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Looking for a bit of friendly advice
Iris #1
So, my once full and thriving guild has slowly been brought down to only 2-3 people who log in once in awhile besides my fiance and myself, and since I'm tired of looking at a guild roster full of, essentially, "dead bodies" I'm trying to decide what to do.

Option A:

Kick all the dead weight and carry on in the current guild. I'm Guild Master, so this would be incredibly easy to do, but it feels like it might be a little bit of a jerk move even though they have all moved on to "bigger and better" things and don't seem to have time to even acknowledge us via whispers anymore.

Option B:

Dump the GM position onto one of the "dead bodies" and toddle along to start our own guild fresh from level one. This option isn't all that appealing because it is a level 25 guild, most of that work having been done by 3 of the current members (myself, my fiance and our buddy whom we've known since we started playing the game), all the gold in the guild bank has been deposited by myself or my fiance (for the most part) and all the items in the guild bank were deposited by us (most everyone who left the guild took what they had contributed/wanted from the guild bank before they left behind an unwanted, unused alt to "keep in touch")

Option C:

Dump the GM position onto one of my low level alts and take my higher level characters elsewhere, whether it be to an already established guild or starting over in our own guild with a select few people who actually remember that we are friends.

Yes, I know this sounds very bitter, but I'm fed up. I used to rely on these people to keep me sane, we were very close friends, and now they've all just...disappeared. So, ladies, what would you do? Which option do you think sounds the least jerkish at this point? We've been in this situation for well over three months now, it's time for something to change. I can't take it anymore.

Dealing with serious social anxiety, painfully lonely in game...what to do?
fruits basket - alone
So I'm not really sure how to write this, but I've reached the point where I'm desperate to talk to people who understand what I'm going through, who can simply tell me that they understand and have felt the same way at some point. I apologize, this will be a lot of text - I've always been a wordy person.

I suppose the title says it all...I've developed severe anxiety with regard to socializing or really doing any non-solo activity in WoW, and I've no idea how to remedy this. I've always been shy and avoidant in "real life" but not always in game.

I started late BC, recruited to a PvP server by a friend. Although I am a non-confrontational person (world PvP has always caused my heart to race unpleasantly) I figured I had no choice but to go with my friend. Things were okay for a while. I met some really awesome people while questing out in the world, some I'm still friends with to this day. Strangers gave me gear and gold, unasked. Questing buddies joined me for dungeon runs, so even though I'd be nervous, I knew who I was going with and that we'd tough it out together. If I was ganked/camped, friends and nearby players would rush to help.

Then LFD was introduced, and interacting with other players fundamentally changed.Alone in a world full of peopleCollapse )

My Battletag is Saerlaith#1916, and I was wondering - does WoW ladies have any sort of Battletag networking system in place? so many of you are just plain awesome but we're not on the same server, is there a way this community could better bring those of us together who are lonely and would like to help support each other? Thank you so much for reading, I really could win a nonstop rambling contest any day of the week. :p

Edit: Wow, so many wonderful, caring, helpful replies. You all are simply amazing. I already knew that this comm is a great place to go for support and a non-judgmental ear, but I wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed to the point of tears. (Good tears!) :')

I don't even know what to say other than thank you...just, thank you. <3

Looking for Some Guild Help
TL;DR Been gone for a while from this community, need suggestions on new guild on US Earthen Ring or suggestions for a new server.

I haven't posted on this community in forever, but I'm seriously getting fed up with what is happening in my current guild, so I'm thinking a change is in order, and I thought I would ask for suggestions/help here.

I currently run on US-Earthen Ring server, which is an RP server in EST time zone. I originally started out playing WoW in the Daughters of the Alliance/Horde over on Bronzebeard and have paid for several server transfers in my day before settling here. I'm in an adult only guild where I am what I like to call a junior officer, holding the rank of Mentor. I also have a few Horde characters roaming around on US Earthen Ring, Madoran, and Wyrmrest Accord. Two accounts makes having the Hordie on ER possible. 8)

My main is a 90 Blood/Unholy DK, but I also have 8 other characters at level 85 or above, with a level 51 rogue and a level 17 monk to throw in for good measure.

In Cataclysm, I had 3 dedicated raiders, and was working on a fourth until the guild I am in quit the DS runs. Raiding was enjoyable to me back then. Now, not so much. I have RL time constraints in the form of a very active 4 year old son and a husband that works nights, so my raiding has been limited to after my son goes to bed. My guild's raid leader decides, once most of our raid team had gotten to 90 and somewhat geared, to change the raid time to 7:30 pm server, from its original 8:30 pm start time, in order to include a friend of his from his old guild. I was polite, but informed him that with raid times starting at 7:30 pm, I would be unable to join in for the raids. Now, back in the day, when DS was content, I was a DPS/Tank DK. A friend of mine was the tank for the raid group I was in with my former guild, but he wanted to give it up to get the Legendary Daggers for his rogue. I offered to step in and become the raid group's tank, and when I left that group for my current guild and their group, my current raid leader assumed I was main specced tank. I corrected him of this when I found out, but it was too late, and I was asked to continue tanking. I grew so used to tanking, that I made it my main spec at the beginning of Mists, as a way to guarantee my raid leader a dedicated tank for the runs. Going back to my point, to have my raid leader change the raid time, effectively cutting me out of the runs, after I go and change myself into a dedicated tank for him, was like a slap in the face to me. Since the time change, his friend has not been back in any of the established raid runs.

Now, the raid leader has gone and switched the raid times back to the old start time, but can't get any sign ups for raids. Where we used to run dungeons as a guild for the weekly rewards, maxxing them out every week, we now no longer do that, to the point where we often don't run any. Where there used to be several people in Vent daily, I am now the only one in Vent. WoW is my only means of social interaction, and I get the feeling that this guild I am in is slowly dying around me. I feel abandoned by this guild in general and would like to possibly move before the current raids become so trivial as to not be run any longer. Anyone have any suggestions for guilds on Earthen Ring server, or a server to possibly move to when I get my tax refund? I'd like something that is in Eastern time preferably, but Central time is also an option. Raiding after 8pm is a plus, but I'm not a hard core raider. Active, friendly guilds are a plus, and interest in Pet Battling is also a positive mark, as I like to organize guild tournaments. Looking forward to hearing suggestions!

Vent issue
Yavial purple
Just wanted to pick some brains about this... I have a vent server I've been using with friends. No one has ever had a problem connecting except this one guy. At first, he said he couldn't connect to .net vent servers. So I changed the domain to a .com one. He still couldn't get on. I changed the password. Nothing. I even called the vent service (InstantVentrilo) and had them change the port it uses in case that was the issue. He still can't get on. He has tried reinstalling his vent program. He can access other vents just fine. I checked and there are no IPs on the block list for my server. So what gives? Does anyone have any ideas?

Also, I wanted to update and thank everyone for the kind advice about my guild woes.Collapse )

Guild breakup woes
Yavial purple
TL;DR - Good friends breaking off from guild to move to their own guild; they are pressuring me to go with. Very torn about whether to say or go. One friend seems really upset and hurt that I"m even considering staying.Collapse )

So, I'm just totally torn on what to do. I got home from work today wanting to log on to do stuff, but I am finding myself not doing so because I feel like I'm going to be pressured for a decision. And I'm pretty sure if I don't go with my friends' guild (and relatively soon), it's going to have permanent repercussions in regards to the friendship and I may end up mostly doing stuff alone again. D:

And I know people are going to say that if someone lets something like that affect our friendship, then they're not a real friend, etc. But I really like these friends and don't want things to change. :( And I think I just truly hurt this person's feelings a lot just by suggesting I might not leave.

NPC's that are Underrated in WoW?
Who do you guys find underrated in game? 

I recently did my own youtube channel and made a vid explaining mine!

Personally I do have a soft spot for Theldurin the Lost, however, I find Lilian Voss so intriguing! 

What's yours?

Also, if you guys want a chance at winning an Amani Dragonhawk mount, check out my contest vid on the page! I'm giving one away to sort of launch the channel and tell my new subs thanks! See you guys!

And then we were dorks
WoW kitties
One of my bestest friends came out to MA to visit this past week. We'd been talking about getting matching tattoos and so we did...

pic here!Collapse )

(The little guy below the dork tattoo is one of those temporary tattoos.)

The "o" is a hearthstone so we always can find our way home.

I am still shaking with glee!
Hey ladies,

I just finished the chain to get to the firelands dailies and all of a sudden over general chat comes, that rare bird has spawned, over the sanctuary of Malorne. I had wanted him since I knew about him and went over to take a look. They said they were making it a challenge and they didn't lie. This rogue groups with me to help me find him and I die twice trying to get the bird. Well, he comes up with a great idea. (One I won't reveal. ;D) Anyway, upon his AWESOME idea, we successfully got me to be able to tame him. (Through of course a druid trying to kill it that everyone whacked at till I could get the bird again on me.)

I'm still shaking with glee from getting the bird and I named it after the lovely person who helped me. After I got it people were wanting to see him and whispering me all about it. I'm so freaking happy! People say I'm not server first, but I'm one of the proud few who owns it now. I am still so giddy I can't take a screenshot. Now to get me one of them cats. >)

PS, That guy, totally my new best friend. (LOL!)

EDIT: Since everyone is calling me a jerk for not telling, there's good reason. I really am unsure if he wants me telling everyone how it was done since the pet is fairly new. He wasn't speaking about how we did it at all to people who asked. That clues me into believing that he wants to keep it hard for everyone. The whole part of these pets to challenge people into figuring out the best solution for getting them. If everyone knew how to get them, then they wouldn't be a challenge anymore. (Which as far as I'm concerned is pretty darn boring.)

I will give you a couple hints however so that you can figure it out on your own perhaps. It involves dueling one another, a rouge (as we know), one of the rouge moves, and trapping. (Unless you get a rowdy druid that wants to kill the bird because they want to piss everyone off.)

WoW Ladies Friending Meme
sparkle princess bonten-chan
click to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own text

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Hello ladies (and gents)! With permission of the mods, I've decided to start a w_l friending meme. If you haven't run into one before, a friending meme is simply a post for making new lj friends. This one is a little more focused on similar interests than wow_friending.

How it works:
1. Fill out the meme in the textbox and post it as a comment.
2. Peruse other comments to look for interesting people.
3. Comment to those people you are interested in friending, and friend them!
4. People will reply to your comment and friend you!

Copy this:

In-Game Gift Exchanges!
World of Warcraft :: Mage
This year, my friends and I got together and did a little gift exchange. Three of us pitched in and bought the other two (a husband/wife pair) some expensive gifts, like the Chopper and an epic cloak because they put in a lot of hard work into our social guild. My pocketbook was hurting after those gifts, so I bought some small flavor items like some neat potions, some buff food, cookies, and a bunch of those Fortune Cards that scribes can make.

And then they gave me my gift and I felt totally ashamed I didn't get them something on par with it. D:


Apparently they bought this months ago and have been holding onto it ever since to give to me for Christmas. I was shocked silly, I didn't expect something like this. I also received the Elementium Geode as a gift a few days ago! I feel so undeserving because I'm such a brat sometimes. I love my friends so much.

If you've given gifts in the game the past couple days, what did you give? :)

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