UI/Mod Monday!


A thoughtful and reverent Memorial Day to you. May you enjoy being amongst your people, may you be safe and well, and may all of yours be safe and well, too. If we've learned nothing else, this last year, we've learned that we cannot take that for granted.

UI Mod Monday

Dr Tinycat to the OR STAT.jpg

Oof. Good old, classic, Dr Tinycat... could have used him last week. May you and your family never need the ER, or neurology departments, but damn, I'm thankful we have them. Had to have my partner in on a suspected stroke, and it's taken up a lot of my energy. A diagnosis of "I see what you're talking about, to a degree, but all tests say it's not that. I don't know. He's improved enough to continue tests outpatient, but if he deteriorates bring him right back." is not... entirely comforting? Because while I want it NOT to be a stroke, I would really like something more definite than "huh. I dunno." Though I AM glad they could see what I was seeing. Man, if someone seems off, and can't remember the basic stuff they have done in their sleep for YEARS, get them in to be checked. And make sure you have support for yourself, too.