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Holiday Commissions!
Tis the season for giving! Art makes a great gift, and what better time than the holidays?

If you're interested, comment or email me at neko(dot)eiji(at)gmail(dot)com!

Hey all!

It's been quite a while! I'm glad to see this community is still around. I've moved most of my LJ business over to tumblr, feel free to follow if you don't mind WoW shenanigans, random babblings, and some art every once in a while :)

I need to take some commissions to keep a roof over my head and to help make up for the holiday slump coming up, so let's jump right into it :) Lots of new art in here since last time, so even if you're not interested in a commission, feel free to come in for a looksee :)

If my formatting is crummy and terrible (HEY it's been a while...) you can check out my commission page here, although it has some older examples, and I think I've improved a bit since some of them were added.

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August Commissions!

Hello ladies! With WoD coming up and those gorgeous new character models being shown off, August is a perfect month for commissions.

Have character ideas? New models got your design wheels turning? Excited for what the new storylines may bring? Let me bring them to life in art!

Emergency Commissions
Luca Portrait
So boyfriend just lost his job because he had too many call outs.
I have one commission in queue to be finished, but then I will be open. Commissions will be open indefinitely. Please, please. This is to pay our rent, our bills. It’s so tight that my phone will be turned off tonight until we can pay the $40 bill.

Commissions Still Open
Just wanted to let you wonderful ladies and gents know that I'm still open for commissions.

Examples: Prices below the pictures.
Terms of Service: Terms of Service

Additionally, I'm offering LJ icons for $5!

Quick Commissions for Bills
Things are getting pretty tight around here, money wise, and bills need to be paid.

Click here

I'm offering these lovely watercolor pieces for $15. If you'd like them shipped to you, there will be a shipping/handling cost that will be added. Payments will be made through paypal.

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Commissions Open!
Luca Portrait
Hey ladies! I'm finding myself with the desire to make pretties, the time to make pretties, and a small need for funds. This means... *drumroll* ...Commission sale!!

See those prices? Take $2 off!

Still with me? Fantastic! Toss me an email at neko.eiji @ gmail(dot)com and we can get started.

Emergency Commissions! Sketches, Icons, and more!
Hi ladies (and lurking gents)!

I don't normally post, and make a plea. Though, this time around I've hit it hard. Bills are coming up on me in droves, and with my hours being severely cut at work due to health-related issues .. I could use some extra help! Thankfully I can still use a pencil, and a tablet fairly well. :)

My prices are very fair and reasonable, and with it being the holiday season, perhaps you'd like to give the gift of art to a loved-one in-game! Or you just want to pick up a couple goodies for yourself (it's okay, I won't tell!)!

Please take a quick look? I don't have a lot of digital examples (thanks to my cat for blowing up my PC!), but I whipped something up on my little tablet PC for this.


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Commissions Open
Luca Portrait
So it's been a while since I've posted here about commissions! But with the holidays coming up, what better time than now?

Have a guildmate you want to surprise? An RP partner who would love the gift of art? This is the time!

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Commissions With a Purpose!
My best friend's husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and she doesn't feel comfortable living in their apartment in Colorado Springs, CO alone. At the end of the month she will be making the trek out here to California to live with my fiance and I, which means he and I get to move.

As such, I am letting people know that my commission queue is currently empty and these commission funds will be going directly to the moving and apartment costs.

Prices and examples are under the cut!

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