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Malakrok healing advice
dwarf lady, warrior, lucrezia
Hi ladies,

I thought I'd make this its own thread so it didn't get buried under/distracted from the capslock post.

My raid team has started on Malakrok (normal) and I'm healing it for the first time. I've done it in flex but never in normal. I use XPerl and it doesn't show the shield debuffs. Last week I tried turning on the default UI so I could see the debuffs but it was just an unholy mess. It scrambled the groups so that I didn't know where to cast Prayer of Healing, it covered half the ground so I couldn't see fire to not stand in it, and other visuals from the UI (such as targets and debuffs on targets) kept covering the default UI matrix so that I couldn't see to target anything.

I understand that other addons such as Grid and Vuhdoo have options for healing Malakrok, however I have never used either of those interfaces and have no idea how to configure them. From what I have heard/seen of these addons in the past they are extremely complex to set up and require a drastically different playstyle and I'd rather not go through all that for one single fight if I don't need to.

Does anyone have any experience and advice for using XPerl or the default UI for this fight? Or are there any handy, not too complex guides for setting up one of the other healer UIs?

Stupid Ulduar Question
I never really did Ulduar back in the day. Once or twice, but they had me shooting down pyrite in the vehicle fight and I don't really remember any specifics about what else was going on.

This evening I decided to see if I could solo some parts of Ulduar. I read over a couple guides and charged on in, killed the trash and the dwarf-spawning towers before Flame Leviathan, and then went and sat on a repair pad like you're supposed to. Nothing happened. I ran back and forth over it, looked for a switch, went and sat on the other one, etc. My vehicle's heath didn't go up.

So I pulled the last Colossus and tried Flame Leviathan anyway, but couldn't get him down very far before he torched my vehicle and then his little friends stomped me to a pulp. I'm sure I could have killed him if I'd been able to repair first. :P

I've been searching the web for info about the repair pads but can't find anything about them not working. Everything I'm finding just says go sit on them to repair.

So, stupid question. Am I missed something so obvious that it's not in any guides? Is there something you have to do to activate the repair pads? Or will they not work if you don't clear the sides, or something dumb like that?

Or were they just glitched out for me? :P

Bloodsail rep
steampunk dragon 2
I REALLY REALLY want to get a group together to do this rep grind. Everything I've been able to find about this rep grind is pre MoP and I want to know about any changes for the current expansion, since I haven't gotten exulted with either faction yet.
I've been toying with the idea of trying to post a raid like this, but since I have only joined other peoples open raids and never posted one on my own I'd like to know more about how to run one. I'd specifically like to know how to get the Bloodsail rep, I think you only have to get them to honored and not exulted, or is there also an achieve for exulted? Then the following week post another raid to get rep back up to at least friendly with the goblins. So no one loses the flight points for too long.
Can anyone give me some tips on how to go about this? And let me know if you think this is at all a good idea.

I posted this question on OpenRaid and was told that a 40m group for farming guards would be a complete failure. The reputation gains start to diminish after 5 people and by 10 you aren't getting anything. If you can phase two 5-man groups together (with 4 DPS and a healer in each group, the group leaders from the same server) then that is a very efficient way to farm reputation. Even one 5-man group can easily farm to honored in a few hours.
Another tip is to make sure that you are zoned to a PVP server (the person creating the group must be on a PVP server, tossing leader to them later doesn't work) - the guards have less health and hit significantly less hard compared to a PVE server.

I don't know if any of this is true though. And how do I find a nice, friendly person from a PVP server when I have only ever played on one server?  I play on Exodor-Alliance.

heart coffee
So.  I have finally leveled a death knight to 90, and I love the character to pieces.  I like her RP concept, I think she could easily nudge my monk out of the top spot in my affections and become my main.

However, I am not content with just puttering on dailies and hanging out around the bottom of the DPS meters. (I realize that -someone- has to be at the bottom, and as long as I'm close to the others, I'm A-OK if it's me. But when there's a large gap, it bothers me)

So I am looking for advice.  How do you Frost DK ladies (and gents) lay out your keybinds?  Do you have any tips for gameplay, addons?  I have started logging my combat logs so I can look at World of Logs and try and figure out what I can do better, but it is admittedly a bit overwhelming.  Are there any particularly good blogs that explain things in easily-grasped terms?

Secondly, I am on a raiding team with my (dps) monk, and I would very much like to see improvement there as well, so if you have recommendations on keybindings, bar layouts, etc...

I use a Logitech gaming mouse and keyboard, but I have very small hands, so I can typically use the first two rows of thumbkeys on the mouse, and the 1-6 keys (with alt modifiers) on the keyboard.

Thank you everyone!!

TLDR: Looking for keybind suggestions for Frost DK / WW Monk, also 'World of Logs for People that Need Their Hands Held'

Disc Priest Raiding Advice
Feminist\\Curves & hope
I was invited along with some friends to raid MSV on Weds and Thursday, and I haven't raided yet this expansion, nor on this toon. I have done LFR of course, but I know that doesn't give me the best idea of what I do. So, a few questions.

A) Are there any charts out there on what are the most mana-efficient heals post-patch?

B) And for that matter, what spells have changed for Disc priests? I went through the patch notes and it said nothing about Prayer of Healing losing the bubble shield, so I was surprised when I logged in and found that out.

C) Best add-on for most efficient healing? I know that I can be slow at times on reaction time, and something that I am working on. I use healbot right now, and I have tried Vuh-do (didn't like it), are there any other good addons out there that would work?

D) Any other advice?

Here is my armory:

First Time Raid as a Disc Priest - Advice?
Feminist\\Curves & hope
I am raiding for the first time tonight on my disc priest. I raided in Cata and Wrath on my warlock, and this is my first time healing and I am TERRIFIED of underperforming. I am just about thoroughly gemmed and enchanted (waiting on an enchant from guildies later on today before raid at 9pmEST) 

I have never healed in a raid before. As a disc priest, should I be expecting to raid heal or tank heal? From my estimation, I would be fine doing either (I have a lot of AOE heals and I also have great shields), but I don't know if I am "supposed" to do one particular style of healing, or if they will be expecting me to do one specific style. 

Also, I am trying to figure out the most efficient ways to have all my healing spells bound.... I have a Razer Naga, and my friend mentioned something about being able to macro healbot to the mouse numpad, but I haven't figured out how to do so. Any suggestions?

Raid Leading
Crape lunajile
Hello Ladies!

I come to you seeking advice on raid leading and being in charge of healers specifically. My main question is; how do you do it?

And then less generally I would ask is there a site/set of articles I could read? I'm guessing being on the up and up about what classes are healing would be good, but things like strategy, healing assignments, how to know when it's your team and not the boss, stuff like that. I'm a healer myself so I think I'll be able to fit the role ok, just wanted a few pointers before I make a fool of myself. Thanks so much!

Non-Offensive Fight videos...?
yeah whatever
Hallo Ladies and Lurklemen...

I was wondering if you all would be able to recommend a website or person/guild who create boss video guides without horribly offensive language? We used to use Tankspot's vids, but I've heard they are no longer doing them. We looked at Fatboss, but when they threw out the 'R' word, I decided we weren't going to post those up on our forums anymore.

Firelands and DS is what I'm looking for, any recomendations would be great, thanks!

Holy Paladin/Oomkin Help!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been a while since I have come to you for help with raiding. As usual, I come to you only when I am unable to understand a class to the depth that I appreciate when someone explains something to me. In other words... I don't play either of the specs I need help with right now as deeply as the situation requires. I do have a healing paladin, but I'm not raiding with her, nor do I really intend to, so I don't pay attention to much more than logic when it comes to her.

Below, I have two people who I need help and opinions with. I do not have the rotations for the Druid, but I've included our latest World of Logs (actually, our first... because I derp on hitting the combatlog when I see health bars start going down...) and with a little investigation, I think a familiar rotation can be spotted. If nothing else, we can at least see what -isn't- being used to it's full potential.

Read more...Collapse )

(WoWHead profilers, because we're an RP guild and tend to log off in our guild uniform, so I caught them both and saved them to WoWHead before they could run off in their fishing gear. >.> )

H- Morchok advice needed please
Della & Domo
We had about... 18 wipes on H-Morchok last night.  It was our first real attempt.  Our best attempt was getting them down to 26%.  (we poked at him once last week just to see the fight and then determined we did need 4 heals afterall)  We're feeling a little ham-stringed as our resto sham had a schedule change at work and can't make it to raid nights now so we have a sub holy pally in place.

Our current make up:
Group 1 (on Morchok) 
Tank: Warrior
Heal/Soaker: Holy Pally
Resto Druid

Group 2 (on Kohcrom)
Tank: DK
Soaker: Warrior
Holy Priest
Holy Pally

Group 1 can't seem to stay alive.  I am trying to decipher our world of logs data to find out what the heck is going wrong.  It seems that the tank and soaker/healer is getting hit by the crystal damage during stomps most of the time (one frustrating attempt was overlapping black blood that came up behind group 1 and wiped them out.  another attempt the crystal spawned UNDER THE GROUND and no one saw it until the beams shooting out from the ground made them realize it was there... too late).  

Since our raid lead is in group 2 (and I'm in group 2) we're trying to figure out what's happening.  We swapped the holy pallys at one point (since one is stronger than the other) and even then that didn't work out.  I know there is more damage on Morchok, but maybe this is a tank positioning issue?  

Perhaps we're explaining the mechanics of the fight poorly?  Maybe we're not seeing an obvious group issue?  Any ideas?  Anyone else having (or had) a similar problem?  


Frustrated Holy Priest that wants the now nerfed raid to go smoothly.  =/  

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