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The Blue Box - Or: Why I need new friends.
Disney-Mermaid MythandMagic
I was talking with a friend about how I was enjoying seeing Azeroth all over again with fresh eyes and a new character. The conversation went like this:

B: Yeah, but there are things she'll miss. Example: She won't see the lich king. Not ICly at least. He's dead. Deathwing? He's gone.
Me: I should totally give her a blue box.
B: A blue box?
Me: Then she can experience everything as it is happening.
B: Oh. You mean that Dr. Who thing.
Me: You fail. Fail at being my friend.

AFK Excuses
I posted this link to my guilds facebook page and thought it might be a fun conversation here:

So what are some of the AFK reasons you have heard that made you go o.O

One of the ones in our facebook page was:
"We had a guy once who's wife went into labor. The arse put her in a taxi and finished out the raid."

Of all the things to get this lucky on.....
China Dragon
Today my guild finally got Stay Classy and of course it was my toon that finished it up. But that's not what I got lucky about. I finally got to play my new little monk. She's only level 15 and I started her fishing skill too. When I was at fishing skill level 14 and doing the dailies I got Old Ironjaw. Why can't I be that lucky on getting the Blue Proto Drake? Sigh

Edit- Btw, I am using it for an off hand too!

And in that moment I swear we were cats.
Oh, Cogshanks.

It's a few days early but I suppose they wanted to get the EU on time.

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*singing* What a wonderful World... of Warcraft
China Dragon
I've always said one of the great things about the game is there's always something more to do. I keep saying I need to make a list of things I want to do when I'm not doing the things I want to get done first. That being said I know there's a lot of little things to do that are purely for fun. I want to know some of your favorites. One I haven't done in awhile but is a great example- Alt-Z and turn off your UI. It's a great way to enjoy the beautiful sights of the game and at the same time challenge myself to get anywhere and see how well I really know the game.

What are some of things you do?


Embarrasing Interview
So, last night, I had my IC interview with the all-pandaren RP guild I applied for. I thought I was all set - had my RP clothes, MRP was set up...

Then the officer spoke to my character in Pandaren. I had a momentary panic because I've never figured out how to change languages with my UI (I use lui). I quickly logged out, disabled all my addons and logged back in. Changed my language to Pandaren and replied...

In Taurahe.

When I whispered the other pandaren if he could understand, he said "not a word". So, I paniced again. How was my pandaren speaking Tauren?! What's more, I had specifically selected pandaren as my language. Taurahe wasn't even an option! As a last resort, I could only guess that my Glyph of Arcane Languages wasn't working, so I clicked it off, then tried again. Success! Turns out that if you log off then back on with that buff on you, it glitches out.

Surprisingly, the guild invited me anyway. *facepalm* So ambarrassing.

Sunday funnies
We still get a newspaper at my house and one of the comic strips that's included in the Sunday funnies is Foxtrot. There's three children in the family and the youngest is an unabashed geek. Today's strip is probably very familiar to everyone here.

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A Moment Of Silence, Please...
Curse of the blank paper
...For Deathwing the login Dragon of Cataclysm. True, he could be laggy, loud, and a little silly when he looked at the screen, but I found myself growing quite fond of him. In part, because trash-talking Deathwing helped me get through NaNoWriMo and other assorted writing projects. Usually logging in during November or a long haul project consisted of me going "HEY! Hey dragon! I just wrote 2k of words/finished a scene/completed a chapter! What did *YOU* write today, huh? Huh? Nothing, I'll bet! I wrote more then you did, dragon!" And then smugly hitting the enter key with a feeling of satisfaction; I'd just been more productive then the former aspect of earth, after all.

And while I'll enjoy the pretty new screen...I will miss having a dragon antagonist that I can lord over while logging in. I can't really trash-talk flower petals or Mogu statues without feeling weird.

Funny Story On Tanking
barn owl
So I have a level 55 human warrior on a normal server that yesterday I decide to get back on and to give PVP a shot. Enjoyed it, even though the first random BG I had no idea what I was doing and was just following whoever was closest to me. ANYWAY, I decide to join a guild so I can talk to people and what have you. Join a guild, hit it off great with this one girl and she asks me if I want to do a pug. So I go "Sure!" and then it hit me: hey, I can tank, so that means no wait time! Whoopie!

We get into a pug instantly and one guy sighs and says "You're going to tank in Arms?"

See, it had been months since I played my warrior, and I had left her on my secondary spec, which is Arms. So I take a minute to switch to my primary spec, which is Prot., and midway through one trash battle as I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why almost none of the trash is coming to me, I realize that I'm still in arms and not defense. And I have a two-handed sword and left my one-handed sword and shield at my bank.

The funny part is that even though I was completely unprepared for tanking, we still managed to go through the whole dungeon without wiping. Then after the pug I tell my friend "Omg I was so unprepared uggggh" but she laughed it off. But I know the other three members of my pug must have been seething behind their computer screens, but not seething enough to have left to reroll on another pug. XD

TL:DR Comedy of errors when tanking for a pug that awesomely did not wipe. I'm sure the other team members probably wanted to strangle me, and I don't blame them.

Undeath (The Piña Colada Song)
So, in my previous post about Love is in The Air, there was a joke made about Sylvanas writing in all caps about aiding the forsaken on her lovely card, which triggered something that made me slightly change the chorus of Escape (The Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes.

Of course, I couldn't just mar the chorus, but the song as well! This is my Valentine's/Love is in the Air gift you, wow_ladies!

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