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[Alliance] Looking for Raiding Group
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With everything being cross-realm now, and going forward into Draenor, I find myself looking for a good raiding group.

I am Alliance, the toon I prefer to raid with is my Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk (Primarily heals - I do plan on gearing my hunter in Draenor, but it'll be a second main).

I am looking for a group that is confident with flex, normals would be -fantastic-.  I know all the fights on flex, and am currently LFR geared with the monk.

My armories are here for the monk and here for the hunter (all of my flex experience and gear is on the hunter).

I am available most evenings, I'm on EST and prefer to finish up raids before midnight.  I am a mature player that brings flasks and food, I'm quiet, I respond well to constructive criticism.  I like a group that's friends as well as a raid team.  I am not looking to change servers or guilds, although I will happily put a character in your guild/on your server to make communication regarding raiding easier.

Hoping someone here's looking for a raider like me. :)

Cross-Realm Normal and Heroic Siege of Org now live in US!

Rygarius posted:

We’ve recently implemented an often requested feature to enable cross-realm raiding for Siege of Orgrimmar. Cross-realm BattleTag™ and Real ID friends can now raid together and take the fight to Garrosh on Normal or Heroic difficulty. Players will be able to earn greater rewards such as Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf or the title of Conqueror/Liberator of Orgrimmar; both of which aren’t available to be earned within Flexible or Raid Finder difficulty.

This change is currently live for the NA region. For our friends reading this in other regions, the change requires a realm restart and will be live after maintenance/rolling restarts.

More updates are listed in the link above.

Grouping Proudmoore folks for fun runs
WoW, Pally
Hello ladies,

I am in a bit of a predicament on Proudmoore server. It's the end of the expansion, and while I really love my guild, getting a raid group going has not been successful. My main is a 553 ret Paladin, and apart from 2 more tokens and Ordos, not much will do her good in anything under normal raids. Plus, I’d like to at least give normals a try before the next expansion. So, I come to you for help. I was wondering, are there other people on Proudmoore who'd like to do normal SoO but their guild is in a slump/are unguilded/insert any reason here who’d like to give it a try? I’d like to try and get a group of ten people if possible (already have a few from the guild) and try and have some fun while we try and down bad guys in normal, and beat them up into giving us some loots. It would be a really laid back group, we could do flex first for practice, than move to normal. If we down bosses we do, if not, as long as we are having fun while trying, all is well. So, if anybody is interested, please PM me or leave a comment (also, please include the times/days that would work for you the best, since time syncing seems to be a major issue for us), and if we get enough people with similar schedules, I’ll get the group going. Just to note once more that this would be a beginner group, with no experience in SoO normal, so if you want a quick clear, this is not it. Thanks all for your time, and I apologize to moderators if posts like this are not allowed. This just seem like the best place to post, but if not allowed, I’ll delete it promptly.

And of course, not to forget, it's Alliance side.

Let me know if interested! *crosses fingers*

LFM [A] Raiders for 5.4 [Stormrage US]
I want YOU and your pretty face all up in my raid team. Not aiming for realm/world firsts but still aiming to get shit done and have a good time doing it.

Knowing how to raid and play your class = good.
Standing in bad  = super bad.

Classes/Positions Needed:
2 Tanks:
1 Healer: (we've already got a r druid & a disc priest)
5 DPS:

Wednesday - Thursday (10:30pm-1:30am EST)

So if raiding with a side of casual is your thing, come join us! (we are an 18+ guild/group on Stormrage US)

Feel free to send me an in game mail on Tarrina or leave me a message here and I can answer any questions or give you my realID :)

Casual Murder - Frostwolf US - Horde
magical kindness

Casual Murder is a Horde guild on Frostwolf US.

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Guild Recuitment - US Kirin Tor (Alliance) - Blessed of Elune
Hi Everyone!

We have found some amazing members here on wow_ladies and I'm hoping we can find more :)

It has been awhile since we have done any recruitment in our guild because we really like to give everyone time to get to know each other but we are at a point where we could use some new faces. We could also use a raider who is interested in finding a relaxed group to raid and hang out with two days a week and we can always use people who are interested in being standby for our current raid team to fill in spots as needed.

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday from 8:30 CST - 11:00 CST (We start invites and summons at 8:15)

I will say we are no where near hardcore progression. We had some delays when this expansion came out with getting the raid group going because we kept losing our tanks to real life situations. So the raid leader and myself took on the tank positions so we could guarantee that we would have 2 tanks each week and things have progressed fine since then. Unfortunately, those delays have slowed us down and since we are all determined to clear all the content, we are currently clearing Heart of Fear normal. We are on Garalon currently and use our second raid night to clear MSV in one run for those who are still missing a piece or two from there.

Important to know: We are a family friendly guild. If you want a guild where you don't have to listen to insults or vulgar jokes, we are a great guild for you. We require all conversations to remain PG-13 though we understand the occasional slip of a curse word. However, we do not tolerate inappropriate conversations since we have some members who play with their children in the guild. We do have occasional adult only events.

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We also do LFR together as a guild with two other guilds every Saturday. If you are interested in just checking us out you are welcome to join us on an alt or even join us with your main for a run or two and see if we are a good fit. This event is not a PG13 event so we try to warn people of that since the two guilds we run with are not setup as family friendly guilds. However, they are respectful and do not go overboard or become insulting.

But raiding is not what our guild is all about so we would also like to invite anyone who is interested in our guild, even if you are not interested in raiding. We have a lot of other events in the guild for everyone's interests including sociale vents, mount runs, achievement runs and PvP every other sunday.

Please comment here or send an lj message if you are interested to:
GL: Finowen aka me! (rayce)
Officer: Melliandret (nessainwe) = Raid Leader

Cross Realm Fun Run! :D

Our Wow_Ladies Fun Run has more results!

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Looking for tank to cross server raid tues/wed 8:30 CST - 11:30 CST - Alliance US
Our current raid leader / main tank is moving cross country and I've had no luck at all in finding a tank to fill her spot while she is gone. We had someone lined up before she left but real life has made it impossible for him to do it in the end. And to top it off, I'm now having to look last minute for someone because everything that can go wrong in life lately, has gone wrong. Such is life but damn we need a tank asap now! lol

Is there anyone who would be interested in cross server tanking for our progression group in MV on tuesday from 8:30 - 11:30 cst and HoF on wednesday at the same time?

We are a casual progression group so if you are new to tanking raids and don't know the fights, that is fine. All we ask is that you have DBM and ventrilo. We can give you full details on the fight and we are a very patient group of people. There will be no cursing and calling people out. We are there to have fun.

We would just need someone to fill the spot for a few weeks but if you decided you would like to join us on a more permanent bases, we do have some spots open so that would be an option we could discuss but certainly not something we will pressure with. We love meeting new people but don't expect everyone to join us, especially with the cost of transferring servers.

Anyone interested?

Anyone interested in MSV this Sunday?
Hi folks!

So I have a MSV run going for this Sunday with a few tentative sign ups, but I still have quite a few spots open for just about every class. Quite a few of the people who are going have already done MSV multiple times and know all of the fights very well, so it doesn't really matter if this'll be your first time, just come join in on the fun!

The raid'll be 5PST/7CST/8EST Alliance-US! Just hit me up on bnet (brynhilde#1723) if you're interested!

Cross Realm Fun Run Results!

I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY. We successfully got a group together (+ one somewhat rude PUG) and had a grand old time!

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