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Hardware Woes
what happens when your computer pisses y
So I have a Razer Naga mouse. I bought it in 2011, and have, overall, been very happy with it.

Until Razer released the Synapse 2.0 nonsense.  Now, I cannot program the side keys on my mouse to be alt+numpad anymore.

Am I missing something, or did Razer just say 'WE'RE HELPFUL! :D' and remove that capability?

I am fed up to the point of looking to buy a new mouse, even though this one works just fine.

For what it's worth, I have done extensive googling and found a whole lot of complaints about Synapse, and some dead links to old drivers, but nothing useful. :(

Addendum:  My Logitech G930 has decided it is not win8 compatible. Anyone have any recs for a headset, while I'm at it?  At this point I've given up on trying to be wireless.  Any good, comfortable headset that is not Razer and is around $100 or less would be good.

Gaming mice advice
I'm going back and forth between Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse and Razer Naga Special Edition - Molten. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they comfortable? Do they work well with WoW? Or does anyone have any other recommendations as far as gaming mice? I've never used one before, and fiance may be getting me on for Christmas, I just need to decide which one I want.

To The Lefties Among Us
How do the left-handed amungst us play WoW, and any other computer game for that matter?  Do you bite the bullet and learn to right hand it?  Or are you working with left-handed specific mice and other things?  I have no clue.

I ask because I'm either developing some type of repetitive motion injury, or just getting old.  Perhaps both, I don't know.  I do bookkeeping and HR stuff at work, so using a mouse (trackball at work) and the adding machine take up much of what I do.  And I know what the doc will say when I tell her "it hurts when I hold/twist it this way".  Less than helpful, IMO.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can help?
A while back (when fiance and I were first got together) one of the first gifts he gave me was a Naga.  OHBOY.

First Naga was broken, side keypad didn't work.  Got new Naga because old Naga was defective, it works.  Worked?

Now having a problem where my mouse double clicks things when I'm not double clicking.  It's really annoying.

I've got drivers installed/updated.

I'm obsessive about running virus and spyware scans...but I've got Norton (don't look at me, I had student standing at the time and it was something like half purchase price because the school I was at wanted me to have it installed on my machine) and apparently EVERYTHING conflicts with it, so I...ONLY have Norton.  All it ever finds is tracking cookies, though one process scan found a wild card program that no one (Norton, techie fiance, me) could identify, and we put it in quarantine.

My fiance occasionally comes over to my computer and shuts down some processes...

So...does Norton suck some major ass and do I need a better way to remove bad shit from my machine, or has my SECOND Naga decided that life just isn't worth living anymore?  Fiance seems to think the mouse might be in the process of dying.

I don't really have an alternate mouse to test to see if it's a computer issue at the moment, so I haven't done that, and will do that if there is no conclusive answer.  >_>;

Naga problems
sad t-rex
I just switched to the Razer naga after the left-click finally went out on my Logitech G500. I'm still trying to get used to it - it's so much lighter than the G500 (you can add weights to the Logitech mouse, and I had) that it's really throwing me off, on top of the learning curve for all the buttons. I actually had to set the DPI lower so that I could control my mouse movement. But that's not why I'm writing.

I'm writing because there seems to be an issue with the scroll wheel. Now, the G500 had really smooth scrolling (And I would go back to it, but it's the second G500 I've had the clicking go out on [maybe I have bad luck, but I click-to-cast heal with grid/clique, so that's something to remember if you're looking for a new mouse]), but the Naga seems to catch at times. I'm probably not going to describe this very well, but here I go.

Basically, I'll be scrolling along happily - and this happens in either direction - and then it'll just stop scrolling. The wheel continues to turn, but the page doesn't move/the game doesn't zoom in or out, and I have to stop a minute and wait before I can scroll again - although sometimes it will jump ahead. Not always. Maybe about a fifth of the time.

My question is: Is this something that I am going to have to get used to, in addition to the lighter weight, the massive number/strange placement of some buttons, and the lack of scroll wheel lock for browsing? Because I'm starting to lean toward going back to the G500, even if I have to replace it once a year.

I mean, that's what they make those replacement plans for, right?

Gaming Peripherals...
    Hey ladies just want to get opinions here, I currently own the Razer Deathadder gaming mouse but i've been looking to upgrade to a Naga Epic. I love Razer products as I own the Deathadder, Lycosa Keyboard, and the Goliathus mousepad....but do you think upgrading is worth it? I definitely like the idea of being able to keybind on the mouse itself. As it stands right now I only use DPS/Tank classes/specs but I would like to get into healing, do any of you own this mouse and if so have you healed with it?

Razor Naga
Draenei Mage
Hey Everyone.

I've recently bought a Razor Naga mouse.  I have been trying to get used to it, but everytime I use it, my arm starts aching.  As a person with chronic pain, it really isn't fun, or something I can play through and hope it goes away.

Has anyone else who switched mice or used the Razor naga experienced this? Does it go away?  I have a few more days left to return it.  So I'm looking for some advice.

The pain is in my hand and forearm and in my shoulder.  It feels like I'm stretching my tendons too much.  It has a sort of burning and throbbing characteristic.  Pain increased whenever I used the thumb-pad, and it hurts just when using the mouse (for other than gaming).

I'm leaning towards returning it, and sticking with my logitec G5.  If I do return it, I am thinking of moving on to my next computer upgrade - the steelseries siberia v2 headset.  Anyone here have the siberia or a similar product?  How large are the ear pads? Enough to encompass your whole ear?  How about the amount of pressure the headset places on your scalp?  How long can you wear it without feeling pain or discomfort?  Does it place pressure on the temples or jaw bone?


Of mice and me
Some of you may remember a post where I asked for advice on choosing a mouse a few month ago. From that point on, I've procrastinated on the topic and stayed with my touchpad because… well because I'm the kind of person who's not that much happy with big changes when the old ways work just fine.

But finally a friend of mine decided to offer me a Naga so I have no choice.
Before she sends it ('cause she's in vacation at the other side of the world now so I have a few weeks left), I've decided I should get used to a mouse and so borrowed one from my dad.

It's a basic mouse with the 2 main buttons, a scrolling-roll-thingy and 3 extra buttons (one under the scrolling-roll, and one on each side). If you're curious it's the Logitech MX310.

Now, here comes the question. What can I do with that?!??

Because, okay, I can move with it, but really it's easier with the arrows on my keyboard; I can easily go anywhere and the camera stays where I want, whereas it makes me sick when I fly with the mouse.
But that I've figured out, I can move, more or less (I still need to use the arrows for precise moves).

I know that I'll have to bind a few spells to the naga once I get it, but is it worth it to bind some to this mouse too? If yes, how do I do that?

Also, is the scrolling-thingy of any use when I can do that just happily with my dear touchpad?

What else? Help me W_L, I've never ever played with a mouse and I don't know what it offers. Give me every tricks, even the ones that are made purely for noobs, because I am a noob on the subject.

tl/dr: Please, give me all and any advice you have on using a mouse in this game.

EDIT : Thank you to everyone who answered with kind advice. <3 I've tried a few and will try the rest during the following days. Hopefully, I'll be able to finally to find my own way of using a mouse. ^^

LF new mouse!
 Today, I downloaded the RIFT free trial (this is completely relevant, I promise), and the boy asked if he could muck around on it for a while. It lead to this conversation:

Him: You really need a new mouse.
Me: I do? 
Him: Oh jeez, yea. I'm surprised that you can even right-click anymore!

And he's totally right. It's hard to loot things quickly (a total nightmare in groups!) and I have to really press on the button to get my toon to turn. I guess I never realized it because I'm so used to the thing being tough to click.
 In retrospect, it's also probably what's causing a rise in my wrist pains, as it started to flare up pretty badly once I re-activated my account, and I was wondering what kind of mouses (mice?) you ladies use, and if there are any gaming mouses that help reduce wrist problems.  I checked around the recent entries, and I couldn't find anything on the subject, so I hope this is okay. 
Thank you! =)

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! Reading through the comments, I figured I'd mention this:
I am a TINY person. Like not super-small, but I'm  barely 5'3, and have super-small hands. All the mice mentioned look super-good, but also kind of bulky. If you're a tiny person like me, do you find these kinds of mice helpful or hurtful? And thanks again! 

Keyboard and Mouse Recommendations!
lost? sign
So my wireless keyboard and mouse are getting a bit old, and I've got an increase in pocket money along with a birthday wad burning a hole in my pocket.

SO. I come to ask for keyboard and mouse recommendations!

I have drooled over the Logitech G510 for a couple years now, but I noticed the G19 and the shiny is really catching my eye. I do like the aesthetics of the screen on the G19 better than the 510, but I'm not sure if that's enough to justify paying the additional money. Has anyone used both? Liked one over the other? Have opinions on the keyboard in general? I typically am a keyboard player, I like pushing all my macros and buttons with my left hand, if that makes a difference. What do you generally use the screen for? How useful is it for you? (Since there are other keyboards with the programmable buttons, just sans the data screen, this is kinda important too!)

For my mouse, I am, of course, eyeballing the Razer Naga. I currently only have one keybind that I use on my mouse, and I'm not really sure if I'd come to use more on the Naga, or if it's overkill for my typical use. Those of you that use them, were you primarily keyboard users before, and came to use the mouse more? Tell me your experiences!

Thank you ladies and gents! I've been wanting to upgrade my gaming setup for a very very long time, and of course, this is a lot of money to be spending on toys, so I want to be sure that I'm spending my money on things that I'm going to get alot of years and enjoyment out of.

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