too.

There's a pretty area in STV where the naga are. The Defias area above the waterfall in Elwynn is pretty.

For pretty areas in instances, Nexus is pretty inside. I also like Scarlet Monastery Cathedral but you may end up with respawns if you're there for any length of time.

I like the paper airplanes you get in Dalaran. You can fly them back and forth for fun. Or get snowballs off the AH and have a snowball fight.

And I'm seeing the drawbacks of posting from an iPhone - can't see my entire post, hence my overuse of words like "pretty" :P

I like the shore off Zoram'gar Outpost. I love it out there. Islands in Nagrand are nice, too. :D

Things my boy has done for me:

Made me close my eyes and took me to the little ledge outside of Ironforge that overlooks Dun Morough. So pretty. And this was when I was level 14 or so, so it looked OMG AWESOME to me.

Dressed up in a Tuxedo Suit, bought the large diamond solitaire from the ring guy in Exodar, and declared his love for me to all of Tanaris (where I happened to be at the time)

Bought me a piece of gear I really really wanted, wrapped it up in the green paper you can buy, and gave me a gift of happeh.

I dunno if that helps, but I know it made me want to glomp him. :D

You are lucky! Those are all completely adorable.

He can be kinda cute when he's in the mood. ;)

My boyfriend and I played tag for hours with a heavy leather ball. Good times :)

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